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10 cities and a vegetarian restaurants should visit


Vegetarian and vegan food is gaining followers every day around the world, There are many cities where this type of cuisine enjoys great popularity. vegetarians, the vegans, simply, who love this kind of food, They should know these ten vegetarian friendly destinations.

The best vegetarian restaurants and vegan world

Stop eating meat is not easy but, It's also true, it is now easier than ever. I share this selection of the top ten friendly destinations with vegetarians where creative restaurants everywhere included, There's even a totally vegan shopping center, the world's only.

1.- Portland (U.S)

This city has the only fully vegan mall world, but this option applies in many of the establishments in this city.

Vegetarian restaurantNatura selecction Facebook

2.- NY (U.S)

The odds of accidentally bump into a vegetarian restaurant possibly they are higher in New York than in any other US city. restaurants like Pure Food & Wine and the Candle Café, which focuses on dishes from the farm to your table, contribute to this diversity.

Vegetarian Restaurant in New YorkPure Food and Wine Facebook

Vegetarian restaurantThe Full Helping

3.- Chennai (India)

In southern India almost no meat is consumed, since it is the ancestral home of vegetarianism. Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu offered based on extremely spicy rice dishes and curries; It is common to find light snacks like dosas and rice with tamarind and lemon. The thalis vegetarians (platones with a few curries, rice and breads) They cost less than a coffee latte a Starbucks.

we recommend: The restaurant Madras Hotel Raintree in Chennai for its delicious

4.- Chiang Mai (Thailand)

Chiang Mai has over 80 vegetarian restaurants to cater to its large Buddhist population. Even those who are not specifically offer vegetarian soup tom yum Without meat, pad thai, salads and coconut milk curries.

we recommend: Pun Pun, using organic vegetables from your own garden. The curries are served on banana leaves. Pun Pun has three branches in the city: the temple Wat Suan Dok; a search of Night Safari, and another near Airport Plaza at Hang Dong.

5.- Glasgow (Scotland)

It may surprise many people that the organization People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (MAP) Glasgow appoint the best city in the UK for vegans 2013. The growing number of restaurants of this type is part of local government efforts to improve the health of its inhabitants.

we recommend: Monkey Cafe Bar in the Merchant City. The bar serves its own beer and offers a menu of home-style dishes without meat, including burritos with refried beans are counted. There are traditional music singers and songwriters.

6.- London (England)

PETA called to London as the friendliest city vegetarians 2009 and it remains one of the best places for those who do not eat meat. There is more of 130 vegetarian restaurants and places where spicy vegetarian curries served are as plentiful as pubs in serving fish and chips. Currently, even these pubs They serve dishes without meat and raw foods.

we recommend: It is said that the most famous vegetarian restaurant, Food for Thought en Covent Garden, all it served: Mexican dishes, Indians, cheese patties with dill and quiches. The carefully selected menu is cheap and satisfying.

7.- Jordan

It is very easy to find vegetarian-friendly restaurants in Jordan, where mezze It is with recipes like tabbouleh, the hummus, falafel and abound Arab unleavened bread.

we recommend: Both Beit Sitti (what does it mean “my grandmother's kitchen” in Arabic), Located in the heart of Amman, like in Petra’s Kitchen, there are good options at almost every corner of the country. further, in the latter cooking classes are also given.

Berlin the capital of world vegetarian restaurants

8.- Berlin (Germany)

According to 2015 Good Taste Awards the New Yorker magazine Flavor, Berlin is currently fashionable city for vegetarians. The bible foodies the appointed “the new vegetarian Capital” of the world. “Berlin is the first major city in the West where vegetarianism has reached parity with traditional culinary meat diet; the new vegetarian cuisine in town intersects an increasingly popular culinary scene and creates a unique cuisine and often brilliant, with touches of Central Europe”, according Flavor.

we recommend: At Kopp, an elegant vegan restaurant, creative versions of traditional German dishes are served and use only the freshest organic produce.

9.- Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)

Kuala Lumpur is a cultural melting pot, That's why you can enjoy a varied cuisine. Focus on vegetarian food, according to HappyCow, the electronic guide for healthy eating, Kuala Lumpur has more than 100 vegetarian restaurants. It is common to find Chinese restaurant, malaya e india.

we recommend: The restaurant Gopala, cheap and with a potpourri of cultural dishes from Thailand and India. The satay vegetarian (a kind of brochette) and vegetarian fried rice are the best we can find.

10.- Vancouver, British Columbia (Canada)

In recent years, Vancouver has been watching emerged as notable restaurants Hierloom, to satisfy the appetite of vegetarians.

we recommend: The Acorn, he received a mention in the Ten Best New Restaurants of the Journal En Route in 2014. further, is the first vegetarian restaurant that received this award. The vegetarians, vegans, Foodies gluten free and raw foods and anyone wanting to try a different menu can do, as they offer a seasonal menu created with fruits and vegetables such as apples and maitake mushrooms.

Do we you recommend your city or your favorite vegetarian restaurant?

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  1. Good story thanks! My preferred are live Burger, Rayen, LeVel Veggie Bistro, Copenhagen and the boldest Crucina.

    The sense of being vegan for me is different, but I can not forget the planet…

    "A vegetarian diet would reduce to a 63% emissions of greenhouse gases, a vegan, up to 70%. "

    Source: IT desde http://www.igualdadanimal.org/noticias/7335/el-alto-precio-de-la-ganaderia-industrial

    truly in 30 years we will have to have very good health and very good adaptation to breathe metals and C02, to survive. It is clear that warming is going faster than us, two years ago we were 50 years and this 30..

    Is a national emergency that governments do not want to take, very, very serious and certainly stop eating animals is easy and simple to all, because we have thousands of other things to eat.

    How? Reconvert the meat industry in clean energy systems, funded, if necessary.

    From the hotel we can open itself more options and offer a variety of nutritious foods without ecological footprint with excellent palatability. Many people think that they will not have anything to eat, vegan restaurants where excellence, you should do forget everything else.

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