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10 Tips to achieve excellence in managing a restaurant


If you are reading this article it is because You have a restaurant and want to improve their numbers and profitability or you're thinking of starting your own catering business and do not want to have standard errors "rookie". Well let me give you a first tip: Get trained and do it with the best, and thanks to the specialized training, You know from the outset tools, means, technology and human resources you need to achieve excellence in restaurant management. And with that, we go with the advice.

10 tips to be a better manager in hospitality

  1. Know your market, besides your industry

Knowing the sector in which you work is key: understand the industry standards, what the best practices are, which providers exist ... here all agree, But that is not all. Do you know your potential customers? Your room is well-located? You know who your competitors? What is the difference between your business and the next? Is there a gap that only you and your cuisine you can complete?

Understand the competitive environment is essential for any owner and / or manager of a restaurant. Make a hole in your schedule to explore your surroundings and visit your competition.

  1. Hire for attitude and train your skills

Bills are paid sales and Your sales force is the team working with you; They are the face of your business. A few years ago it was amazing the lack of professionalism that existed in the sector but, Fortunately, more and more people choose to train in living room and kitchen which adquirieren basic knowledge and close working guidelines to reality. Now it is much easier to find that profile that we seek among the broad spectrum of professionals seeking employment. But My advice in this field is that you hire for attitude and not aptitude.

Get a dynamic team, personality and possessing a strong work ethic It is more complicated to teach, so as a manager and / or owner you have the duty to train and improve their skills to maximize profitability and meet business goals.

  1. Implement a sound management system

Yes, have a team attitude and well trained to maximize sales is crucial to the success of your business, but so that everything is in line must implement a sound management system, as well as TPV reliable and easy to use. Technology must be at our service and not the other way so we must adapt this system to be controlled and well-managed inventory, cashflow, map data shift ... we can not ignore if we want to achieve success.

  1. Believe in what you do

Being manager and / or owner of a restaurant is not an easy job, Hospitality is none, As much as there is a contrary belief. The sacrifice is enormous, to the point that if things do not go as you want, it suffers. You must believe in what you do and also you have to like. At this point always I throw a phrase that I like: "If you do what you like, You'll never work ".

  1. Surround yourself with customers and be one of the team

during my 35 years of experience I have seen some managers and business owners catering hiding when customers began to enter the door. Right now, Cook until the figure should leave the room and serve its customers. So US, as responsible business, we must become the best host, public relations and waiter that we may be. further, this attitude will be reflected in our employees, as, As minimum, We get better work environment and, thus, sales.

  1. Give the customer more than what is waiting

Let's be honest, It is much cheaper to eat at home and with social networking and technology available, Anyone can make a good menu from the comfort of your home. The restaurants, so, They must do and offer an extra to win the battle: eat at home vs. eating out.

Recalling point 1, What you do differently for our business customers to choose us day after day? We must seek opportunities for surprise and seduce our customers every day, as not everyone comes to eating out for food, but for other reasons: personalized treatment, the VIP attention, the environment ... we push forward what makes us unique!

  1. Cleaning, cleanings

We've all seen those programs Nightmare in the kitchen in which Alberto Chicote entered dirty premises, with tables and dusty bars, kitchen grease every corner ... it seems that in Spain we give little value to this issue when in the USA 96% of the population has to clean as the first reason for choosing a restaurant. Fortunately, They appear increasingly open kitchens, more local spotless and staff follow the basic rules of cleanliness, offering an image of absolute cleanliness and confidence, something we should be increasingly aware.

  1. Create relationships

For many people, businesses should not be personalistic, the company is always above the people who are part of it, but when we are dealing with customers during 8, 9 Y 10 hours a day, personally takes a step forward. As managers and owners we must establish an almost custom connection with our customers, our prescribers.

With this we are doing two things: relationship marketing do for our customers to sell our business and encourage staff to follow our steps and improve sales. A good manager knows the names and tastes of their most loyal customers and also knows some of the personal life of your equipment, so the relationship and the work environment always tends to be more positive.

  1. Get out of the comfort zone

Once we have established our own management system, If we begin to see that improve our numbers and we achieve business goals, we must start planning other actions, whether training, or technological innovation, to give some examples.

We can make small courses "pull rods" for our staff, hire a sommelier to teach us to do a tasting, renew the design of the card with a local artist, offer cross-selling with the support of an NGO ... we should be leaders and, as such, our vision must be long-term. Out of the comfort zone it is not easy, but it is essential for success.

  1. licensing, certifications, laws ...

When we are very focused on the daily operations of our business and we have a person give us a hand, you may forget certain dates of renewal or upgrade licenses, certified, compliance with laws, Since insurance ..., although not addressed a pressing need for the proper functioning of the kitchen or living room, without them we could not function, so we should give enough importance to, at least, not to forget certain dates.

A manager and / or owner of a catering business saturates in their daily work is easier than it looks, but with these 10 tips'm sure we can improve personal and professional performance of our daily. To me it worked for me 35 years, so I hope that you too will work.

About the Author

I'm a lucky guy that life has given him much more than I expected. I teach at the University Institute for Tourism Research. I am Director of the Master in Restaurants & F&B Hospitality University of Alicante.


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