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10 Key in restaurants for 2012


Year 2011 It has been a very difficult year overall for the industry restaurants, the decrease in consumption has directly affected the sector with a decrease in the number of customers and average spending of these, causing, in the worst case, closing the restaurant and most important adjustments to counter this. The forecasts we have for the year 2012 They are no better and even expected a greater decline in household consumption .

digital marketing in restaurants

But we must not fall into pessimism, the market always gives opportunities even in the worst moments for those who know how to seize them and work them.

In my opinion, the 10 Key to successfully meet the year 2012 They are the following :

1.-) Reinvent themselves to new customers :

As I mentioned in my article, As customers of the future of the restaurants will be, these will find themselves with a generation of customers, customs and tastes quite different to that of their parents.

They seek not only Culinary, They want a complete experience, which often starts before going to the restaurant through the Internet and social networks, Continuous restaurant with traditional experience, culinary, and continues moving after the completion and telling his community of followers affection and internet personal experience.

Restaurants have to be able to activate the means to satisfy its customers in all stages of experience.

2.-) The on-line reputation as a system of attracting new customers :

It is vital to know what you talk about your restaurant online, written contents, the pictures, The videos, recommendations, The critics,etc. They'll be vital in decisions of other consumers, They will influence attracting new customers, since the latter are not interested in the contents in the restaurant he speaks of himself, consider them advertising or promotion, interested relevant content, that is to say, one who made other customers and has a high rate of credibility, thus it is influencing their final decisions.

Importance will implement a protocol crisis in case of repetitive negative content that may affect the flow of customers visiting the restaurant through internet or social networks.

3.-) Unequal use Social Media Restauranting :

Social networks during the year 2012 They will leave a new channel will be to become a useful channel, with a measurable impact on sales and image of the brand or product.

It will increase inequality among the restaurants that use SMR (Social Media Restauranting) those who do not, this inequality will make you move a differential value to the market, the customer is able to perceive and value, influencing their decision. Restaurants will move the capital they have achieved with their work and effort in social networks economic capital, placing value on its entire strategy.

4.- Total integration of the face with no face, geolocation :

In October this year wrote an article under the title The future of the restaurants, in which commented that one of the challenges the industry faces restaurants is the process of integrating the traditional model to the current model, that is to say, the integration of the off-line with on-line, the integration of the non-contact face with a normal environment with the ultimate goal of ensuring the best customer experience throughout the process, not only in the culinary part.

For it will have a very prominent role during the year 2012 geolocation mobile applications that will allow customers to link in a clear and simple forms part off-line with Part online.

5.-) Importance of local market compared to other markets :

Internet is changing its philosophy, There seemed to be to sell products 5,000km away, and we forget how close, neighborhood, of local commerce, ultimately from local. This is where most restaurants have their niche, your prospects.

In the year 2012 the trend restaurant industry it will get and retain customer proximity.

6.- Yes now!, the year of smartphones or smart phones :

If we look at recent forecasts 5 years in any industry related to internet or e-commerce, mobile applications(App) smartphone and have been to all. I am convinced that this really is the final year of takeoff for several reasons.

Large companies are positioning themselves in a very visible way in this sector. There is a notable increase in the use of mobile location services, social networks, searches, Mobile commerce, mobile payment, etc. And basically from my personal experience I have been able to verify the enormous percentage increase that have had both visits and reserves the mobile sites or applications restaurants.

we must not forget the market for tablets that goes a little more delayed than the mobile but there is enough parallelism between the two.

7.- New Market Niche, Product sales online :

Many restaurants will come up during the year 2012 the incorporation of a service selling food online as a new revenue channel. Customers are increasingly demanding to access their favorite restaurant anywhere they are, being able to order takeaways through your computer or your smartphone.

Restaurants can generate new revenue by selling their products outside the restaurant as a catering, either through its own channel or relying on companies and web agencies that already provide it with the necessary infrastructure, and somehow compensate for the decline of clients face, without major investments or structural changes in kitchen, personal or raw materials.

8.- Social awareness in restaurants :

During the year 2012 We begin to familiarize ourselves in restaurants with terms such as ethical consumption, organic products, hormone products, ecological, locally grown, without animal suffering, etc.

It is a trend that is very strong in the US and it seems that the restaurant industry is echoing a social demand that is based on sustainability through ethical and conscious consumption of food in restaurants.

9.- Healthy products :

Every time the population is more aware of the need for a healthy and balanced diet. Restaurants have to start preparing to inform their clients and disclose the nutritional aspects of the products served in the restaurant. Customers demand transparency and information to make decisions and choose those restaurants that fit your needs.

In that sense, I want to emphasize the importance and in many countries are having this information on cards or children's menus. Parents want to share their experiences at the restaurants they choose with their children, but they require a healthy and wholesome food for them.

10.- Minorities are important :

Every time we find a greater number of customers in restaurants with a gastronomic peculiarities that differentiates them or limits against the rest, based primarily on allergies or rejections foods containing gluten, lactose, Soy, nuts, We could also add to this group diabetics.

At 2012 many restaurants will become aware of this situation and will adapt their cards and menus to this type of customers who demand a normal situation when they go to restaurants.

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