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10 keys to your restaurant fall in love on Valentine's Day


Valentine's Day is one of those dates that restaurants can use to make this day, one of the most important days no sólo del mes, but the year; especially when it falls, como en esta ocasión, a Tuesday or any other day of the week in which, as a rule, many customers do not expect the night shift.

As the day of lovers It can be decisive for numbers beginning of this year in your restaurant, vamos a compartir la receta del éxito para que puedas love as many customers as possible in this Valentine.

Fires a straight arrow to the feelings of your followers

On a date like this, we have to disparar directamente a los sentimientos de los clientes, or users who follow us, if we want to reach them through social networks.

Valentine's Day US is the second biggest day of occupancy throughout the year in restaurants, only surpassed by the Mother's Day. Not only for lovers one of the nights in which more couples dining outside the home, until the 25%, sino que además las tarjetas regalo o invitaciones a una cena son los obsequios más habituales de este día.

The recipe for success in Valentine for your restaurant should begin to cook long before the appointed day and simmered. Then pay attention because we will provide you with a guía para que puedas llenar tu restaurante con los clientes alcanzados por las flechas de Cupido:

Recipe for success for restaurants Valentines Day

  1. - Start with preheating

As we have said before, Gift cards are one of the favorites of men present, but we can not wait to come to our store to buy. How did we get to them before?

This is an ideal occasion make a campaign Facebook directed at a local audience, the same neighborhood that belongs to your restaurant. No sólo recordará días antes a los potenciales clientes que llega la fiesta de los enamorados, which many will appreciate, sino que conseguirás establecerte en la mente de los usuarios como una empresa que se preocupa por que todo salga bien esa noche. If you plan to make plans, your restaurant will be one of his memorable places.

If you can also market your own social profiles from gift cards, those busier greatly appreciate it because you help them “kill two birds with one shot”.

  1. – Cuida TODOS los detalles

An important date like Valentine, in which someone might go to propose marriage to your partner in your local, los detalles cuentan…and a lot!

The bottom line is focus on the best experience of our client Romantic music, or something more lively? You are dinner plan everything you are going to offer, or accounts extras for the most romantic evening? What are you different from other restaurants in your area? Answering these questions is important.

  1. - Transforms your restaurant in a very romantic place

Customizar tu restaurante en San Valentín puede ser key to your customer experience to be remembered. hearts, candles, changes in the staff locker room, predominance of black color, Red, music and a rose on top of each dish, etc.

Everybody estos detalles suponen un coste mínimo para tu restaurante pero generan un impacto enorme ese día en la percepción de los clientes. They have to feel that you have strived to create the perfect environment for them to enjoy a special night.

  1. – Diferénciate de la competencia

Nowadays, in addition to many other nearby restaurants like yours competitors, also you have aesthetic centers, Hotels, ... The spa's list of businesses who want to offer an unforgettable experience to your customers is very long and you have to compete with them.

Like every day, the success you get your restaurant depends on its ability to seize every opportunity They presented, and we must learn to do better than the rest.

  1. Pon a disposición de tus clientes un recuerdo romántico

At least that it has been the strategy that this year we will see in Starbucks, what It has proposed that our valentines Sean Mugs thematized.

Taking advantage of the pull that has the party Cupido, Starbucks It has launched a special collection with various cups and objects merchandising, all in pink, Red, and filled with the appropriate details…Why not create a different memory for your customers?

6.- Applied Semantics overflowing love for each phoneme that describes your dishes

"Union stuffed scallops citrus", "Couple of potatoes with honey", "Marriage potato millefeuille and tomato with pesto dressing", "Ceviche fish love to acapulqueña", "Heart of duck foie gras" are some of the most evocative pearls we have had the pleasure of reading in restaurant menus which they bet big on Valentine's Day.

further, these titles come to us through the eyes, but immediately afterwards we will conquer the heart with delicious image that we create in the mind, which will help whet our love.

7.- most romantic words everywhere

Customers who book Valentine will be looking for one night as romantic as possible, why we should not skimp on making the menu evokes love and sensuality. But the tablecloth, The napkins, costumes, account…

Do not miss your chance to decorate any space with romantic words. All this helps create a perfect atmosphere for the good feelings sprout.

8.- Stretching Valentine in your restaurant all you can

This year Valentine's Day falls on a Tuesday and it is possible that many couples are too busy during the week and can not make a break in the middle of this to enjoy it deserves a special day. For this reason, estirar hasta el fin de semana el Menú de San Valentín puede ser una idea interesante.

9.- Los hombres gastan más que las mujeres en esta fecha

The truth is that many studies have been done about make it clear, men see with good eyes the dinner plan, champagne, dessert and everything that comes to celebrate this occasion.

In fact, A study in February 2016 by the website, He claimed that women are willing to spend a 74 euros at dinner Valentine's Day while men were willing to go up to 90 euros.

10.- It offers your customers a little gift for lovers

After the romantic dinner, puedes regalar una rosa; This will be a nice way to make you remember, and who knows if a customer does not save forgetful night for forgetting to buy a bouquet of flowers.

Offer a gift or promotional partner, to be enjoyed in the near future in your restaurant It is a way to prolong the pleasure of a special night, y algo que sin duda hará que te recuerden y tengan una excusa para volver.

How to multiply your restaurant reservations on Valentine's Day

Dinner in a restaurant on Valentine's night is an immovable condition for many couples. We want you the best ideas to increase your restaurant reservations on such an important night like this.

Sigue los consejos que hemos compartido en este artículo y seguro que verás el libro de reservas y el salón de tu restaurante lleno en una noche tan especial como esta. Remember that the goal of much work to prepare the night like Valentine's offer your customers a romantic experience única.

10 keys to your restaurant fall in love on Valentine's Day
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