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10 Key to the strategy triumph e-mail marketing a restaurant


Internet has opened new roads for hoteliers They are seeking to establish a closer relationship with customers through tools such as e-mails or emails.

Many restaurants make a deaf ear to the opinion of expert voices that recommend adapt to the times, and they are betting on almost obsolete marketing strategies. With the excuse of lack of time or money loss, these premises are allowed the luxury of giving up a significant portion of the population that cares much technology.

while In most occasions is internet which helps them to choose a restaurant providing information via the website, social networks or email. As always he told our director Diego Coquillat “the customer is more digitized restaurants”.

Diego Coquillat & quot; the customer is more digitized restaurants & quot;.

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These new forms of promotion have permeated current models to the point of maintaining the customer relationship beyond the restaurant. How to do it? One of the methods most used-and acclaimed- It is what is known as e-mail marketing, what It is to come directly to the diner so by sending a series of emails to inform you of the event, certain promotions or the latest Aways.

An email has to meet a number of characteristics to fulfill its mission, which it is nothing to be read by the customer. For it, it is essential to follow these recommendations.

Tips to send campaign e-mail marketing a restaurant

Recently published a study on the state of the campaign e-mail marketing in restaurants in the US and Canada. Their results are not very favorable as just one 18% establishments He acknowledges having implemented this technique. Nevertheless, restaurateurs skeptics should know that Food industry and restaurants is considered as one of the industries with the highest percentage opening emails, with a 25,7%. So, Why not take advantage of this trend and follow 10 recommendations that we propose below?

1.get subscribers. To start a campaign e-mail marketing is essential to achieve a database that includes e-mail of future customers.

Transform diners subscribers is possible by following some of the following strategies: propose to visitors to the restaurant's website to fill out a form with your name and email to get exclusive benefits, use social networks as a showcase for discounts and offers through a simple registration, deliver in person a comment card in which to leave your opinion necessary to include data, etc.

2. Control the frequency of sending emails. Campaigns e-mail marketing in restaurants are usually carried out with a monthly, although sometimes up to two emails are sent per month: one early and one middle.

This is not to saturate the subscriber and appear in your inbox only when you have something interesting to say: Report promotions, announce a change in local, congratulate his birthday, propose a special dinner on the occasion of Valentine's Day, Father's Day or Mother, Anniversary Restaurant…always providing value in communication, that's the key to this strategy.

Report promotions, announce a change in local, congratulate his birthday, propose a special dinner on the occasion of Valentine's Day, Father's Day or Mother, anniversary restaurant ...Telepizza

3. Subscriber draw attention to the message subject. At the time of sending an email our main goal is that this is read, so that it is vitally important to choose a “affair” that seduces the surfer. For this keywords are used through which the subscriber feel the need to open the message rather than sending it directly to the trash, avoids words free, offer, present, etc.

detailed elaboration of the email

4. Caring for the mail format Instead of sending e-mail as plain text, It is much more appropriate to use the HTML format or template already designed. In any case, it is essential to present a clear message spelling and grammar appropriate to avoid typos, incomprehensibly frequent. It is therefore recommended that a different person who drafted the text review it before distribution to its subscribers.

5. Prepare short texts. When the subscriber feels so drawn to the subject of a mail that decides to open and read it, He expected to be as short as possible, it has to report only on a particular issue: a new dish, a voucher… In addition to not bother the reader with an endless message, we must bear in mind that a good part of the population check your email from your mobile.

6. include images. We must ensure that prime the image on the text to at a glance the diner get the message sender. It is a technique that, either used, You can show what makes it unique and special restaurant: holding an event, the renewal of the letter or the opening of a new space. Besides images, the subscriber receives with pleasure and videos gifts.

Emails intended for a client type

7. Create custom messages. According to Convince and Convert, we must bear in mind that people influenced by the e-mail marketing spend an 138% more than the rest. This is thanks to the link that comes with this type of strategies that the restaurant customer is directed -for his name- in language as close as a direct. How to do it? Putting on the table all the information at your fingertips about potential diners: demographics, preferences or contact history.

3 essential elements: brand, reservation and withdrawal form

8. Do see the mark. It is advisable include the name of the restaurant, logo or other images associated with the brand; although if the chef or owner who sends the mail name you can add your photo to the end of the message so that the diner recognize it when you visit your business and thus feel more at ease. It may also be included in the email links to social networks and your website.

9. Offer the possibility of making a reservation. The end of a campaign e-mail marketing is simply to attract new customers and retain those who have visited the restaurant. As well, It seems obvious, One way of doing is offering the possibility to make a reservation. For the subscriber it is very convenient to book a table in the restaurant with one click via e-mail.

10. Give the user the opportunity to terminate the subscription. A restaurant, In addition to sending emails only to those who have registered and not those who have not requested, It has to offer the opportunity to unsubscribe from the newsletter to anyone who wishes. The goal is to make a list of truly interested customers and create for them interesting content and custom, as 9 each 10 owners admit their mistake by not segmenting your audience.

The emergence of new technologies are causing a change in the business policy of restaurants, since they are now the ones who must capture the attention of diners seated and do not expect to enter into your local. As we have seen, campaigns e-mail marketing can be a powerful tool to build a link between the sender and receiver. Do not you believe it?

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