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10 tips for being the best host in a restaurant


February arrives, the shortest month of the year but no less intense. remember that has one of the most exciting days as is the 14 February, Valentine's Day.

February starts very sweet, the day 1 is the Decorate with candies Day Y Black Chocolate, think garlands of candy and chocolate recipes with this. Can encourage your customers to make a photo of decoration and share in their social networks, mentioning your establishment and an attractive hashtag .

The day 2 is the Crepes day Y Groundhog. Bet for breakfast crepes sweet and salty for snack or meal. further, to honor that day that even has a movie, 'Caught in time', we offer some recipes Marmot shaped cookies or cupcakes in the shape of this animal. The day 3 It includes carrot cake in your letter, This dessert is one of the most demanded today, They love even those who hate orange vegetable.

solidarity actions in restaurants

He 4 February is the World Cancer Day, Join the worthy cause creating a menu in which one party to donate Spanish Association Against Cancer (AECC), for your customers to contribute their bit to combat this disease. further, You can encourage them to share the action in social networks so that more people will.

This day is also the Zombie Pride Day, Zombies world, unámonos! You can prepare a feast for those who love nonliving, invite them to go disguised and prepare a similar menu you and you were recommending for Halloween. We know the pull they have these celebrations, especially among young people.

Arrival in Spain Carnival is celebrated Maundy Thursday, which this year falls on 4 February. In many towns and cities, especially in the eastern regions of Spain, this day a festival is celebrated with different customs, but basically it consists of a day where the cuisine has a very important role and we are talking about strong recipes, we heed the proverb “Maundy Thursday, longaniza in the pot”. If your city on Shrove Thursday is a tradition, prepares the best dishes to be taking forces for carnival. If it is not, Get set up for her!

The day 5 It is celebrated Day of the chocolate fondue and the Wear Red, so prepare a feast of chocolate and Lots dinner for two people between those clients with a red garment, take their picture and upload to their networks mentioning your restaurant. It is a way to retain customers and generate 'noise’ on our local action sharing on social networks.

Carnival in the restaurant

The weekend 5 al 7 February is celebrated carnival, Aprovechalo for give a big party. You can let everyone choose his costume or propose you a topic and adapt your kitchen these days, for example, oriental food oriental party, or all Mexicans, not missing plugs and tequila. In this case you can pull topics. The restaurant's decor is an essential part, do not forget.

On Sunday 7 It is the Super Bowl, the end of the National Football League (NFL), leading professional championship football in the U.S, that increasingly has more followers in our country. You only need a large TV, typical American food and drink and you'll find few followers queuing at the door of your business. Guacamole, onion rings, beer, burgers, chili dogs, nachos… choose between most appetizing dishes for Super Bowl.

The day 9 Focus on the pizza, if you have this dish on your menu, preparing a new recipe, It offers a discount for that day or let the customer decide what ingredients you want on your body and the most original ponle the name you choose their creator and add it to your letter. He 10 commitment to the brownies as dessert or the cream cheese brownie, It is the day of both, This is another favorite desserts, so do not miss the opportunity to pay homage to your restaurant.

Valentine's Day, love comes to restaurants

He 13 February is the World Day for Singles and just an after day Valentine's Day, Adapt your gastronomic offer creating special individual or couples both menus. The Valentine's day decorate your home with romantic motifs, hearts, Put candles and background our recommended playlist for this day. Although it may be a bit cheesy, There are many people who loves this kind of detail.

The day 14 It is also the International Day Give a Book, organizes an exchange of books between your customers throught social media: each carrying a book and after dinner will be another in exchange for leaving his. Who knows if an interesting literary talk will not start.

He 17 is the Day lattes and the 18 he drinking wine, for every cup coffee or ask your customers, invite another. For the day 23, we will prepare so mentioned banana bread, a type of bread made with banana fruit pulp. For him 24 apúntate al pringoso appear verbo, that neither really exists in Spanish, but it is spreadable sauces nachos because it is the Nacho Day. You think different salsas, of cheese, hot spicy, guacamole… dipping nachos.

The last days of the month, just as sweet end than at the beginning, he 27 It is the Day of strawberries and 28 the breath of chocolate, prepares special dishes with these ingredients and offer them your daily menu.

As this year is a leap year, we have day 29, wherein rare diseases marks, like the World Cancer Day, creates a special menu in which a portion of the price is intended to study such diseases that need everyone's help to find treatments.

Aquí te hemos dado algunos ejemplos de acciones que puedes realizar durante febrero, pero seguro que a ti se te ocurren muchas más. Te dejamos el listado con los días y el calendario para que pienses qué es lo que puedes ofrecer en tu restaurante con todos estos motivos de celebración.

Calendario-de-acciones-de-marketing-para-febrero-de-2016Ideas de marketing para restaurantes

Aquí tienes el calendario de febrero de 2016:

Lunes 1 de febrero

  • Día Nacional del baked Alaska (#usa)
  • Día de decorar con caramelos (#usa)
  • Día del chocolate negro (#usa)

Martes 2 de febrero

  • Día del Tater Tot (#usa)
  • Día del crepe (#usa)
  • Día de la marmota (#usa)
  • Día de los humedales

Miércoles 3 de febrero

  • Día del pastel de zanahoria (#usa)

Jueves 4 de febrero

  • Día de la sopa casera (#usa)
  • Día de los champiñones rellenos (#usa)
  • Día de dar las gracias al cartero (#usa)
  • Día Mundial contra el Cáncer
  • Día del orgullo zombie
  • Jueves lardero

Viernes 5 de febrero

  • Día de la fonfue de chocolate (#usa)
  • Día Mundial de la Nutella
  • Día del meteorólogo o ‘el hombre del tiempo’ (#usa)
  • Día de vestir de rojo (#usa)

Sábado 6 de febrero

  • Día del yogur helado (#usa)
  • Día de tomar helado en el desayuno (#usa)
  • Día del doodle (#usa)
  • Día Internacional de Tolerancia Cero con la Mutilación Genital Femenina

Domingo 7 de febrero

  • Día de la salsa alfredo (#usa)
  • Domingo de la Super Bowl
  • Día de enviar una tarjeta a un amigo (#usa)

Lunes 8 de febrero

  • Día de los amantes de la patata (#usa)
  • Día de la melaza (#usa)
  • Día de los Boy Scouts (#usa)
  • Día de volar la cometa (#usa)
  • Día de la ópera (#usa)

Martes 9 de febrero

  • Día de la pizza (#usa)
  • Día del dentista

Miércoles 10 de febrero

  • Día del brownie con crema de queso (#usa)
  • Día de tomar un brownie (#usa)
  • Comienza la Cuaresma (#usa)
  • Día del paraguas (#usa)

Jueves 11 de febrero

  • Día de Peppermint Patty (#usa)
  • Día de no llorar sobre la leche derramada (#usa)
  • Día de sacar tu guitarra (#usa)
  • Día de hacer un amigo (#usa)
  • Día de estar satisfecho estando solo (#usa)
  • Día Europeo del número de Emergencias 112

Viernes 12 de febrero

  • Día del pudin de ciruela (#usa)
  • Día de Darwin

Sábado 13 de febrero

  • Día del tortellini (#usa)
  • Día de la comida italiana (#usa)
  • Día de estar locamente enamorado de uno mismo (#usa)
  • Día mundial de la ballena (#usa)
  • Día mundial de la radio
  • Día mundial del soltero

Domingo 14 de febrero

  • Día de San Valentín
  • Día de los rellenos de crema de chocolate (#usa)
  • Día internacional de dar un libro
  • Día Internacional de las Cardiopatías Congénitas
  • Día Europeo de la Salud Sexual

Lunes 15 de febrero

  • Día de las gominolas gumdrop, esas gominolas que son como una gota (#usa)
  • Día de querer un caramelo (#usa)
  • Día del presidente (#usa)
  • Día del hipopótamo (#usa)
  • Día Internacional del Cáncer Infantil

Martes 16 de febrero

  • Día de la almendra (#usa)
  • Día de hacer un favor a un gruñón (#usa)

Miércoles 17 de febrero

  • Día del café con leche (#usa)
  • Día Mundial del Espíritu Humano
  • Día de actos aleatorios de amabilidad (#usa)

Jueves 18 de febrero

  • Día de beber vino (#usa)
  • Día Internacional del Síndrome de Asperger

Viernes 19 de febrero

  • Día del chocolate a la menta (#usa)

Sábado 20 de febrero

  • Día del pastel de cereza (#usa)
  • Día de amar tus mascotas (#usa)
  • Día Mundial de la Justicia Social
  • Día del Camarógrafo y Fotógrafo

Domingo 21 de febrero

  • Día del sticky bun (#usa)

Lunes 22 de febrero

  • Día de cocinar patata dulce (#usa)
  • Día de la margarita (#usa)
  • Día de ser humilde (#usa)
  • Día del pensamiento scout

Martes 23 de febrero

  • Día del banana bread (#usa)
  • Día de jugar al tenis (#usa)

Miércoles 24 de febrero

  • Día de los nachos (#usa)

Jueves 25 de febrero

  • Día del chili (#usa)
  • Día de la sopa de almejas (#usa)
  • Día del chocolate con cacahuetes (#usa)
  • Día Internacional del Implante Coclear

Viernes 26 de febrero

  • Día del pistacho (#usa)
  • Día de contar un cuento de hadas (#usa)

Sábado 27 de febrero

  • Día de abrir esa botella (#usa)
  • Día del kahlua, licor de café mexicano (#usa)
  • Día de la fresa (#usa)
  • Día del pan que no se ha comido (#usa)
  • Día del oso polar (#usa)

Domingo 28 de febrero

  • Día del souffle de chocolate (#usa)
  • Día de los Premios de la Academia (#usa)

Lunes 29 de febrero

  • Día Mundial de Enfermedades Raras

Aquí puedes descargar el calendario en PDF con las mejores ideas de marketing para restaurantes:

Calendario de acciones de marketing para febrero de 2016

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