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10 Tips for controlling staff in a restaurant


In recent years we have witnessed the unprecedented boom a large number of television reality shows in which a skilled person goes to the call of a desperate owner for refloat his restaurant. There are many causes that do reach this end: bad organization, waste of resources, unreliable staff, lack of customers, etc. Who does not know programs like Nightmare in the kitchen O The head infiltrated? In countries like the United States, Italy, United Kingdom, Ireland and Spain are already a classic of our screens.

But let's face, not all businesses can access this type of aid –in most cases are big business– Nor is this guarantee of success -in our country, Whip He has seen closed around a quarter of the restaurants visited; while in the American version of his colleague Gordon Ramsay this information is placed in a 60% of failures-.

Opening a restaurant is becoming more risky

Anyone who invests in the hospitality industry should know that, to reach breakeven has to spend much time; a time that the owner should have everything under control and take care of even the smallest details. In any case, This is achieved by taking the right decisions and making the most appropriate tasks. behold 10 Basic recommendations for restaurant owners whose motto is assimilated to the saying “It is better safe than sorry”.

10 steps to manage human resources in a restaurant

1. Hiring qualified personnel. The first premise for a restaurant function is to surround yourself with workers willing to give the best of themselves at all times. No matter how much experience you have a bartender, a host or waiter, what really make the difference is the treatment they provide to customers: They must be cheerful, friendly, friendly and attentive so that they feel at home.

2. Invest in training team. When we spoke in the previous point that the experience is not as relevant when put into a worker payroll it is true; This is for the simple fact that taking the commands, serve as a table or opening a wine are actions that are learned easily.

However, the restaurant owner has to provide staff training in basics such as customer service or marketing and customer loyalty. In this way the team acquires knowledge that make you feel more confident and motivated when performing any task.

3. be involved. It is very important that the owner leave the office and let them see frequently at his restaurant. Thus, the staff know if you have at your disposal and can count on him for anything you need; the client, meanwhile, you will also feel more at ease to establish direct contact with the head. A good entrepreneur is one who is a day of everything that happens in your business, from the dining room to the kitchen and from the last waiter to the chef.

Beware some staff Restaurant

4. Play surprise effect. It is not only appropriate that the boss go through their restaurant, but it is necessary that all the restaurant team knows that that can appear at any time avoid what is known as a surprise effect. The restaurant's owner has to get their employees to be alert and always act as they should, regardless of who is in the establishment.

5. Using the figure of mystery shopping. In this case it would be more appropriate to define it as mystery diners, which they are those hired by the restaurant incognito to monitor the operation of the, the organization, cleaning and, especially, the deal offered by staff. If the owner does not have enough money to gain the services of mystery diners, then take this role friends and family who are unknown to the staff.

6. Invite family and friends. When the boss is not, or can not be- You can ask some people you trust are dropped by their local customers as a more. these will, Unlike the mystery diners, people known and recognized by staff. In this way, the team will act in the same way as if present the owner, They know that everything that happens will come to your ears.

7. Watch what happens when it's closed. The restaurant owner should know the time when your business is closed beyond what they can tell you their workers. To be sure, the best part is that when you stop by the slightest suspicion that personnel are committing some form of abuse: parties in the bar with the waiters at the head, chefs who use the facilities to continue cooking and removed a bonus… Although they are unpleasant situations for owner, It must be aware and this is also useful a good alarm system that makes available all movements are performed and when the alarm is switched on and off.

8. Have full control over inventory. In addition to placing orders with head -Plan, basis of sales, which may be necessary and what is not- It is the responsibility of the manager to have a day registration of food to prevent waste. on regular basis, It is advisable inventorying different products to keep staff ever alert.

9. Invest in their own training. If at the point 2 we talked about how important it is to have a team capable of dealing with almost any situation, I must say that either the boss should never leave their preparation. Professional development will bring about an improvement in their own business: increased sales, increased profitability and even language skills will be key pieces.

10. Be an example for employees. By last, the owner must know how to distinguish the professional from the personal, we all have bad days, but the work is often an escape and a refuge to forget our problems. If the boss is able to put a good face adversity teach their workers that they can do the same, creating a positive environment, fun and pleasant restaurant. It is important that everyone is clear about their role, that there is harmony at all times and to avoid any hint of favoritism.

as we see, managing a restaurant is not an easy task since everything must be under control. Everything boss who wants to succeed will have to follow these ten tips Y, surely, any more. What you are what you think?

About the Author

He graduated in journalism from the University of Valladolid although Fabero (Lion). Working for many years in the hospitality sector. Futura expert in food journalism and everything related to restaurants, a world that fascinates. His other passions: rock and sports.



  1. Make a good regulation is essential. Have clear rules from the beginning avoids problems and misunderstandings.
    Pay on time and also helps keep employees motivated.
    Those who work in a restaurant (especially kitchen and service) They must prove each of the menu items, They must know what they sell to explain to diners know, to understand the demands of the public, to identify when a dish is not going as befits.

  2. The world of restoration… often it is taken as a hobbie, many investors dream or people with money to open a restaurant.. succeed… and fail with an abysmal quickly, While I share the 100 % the 10 tip´s.. For me the most important and which emerge all else is the point 9, the formation of owners or owners… This will allow them to always have proper optical, to display all the details .., whenever I meet someone who wants to open a restaurant.. Give you try, a walk or a mini internships for restaurants and open, to live energy and movement that exists in them.. thence .. that initial experience, They realize how and why to hire staff is so important, and to provide areas and appropriate equipment

    • Carmen true, many people think it is an easy business, where you make money in a fast, but it is actually quite the opposite, experience required, knowledge and constant training and even that is not guaranteed success…Thanks for your comment.

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