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10 posters bars and restaurants to break out laughing


Today, the social networks occupy a pivotal position in promoting and dissemination of a business. Nevertheless, the forms must never belittle marketing traditional. They remain transcendent, and you need to take care and keep thinking about how to innovate.

Between them, highlights the classic poster located at the entrance of the bars and restaurants. Regularly, usually a blackboard highlighting a promotion or local product, with a direct message to capture the largest possible number of passersby.

But when the owner of the premises decides out of the norm, They can come true works full of wit. funny posters what, not only get increase the number of customers who choose to enter, but also, eventually make the restaurant viral on social networks.

These are ten restaurants and bars cartels that achieved differentiate itself from competitors thanks to a smart message and mockingly:

  • 1.- BEER (fresquita and wifi) FREE

It is not misleading advertising (or may itself). But the owner of this restaurant has made many stop at the sign and take out, Besides, a smile.

  • 2.- The best poster for a pizzeria and lovers of The Lion King

NAAAAAAAH SOWHENYAAAA .... I'm gonna buy me a pizza, uncle!

  • 3.- Would you like to try the dish of the day?

The soup of the day is ... Whiskey.

  • 4.- If you did not drink, as your friends would know how much you want to 2 a.m.

  • 5.- All good?

All good? Yes? Go and take something. ¿No? Go and take something.

  • 6.- Beer as cold as your ex.

  • 7.- Learning to do Twerking

Do you want to learn how to make Twerking? First and only step: I reconsidéralo.

  • 8.- Tinder in three dimensions

It is the latest application update quotes.

  • 9.- We are in luck!

Congratulations! Now you can eat all you want. The bikini operation has been suspended due to weather conditions.

  • 10.- My mind says gym, but my heart says taco.

Do not take life so seriously because nobody survives.

About the Author

Considered one of the most influential gastronomic marketing professionals in Spain, Diego Olmedilla is president of Aplus Gastromarketing, Director General of Facyre and has been Director of Marketing for Active FEHR, the marketing division of the Spanish Federation of Hotels and Restaurants.


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