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10 Key to reinforce the brand image of a restaurant


The way society consumes changed by several factors: economic situation, technological developments, body worship… And consequently, restaurateurs have to be more aware than ever of their guests and its target audience in order to maintain a relevant positioning your restaurant.

The Spanish hotel sector has been undermined, since it began what is today known as the Great Recession, Beyond the 2008, because although in the last two years has experienced a small and hopeful sales growth -around a 3%- They are still closing more restaurants that were opened.

Says the Spanish Federation of Hotels (FEHR): big chains, franchises or small establishments have been unable to survive the crisis as evidenced by his latest data published, dating in 44.582 premises closed their doors 2014 against the 39.596 they opened.

The survival of bars and restaurants in Spain

In any case, must take into account the number of bars and restaurants still enjoy good health in our country, as much as 253.074 -It is according to data provided in early 2015-. The question therefore is How to be one of those survivors privileged? First and most important is getting known for, later, get the client to recognize the restaurant wherever you go and eventually memorize and associate it with a positive experience. In other words: make the brand image of a restaurant their hallmark, that personality and distinction with respect to other businesses.

Beaming a strong brand image in a restaurant

The key is, so, in assign a picture solid and consistent brand that gives you the courage among visitors so that they come back again and again and even dare to suggest it among his acquaintances. To do this you need to follow a set of guidelines, many as 10.

10 Key to consolidate the brand a restaurant

1. Moving with the times

A business must know when is the right time to change certain elements of your brand, without sacrificing its essence. The aim is to give a new atmosphere at home when it takes a few years in the public eye: music, the lighting, uniforms employees, glassware or distribution space They can serve the purpose; although it is best to conduct surveys among visitors to know their tastes.

2. Local decoration according to what you want to convey

The personality of a brand can be seen in their logo first and decoration after; both must be able to communicate and get the diner feel identified. To make it it is essential that the brand name and logo have a direct relationship with each and every one of the attributes that make the restaurant: colors, font, posters, menu…

The employer must know the position of your business to determine the way forward

3. Extend the offer to attract new customers

Many restaurants and fast food chains are forced to include new products in their menus in order to expand its market share. In this regard they include Pizza Hut Y McDonald´s. The first, before the descent that has experienced in recent times selling pizza delivery, He has begun to offer, with great success- pasta dishes; giant burgers, meanwhile, It is considering introducing under its brand café Premium at an affordable price.

4. Invest in Advertising

A restaurant gives life to your brand image when, through marketing, It is promoted among potential customers with posters, literature, ads and any other campaign involving an economic investment. But the fact is that the best advertising is that which makes diners when enjoying a pleasurable experience who dare to recommend, in what is known as word of mouth: inexpensive technique such as effective.

The importance of caring for customers and protect them against competition

5. Bet on a close relationship with the customer

From the host to the last waiter, through the cooks or the owner himself must help create a good atmosphere in which the customer feel comfortable and want to return as soon as possible. This has to feel that you receive the best service by staff throughout your stay: arrival, attention on the table, wait time… Any time is good to have a relationship with the visitor.

6. Analyze competitors

Regardless of the activity to develop a business, this is to know what your market position compared to its direct competition, in order to correct errors and enhance those aspects that make the difference and make it a unique business. For a restaurant it is vital to the performance of two principles: the improvement and learning.

A restaurant has to evolve at a pace that technology does

7. Create your own website

It serves to establish a first contact but also for forge ties with repeat visitors by different promotions, deals and even gifts. As already mentioned in previous articles in this newspaper, the website of a restaurant has to include a number of elements: address, Photos, reviews, carte menu, links to social profiles, etc.

8. Maintaining an active profile in social networks

In addition to a webpage, a good way to consolidate the brand image of a restaurant happens to have accounts on platforms like Twitter, Facebook O Instagram. It is getting a relationship with surfer, as many experts say the digital experience can be as or more important than physical site visit.

9. Asserting the presence of the owner

The head of a business owner is always so when we visited a restaurant and this is close to our table to interact with us and try to understand the vision that so far have of your business comforts us to the point of feeling important. Meet the owner, like the chef or creator of a dish is appreciated as a customer.

10. Caring for the image of the local

And finally, It seems obvious, is essential that all furniture restaurant is in perfect condition: chairs, tables, lamps, floor… Cleanliness and order are also two key aspects, from the inlet to the baths must each take the utmost care of the details.

The brand image of a restaurant is a key factor when choosing a place for eating out, beyond prejudices, each of us associate a positive or negative experience to a memory.

Although a great job involves a place among the most demanding clientele, we see that the mark is an attribute that may undergo changes over time depending on what the restaurant owner wants to convey. In his hands he is getting a good reputation for your business.

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He graduated in journalism from the University of Valladolid although Fabero (Lion). Working for many years in the hospitality sector. Futura expert in food journalism and everything related to restaurants, a world that fascinates. His other passions: rock and sports.


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