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10 Key in the restaurant industry for 2016


It is already ending this 2015, an exciting year in the restaurant industry, where new technologies and innovation continue to transform a sector in which each time the customer experience has more digital components that have to live in balance with the traditional essence of the business itself.

Today nobody seems strange to find a restaurant online, make an online reservation, upload a photo of a dish on a social network, order delivery through a web or share a review or comment on one of the many portals opinion that there. Common actions that have moved to digital environments.

Therefore, I would like to share with my readers some of the keys, under my criteria, will have greater impact on the restaurant industry during the 2016 or the next few years.

10 keys that will impact the restaurant in the 2016

1.- Improving economy

The hospitality industry needs positive rates of economic growth and rising employment levels that impact on private consumption increased to more dynamic.

In Spain, specific, We need increases in GDP above 2,5% for the sector to grow in a way, more or less, sustainable.

It seems that all estimates are in this sense, which will allow people can have more money to spend on leisure, especially in restaurants.

2.- Product quality

New trends report that the quality of products and raw materials They are becoming increasingly important when choosing a restaurant.

Eating out is becoming a way of life in many countries. The experience is linked to the concept of quality at the expense of price. For the first time after seven years we begin to see increases in the average ticket in the sector.

New customers prefer to pay more to have quality products and live different experiences.

3.- Eat Healthy

It is one of the strongest trends that come from across the ocean. Many of the measures against the epidemic of obesity, additives, transgenic, chemicals and cardiovascular disease are being channeled through restaurants.

Eating healthy growing concern to governments and citizens. Quality nutritional components of what we eat in restaurants it will become one of the most distinctive elements impact and sustainability in the sector.

4.- The formation

The restaurant industry is facing the biggest process of global transformation in its history. Technology is changing the way, methods and processes all set at breakneck speed. The way to be competitive and efficient in the sector has changed.

As I said a few days ago Ferran Adrià “The great revolution is the online education”. The industry can not be left behind in this revolution, Y the sector must be aware of to be trained in new professional skills to respond adequately to the new challenges that faces.

5.- The sustainability

The way to sustainable restoration is an unstoppable global trend. It is part of common sense and respect for the environment in which it develops an activity.

Increasingly restaurants that start in this direction favoring elements as preserving the environment, create a kitchen garden, using purified water, using biodegradable products, promote energy saving and many other actions.

6.- High speed food

Technology has brought about social changes that affect the restaurant industry, with a strong impact both locally and nationally.

A clear example is the exponential growth in food services home through digital environments which it is creating a new culture and a new consumer habit.

Innovations in this niche market, among other things, They will come by the speed in delivering the product, where the application of new technologies and big data They have much to say, as well as the “food centers” Some restaurant chains in the US are already riding to service orders home and traditional restaurants can focus internal customers.

7.- Mobile Experience

The increased use of the Smartphones has caused a digitizing mobile customer experience. More and more people use this device to locate a restaurant, make a reservation, order delivery and, one breve, pay at the restaurant. Translation is occurring from the usual web environments or desktop mobile environments.

This element is particularly important for the restaurant industry, where a very high percentage of customers are proximity, making it the perfect complement for digital conversions in the restaurant.

8.- The new reputation

Digital reputation is one of the most important elements, in the process of transformation, He has given the sector. More and more restaurants are concerned and manage comments, reviews and What about your business they are sharing on the Internet.

It seems that innovation comes in two senses, on the one hand Conversely reputation, the possibility that now are restaurateurs who share the views of their customers, in order to enhance and personalize the experience of these. On the other, what we call the “skilled or professional diners” they charge for feedback restaurant you supposed to know the opinion of these customers, based on a concept of quality and usefulness from the current, which it is based on the amount.

9.- He big data

Some call it the XXI century oil, but I am aware that it is one of the great unknowns in the sector, although they are already starting the first trials in the treatment of data generated in environments related to restaurants.

He analysis of millions of data will allow us to find patterns and trends to understand the behavior of our customers, even develop predictive systems that allow us to improve the experience of these anticipating your preferences or desires.

10.- New competition

During this year, namely in March, there was a historical fact in the United States, for the first time in history consumption in restaurants he had overtaken supermarkets.

This trend, is expected to continue in the coming years thanks to technology, He has put the restaurant industry in the spotlight of major technology companies.

It is from this stage when we can understand that giants like Amazon, Uber, and even Google are making their first inclusions in the sector.

Mainly in the transfer of food from restaurants to customers, but no one doubts that the next step will be positioned at the origin of the process, that is to say, creating, buying or investing hospitality companies.

Most likely the great leaders of the sector in the next decade will be technology companies selling hospitality, and perhaps sooner rather than later, your next burger you band Google.

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