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10 tips for a sustainable restaurant


Businesses of all kinds have gained in recent years strong environmental and social commitment with the aim of reducing the impact on the environment, conserve natural resources and promote organic food.

At the head of this “initiative” there are restaurants around the world as reported, Azurmendi O Uncommon Ground. It is not easy to achieve sustainable label, sustainable, Green ecological since many requirements to be met by local on request: waste management, energy efficiency, responsible marketing or animal welfare, among others.

But still we know that every day there are more owners who bet on it and they fall into the Sustainable Restaurant Association (MRS). What happens is that not enough merely to follow the guidelines that mark the bodies, but sustainable authentic restaurants work with ideas that gradually start to become prominent among the rest. They are proposals that make more sustainable, if it fits, to restaurants that already were.

10 recommendations to be followed by sustainable restaurants

While much of society has become aware of how important it is to preserve the environment for future generations can enjoy it as we are doing, There's still much to do. And in this work hundreds of thousands of restaurants worldwide, putting up various shares whose main concern is to avoid wasting the resources we have at our fingertips.

Here are some of the main recommendations:

1. Donate leftover food
Nowadays 800 million people worldwide going hungry and it is estimated that only in Spain every restaurant takes the average 3.000 kilos of food a year. The solution to both problems would be very simple if these establishments donate these “waste” the most disadvantaged. Just what the Chilean restaurant Major HANDLES, who has a habit of giving the food to spare people who need it.

2. Promote solidarity among customers
The generous spirit of the diner comes up in Karma Kitchen, an establishment which spans over 20 countries thanks to the work of the volunteers who make up the staff and who do not mind cooking, serve, chat and put their best face to the thousands of visitors they receive daily. They practice what they refer to as “gift economy” while the customer never pays, simply it makes a contribution to those arriving later can eat.

The food, fundamental part of the sustainable process

3. Develop an inventory of perishables
Sustainable management of a restaurant happens to have an updated in order to avoid food waste inventory and, in consecuense, save the most money possible. And is that, Several studies argue that a third of the food produced in the world never gets eaten, what figures represent loss of some 4.000 millions of euros.

To always provide quality raw material must be applied Rule of “first in first out” in relation to perishable products, sorting them according to their expiration date.

4. Offer a vegetarian menu
Vegetarian cuisine has increasingly accepted in our society as many diners have been proposed to reduce meat consumption. That is why sustainable restaurant has to offer vegetarian alternatives and have to be your creative time, delicious and light to have the approval of the customer.

Madrid is La Biotika, It is offering up to three different menus: macrobiotic, vegetarian and vegan; Besides, His love for nature and animals have driven them to open their own Ecotienda.

5. Betting on organic and local products
More and more local diners who always demand products as these help improve the local economy and pose no threat to the environment.

So much so that are many restaurants that base their letter locally sourced organic food. The Captain´s Galley, in Scotland, It is one of them as only serves fresh seafood, local and seasonal. So it does Tilth, and Seattle, where he 95% of the ingredients are organic and good local part.

6. Reducing the amount of waste
Organic waste end up mostly in landfills or composting plant, anyways, to treat waste energy is needed and It is estimated that for every kilogram generated approximately 3 kg CO2. The advice would be to try to minimize the amount of waste generated and in this regard highlights the case of Tiny Leaf, which has become the first London restaurant “zero waste” when using other businesses donate surplus.

How waste can also be useful for restaurants

7. Recycle
Sustainable restaurant must have at its facility boasts with a recycling system which is also part of the diner, with the aim of establishing a chain that goes beyond local and becomes a daily habit for everyone. This happens in Bacoa Burger, a group of establishments located colorful containers in the vicinity to offer the customer the possibility that it is he who deposit their leftovers.

8. Transforming waste into energy
After separating the organic waste it is the time transform to give a second utility. How? With actions like that have carried out 80 restaurants and hotels in Paris pilot project that seeks to transform waste generated after a meal in biogas which produce electricity, heat and compost. France adds, A) Yes, other countries with similar practices such as the United States, Germany, Denmark, Netherlands, Belgium and Austria.

9. Do not waste the water
Since the expectation is that water consumption will increase by up to 30% For the year 2030 is essential not waste a drop. For it, sustainable restaurants put in place measures such as use the dishwasher only when full, install faucets with motion sensors, have low flow toilets or waterless urinals. Azurmendi It goes a step further by collecting rainwater to water the garden, the greenhouse and also for running toilets.

10. Participate in charitable causes.
Hundreds of restaurants worldwide are part of foundations that help underprivileged or cooperate organizing events for solidarity. In Brazil, the movement takes place Pleased, which already has 50 restaurants serving smaller portions to reduce the amount of waste and donate what they save to institutions that fight child malnutrition. In our country restaurants like Andrew Genestra They work hand in hand with Roots and Kitchen Awareness Foundation, which it aims to contribute to the employment of those who suffer greater difficulties.

They are not the only steps -although the most important- for a distinguished restaurant as sustainable while It is also advisable to use sustainable packaging, give old kitchen equipment or unused, perform preventive maintenance or unplug all appliances when not needed they are turned on. Everything is designed to care for the environment Maximum. Your favorite location so does?

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