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10 conclusions about the best online reputation study conducted at restaurants


Online reputation, through the reviews and customer ratings, It is becoming one of the key elements for choosing a restaurant.

More and more users consulting the opinions of other customers about their experiences, this content becoming a powerful weapon to define the final decision of these.

Restaurants must take into account the content their customers move to internet and social networks, since the online reputation is becoming the backbone of the SMR (Social Media Restauranting) to build loyalty and win new customers.

It is one of the pillars in the model change that we are witnessing through technology, the customer has a voice and becomes the epicenter thanks to online content moves.

Today we face the first major study that thanks to the good work of the consultant Vivential Value It has been held in Spain on online reputation restaurants, in order to calculate the Iron Rtes'11 "Online Reputation Index Restoration, 2011"And know the level of competitiveness of online restaurant industry in this country.

Once the preliminary analysis of the study is finished I give my 10 conclusions thereon :

-Sample Item :

The study was carried out on 68.737 restaurants chips present in the main portals of opinion and online reservations, distributed 20 Spanish provinces and analyzing a total of 283.736 customer reviews.

-Study Results :

1.- Visibility restaurants :

only 47% restaurants are visible, that is to say, he 53% restaurants are invisible, This means that despite having a form with your data in different internet portals, They have no assessment by customers and therefore any degree of influence on the decision of these.

2.- Stability restaurants :

only 18% restaurants are stable, with what he 82% restaurants are unstable, have less than 10 reviews, so any new opinion is implying a high risk because it has a lot of influence on the final valuation Restaurant, both positive and negative.

3.- Concentration of valuations :

He 10% restaurants accumulate 75% valuations, there is a high degree of concentration in a few restaurants. Just over 6.800 restaurants accumulate practically almost all reviews.

4.- Degree of customer satisfaction :

He 36% restaurants with opinions analyzed have an unsatisfactory rating (0-6), do not meet its expectations, he 45% It has a neutral rating (7-8), Y only 19% restaurants have an assessment of excellence (9-10), exceeding customer expectations.

5.- Final result :

Once the index calculated based on different weights given valuations, volume of opinions and importance of the sites where data have been extracted, the end result of Online Reputation Index – “iRON_Rtes'11” 7.38 is the on 10.

Once the study analyzed my final conclusions are :

1.- Online reputation is the main pillar of success SMR (Social Media Restauranting), marking a key competitive differentiator in those restaurants that know how to value and take advantage, against those who do not, directly influencing the final decision of the customer and therefore the income of the company.

2.- Some restaurants, even a few, They are already taking advantage of the potential of social networks and improving day by day your reputation online. The client knows, and values ​​it chooses.

3.- The best way to combat instability in online reputation, that is to say, have few comments that strongly influence (the positive negative), It is opening the doors of your restaurant to social environments, making it easier for your customers to tell their experiences.

4.- The high concentration of votes in a few restaurants is not a good thing either for the sector, or for the market, or for customers, but for those few restaurants that are ensuring plenty of reserves through better visibility and relevant content with a high degree of credibility.

5.- Do not obsess over improving your reputation online, obsesionate to ensure the best experience of your customers, both online, as offline and they will take care of giving you the rest.

6.- If you do not know how to do it, There is a simple way, Take time, analyzes and studies how they are doing other restaurants, they will teach the way or go to professionals advise you.

7.- The concentration of online reputation in so few restaurants will turn these into influencers in the market, It is an attraction for many companies, not only for the restaurant industry.

8.- If you have a bad reputation online, Do not think that customers hate you, you have caught mania, They do not know how to eat, Internet this is not for you and many other excuses, He thinks it's an opportunity to learn the truth about your restaurant…grab it!

9.- In the future, restaurants are not going to appreciate having decorating, for its furniture or equipment, its facilities, down the street in which they are…¡noooo!, the monetary value is going to put the customer through online reputation, It is the best way to ensure you're buying a business, and not a local.

10.- The online reputation is not a fashion social networks, It is here to stay and is the beginning of a new era based on a paradigm shift where “voice” Customer becomes the epicenter of a successful restaurant or any business…you are ready?

About the Author

CEO of DiegoCoquillat.com and director of the EscuelaDiegoCoquillat.com, teacher, consultant, lecturer and entrepreneur incorrigible. If you can not find it here, search near the sea. Passion for new technologies and restaurants ... passion for life.



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