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10 keys to success for a restaurant in social networks


A friendly reader sent me an email asking me to give you some tips to start a strategy social networks for new restaurant.

I thought it best to share this post with you, and I'm sure it will also serve other readers who have these same questions.

In my opinion, the 10 key to start a successful strategy in SMR (Social Media Restauranting) son:

1.- Choose well :

In an important initial step when you approach starting a social networking strategy, no need to be in all, They appear and disappear every day new. Ask yourself short-, medium and long term and choose those social networks that best suit them and it is also important that you feel comfortable in them, so I advise always start with those that have already had an experience like particular user.

2.- Do not run! :

You do not try to do it all the first week, do not hurry, Have the patience to be learning along the way and to get gradually smaller goals that add to the overall objective, best small steps but firm and safe.

3.- Be creative :

Being in social networks is not a contest in Facebook, or send a few twits, it is much more than that. Try to separate yourself from others or at least your competition, It is something that is highly valued. Not worth copy and paste, It goes without great means to make original and authentic things, only to want to be different, recalls that social networks are the great revolution of small and anonymous.

4.- It is credible :

It is essential for generating followers and fidelizarlos. Your message has to be credible and to do so the key is to be in charge of moving your messages your community of followers and your values. If you talk about your restaurant you are advertising or promotion, If your community of followers talk about your restaurant it is relevant content and a high degree of credibility, with ability to influence the decisions of others.

5.- Give value to your channel :

The value is a very important key to the success of your social media strategy, give people reasons to follow you, to find your content interesting. The value or the reasons can be many and varied, not only think of the economic, with typical discount or promotion, transfers the values ​​of your restaurant so that people feel identified, and differentiates you want to know more.

6.- be human :

People do not want to go and talk to companies, He wants to talk to humans, real people who are able to convey closeness and feelings, which takes the experience beyond the part of the business, distinge not between customers and users, that is able to accept mistakes and bad reviews…That's the real world!…Is the perfect company exists?

7.- be persistent :

Constancy is a rising star on social networking strategies, many restaurants start strongly but gradually being lost by poor planning. And energizes your content updated on a regular basis, As you do the dishes or your restaurant menus, the client requires new, You want to go to restaurants that are alive, which they are updated and struggle every day to improve and strive for excellence, Never forget that it is a long distance race.

8.- Read, read, read…. :

It is the best way to inspire you to new content or ideas and be updated. Performs a process of monitoring and follow search for topics that interest you, which you can contribute or add value, since it will allow you to have an overview of industry far superior to that of others, and even anticipate events.

9.- Integration :

It is the future, the integration of the traditional model to the current model, what with the virtual classroom, what on-line with off-line, It is one of the objectives of SMR (Social Media Restauranting). Never forget that in the restaurant industry an important part of the users you have fidelizado through social networks will want to live your dining experience and confirm the expectations that generate, They want to try your grilled sirloin, your pizza four cheese, your sea bass in salt… we are using tools 2.0 Y 1.0 for customers who want to live a global experience.

10.- Enjoy, but…enjoy a lot! :

A high percentage of success of your SMR (Social Media Restauranting) It is at the dedication, in effort, In the passion!, feel what you feel when a satisfied customer congratulates you on this great dinner at your restaurant has enjoyed, I assure you that if you do get to get excited and get amazing things.

About the Author

CEO of DiegoCoquillat.com and director of the EscuelaDiegoCoquillat.com, teacher, consultant, lecturer and entrepreneur incorrigible. If you can not find it here, search near the sea. Passion for new technologies and restaurants ... passion for life.



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