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10 keys to improve the classification of a restaurant TripAdvisor


TripAdvisor It has become for hoteliers in one of the most important sources of online reputation Thank you to your 315 million unique users per month, more of 100 contributions per minute and a total of more than 200 million comments and opinions.

Spain is one of the most active countries in providing valuations at this site and although we can still find many managers and business owners hospitality who are reluctant to support this important, certainly has a huge influence on making decisines customers flocking to restaurants.

TripAdvisor features reviews of restaurants in 99% World countries. The quality of service, food, treatment facilities and staff, son the main aspects that users of this website often value with more frenquency.

Thus, the question that every hotelier is usually done is: How do I get my scores increase TripAdvisor? How do I improve my ranking restaurant?

Here we share the 10 most important tips to improve scores on TripAdvisor.

Tips to improve our ratings on TripAdvisor

1.- It offers excellent service to your customers

Two years ago, the company Echo Research He conducted A study for American Express with the aim of measuring the impact that customer service has in the world of hotels and restaurants. The result was that almost 70% of respondents they were willing to pay a little more for excellent service. The average increase in spending was just over 10% although in certain cases, customers were willing to pay even up to 33% plus.

This reveals that profitability and sustainability of a restaurant are directly related to service excellence, and therefore we have to consider it as the most important factor to get good ratings on TripAdvisor.

2.- Reinforces the brand image of your restaurant

How? Through decoration, Your cuisine, share on social networks or Internet, positioning your website, caring for the packaging, etc. All this forms the image of your restaurant and will be about what your customers THINK TripAdvisor. For that reason, we coordinate and have consistency in all our actions, not to confuse customers and their complaints are reflected in our reputation online.

3.- Honesty promotes online

It is not promise anything you can not keep, We do not want customers to be disappointed with your business. Because each offer or promotion you're going to throw through the web or social networks, must be transparent and simple, so that customers understand it and do not feel cheated.

4.- Involve your staff, It is one of the main keys to improving

At this point we should remember the phrase Stephen Covey, who said that "You can buy the work of one person, but you can not buy your heart. At the heart are his loyalty and enthusiasm. Heart and talent give it to whom they choose. Being a leader is an opportunity ".

So your team will follow, You must see in you an implied leader, It is having things clear and it is there to support or assist anyone in need. If instead the staff perceives pasotismo, and despotism little involvement in management attitude, this feeling will transfer themselves, offering a job done with minimal effort. This is one of the things that can upset a customer more and certainly a great motivator to leave a negative review. Watch out!

Involves all your staff and you really know that comments, reviews or opinions that customers move to Internet are vital to the future of the restaurant and their work. Promotes digital knowledge culture within your business and involves your whole team.

5.- It offers added value

They get very good reviews those restaurants that cater to the needs of its customers. This can be achieved principlamente investing in innovation and implementation of new technologies in the various processes.

Once you have ensured the quality of our gastronomic offer and service, It is time to adapting the customer experience from the technological point of view. This will give us immediately an image of novelty and "be trendy" in customer perception, which will help us to substantially increase our positive assessments.

6.- Commitment to training your staff

The training and motivation of our staff It will be key for them to be able to solve any problems that happen in the restaurant before this becomes a critical in a digital portal.

With a staff trained and involved in taking forward our restaurant and has all the necessary tools to carry out their work, TripAdvisor success is assured.

7.- Try to keep a positive attitude on your computer

It is your employees greet customers with a wide grin on his face, as Professor Biosca says, Make a casting of smiles before hiring a new employee, and they are able to serve them, as if they were his family. For it, it is necessary to maintain a positive attitude at all times, to enable them carry out their work with motivation and naturalness.

When a worker is happy it note and moved to clients that is serving it and these move in the comments left on the portals of opinion, this is one of the keys to the digital traceability of opinions.

8.- Learn how to manage negative opinions

The attitude with which we face the negative reviews of any of our customers should always be the reflection, a opportunity to improve some of our restaurant is not liking or it is not working well.

What we must do then is analyze the comment, answer it as quickly as possible in human form, close and personal. No matter how negative it is, try to draw some positive part and make the user noticing. If we made a mistake, it is best to assume and report those changes we have implemented to not happen again.

9.- Listen to your customers

The monitoring tools They will allow us to be aware of the online reputation of our restaurant. Customers will affect areas where we make operational improvements and service hone their expertise and make it more satisfactory.

Perform active listening lets you know that must be corrected in offline, and that is the shortest way to improve the online.

10.- Encourages customers to leave their reviews

Offering free Wi-Fi in the restaurant and smartphones that virtually everyone has, You can encourage customer participation. In the Tripadvisor website you have different promotional items to encourage customers to leave their comments, enters the section: “promotional tools for your business”.

How TripAdvisor algorithm works?

there are three factors that interact to determine the popularity ranking of a restaurant in this portal. Quality, today and quantity Comments are the variables that make your business has a good reputation online or not. We summarize the operation of the platform in three key:

  • More reviews is better than fewer comments.
  • The good reviews are more valid and are better than negative comments.
  • Recent revisions have more weight than those criticisms while.

TripAdvisor importance of online reputation for your restaurant

According PhoCusWright a study prepared for the same portal Tripadvisor, more than one 80% users say they feel safer if check out the comments on this site are poured before going to a restaurant. further, almost all people who have been surveyed say they are satisfied with the comments found on this site.

The Reputation is a key element in the overall experience, offline y online, that today are demanding new customers to restaurants.

TripAdvisor is a portal that has been acquired over the years a great relevance and reliability for consumers. For this reason it is very important that restaurants know how to take care of their reputation in this portal or similar.

As we have often insisted on this digital newspaper never forget that success in the online reputation of a restaurant always part of excellence offline. Do the simple things well and what we have always known how to do, It is a perfect starting point to improve the classification of any Internet portal opinions…that easy!

About the Author

Article by the editorial team of DiegoCoquillat.com. It has professionals both in the field of hospitality, gastronomy and tourism, and new technologies and innovation.



  1. On point 10 totally agree. We offer that with our Spanish startup http://www.socialcodes.es; Our service allows you to put advertising on the log in process and the most used part of making a promotion is to encourage comments on Facebook, Google and Tripadvisor. I really agree what you tell. For me the key is the training of staff. Both be good professionals and participate in social life Restaurant. Today what triumphs is that. Everyday. Greetings and congratulations on your posts. always clean.

    • Jose Berenguer on

      hello Guillermo! Thank you very much to you for reading. Ratings like this, We give us all the strength we need to investigate further, reading and writing for you. 100% according to what you comment, following the teachings of Professor Oscar Carrion (also the author in this digital diary), we think that training is key to success in this sector. Thank you very much again for the comment, we continue reading us here!!

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