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10 keys as they are using social networks American restaurants


Today I share with all my readers an infographic published in Mashable y realizada por la empresa Unmetric.

It is very interesting facts on which it is studied as the main chains of fast food restaurants in the United States use social networks.

As I do with infographics I wanted to highlight the 10 Key findings of each of the parties, because they allow us to get ideas or “tracks” uses and current trends to improve our SMR(Social Media Restauranting).

-The data used for the study range from January to April of the year 2012.
-Disponéis at all times of the links will take you page the social network mentioned.

1.- Top 5

Based on the combination of 24 social indicators rank the top five restaurant chains in social networking is:

  • On Facebook:
  • and Twitter:

To emphasize the supremacy McDonald’s in the two reference social networking is the most popular chain restaurants in the US, demonstrating a clear strategy to lead this type of content.

2.- Growth in social networks:

En ambos casos son crecimientos de tres dígitos porcentuales en tan solo unos meses, which goes to show, once again, la importancia que estas compañías le están dando a su participación en los entornos sociales como un pilar básico en su estrategia global de marketing.

3.- Response Time Twitter:

It surprised by the large difference between the two market leaders, while McDonald's has the best response time, launching a clear message to his followers that cares much what they say and show quick answering them, Burger King takes days to give an answer, generating a very different picture of your competitor.

4.- Boys against girls in Facebook:

One of the great things of social networks is that you can segment your target audience, consiguiendo comunicar tu mensaje a aquellos usuarios que por tu target social realmente le puede interesar tu contenido.

It is no coincidence that the chain Baskin-Robbins ice cream and pastries have a majority of female audience in Facebook, since its image and its product is very focused on this consumer profile, An example of this can be seen in its Web page.

The same, lesser percentage, does the burger chain Carl's Jr, where your target audience is clearly male, and if not look at this promotional video.

5.- User participation in Facebook:

En base a la combinación de variables como “I like it”, comments, share and impressions, the restaurant chain most engaging fans at Facebook es In-N-Out Burger

Although this chain has a much lower number of fans to industry leaders, It generates a great interaction with users, one of the main objectives in a strategy SMR(Social Media Restauranting).

6.- Activity on Twitter:

  • Si se analiza la combinación entre los tweets enviados y los replies conseguidos la cadena de restaurantes con más actividad en twitter es Chipotle

There is a huge difference between Chipotle and other chains as regards twitter, right now it has more than 95.000 tweets emitidos, which it is a great activity within this social network and logically more likely to get answers from their followers through the replies.

7.- Peak times:

  • The day in which restaurant chains are more active on Facebook and share more updates is Thursday.
  • The most active hours when restaurant chains generate more content on Twitter are from 15:00h at 18:00h

In addition to these two conclusions, podemos ver como el nivel de actividad en los contenidos sociales es bastante superior los días de entresemana que los fines de semana, Thursday highlighting over others and the most productive hours are from 12:00h at 21:00h, where the activity is doubled compared to the rest of the day.

Además es interesante reforzar este infome con otro que se publicaba solo hace unos días en el diario La Razón bajo el título Twitter and Facebook have suitable and different times to post, in which they come to some similar conclusions.

8.- Types of publications:

  • Los contenidos que más se publican en las redes sociales por parte de las cadenas de restaurantes americanas son preguntas y aquellos que intentan interactuar a través del contenido “and I taste is post…”, the latter being the most engagement have for users

I would like to emphasize at this point as the contents that generate more interaction with users, the most engaging, are not the information on the own chain of restaurants, or special offers, are primarily those that humanize the company as questions and suggestions about any content, those that bring business users.

9.- Mean values ​​in twitter:

  • These are the average values ​​of the study comprised twitter between the months of January to April 2012.

Destaca el crecimiento medio con un 27%, Returning to highlight the importance of this social network is having to restaurant chains in the United States, con una cantidad media de tweets muy destacable y con un tiempo medio de respuesta de 8 hours, that is unimaginable if we go back a few years ago and compare it with traditional customer systems.

10.- Mean values ​​in Facebook:

  • These are the average values ​​of the study to Facebook falling between the months of January to April 2012.

a very important growth medium is confirmed 33%, with much less activity than the previous social network, as it should be, ya que los objetivos de comunicación son diferentes y con un claro dominio de las mujeres siendo los usuarios protagonistas de esta red social.

10 keys as they are using social networks American restaurants
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