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10 things that I like a restaurant


For professional reasons, I travel a lot and visit catering establishments of all kinds, where I have seen things that I like and I like less than others. So, after much, I have decided to make a list of 10 things I like in restaurants if it can be useful and interesting for restaurateurs.

  1. Reserve management and reception

I love it when a restaurant has implemented good service Gestion of reservs and it has internalized its host protocol for each of its customers. further, if they do not I feel like an invisible client upon my arrival and greet me with smile and kindness from the second one, pear.

  1. new formats

I like when a restaurant it quickly adapts to changes e introduce innovation within their gastronomic concept. For example, Many of us we are forced to eat alone, and I love that you think of us, we have enough to eat in a corner at the phone. How to do rice for each? New customers, new opportunities.

  1. I suggest and sell artfully

Some professionals take the art of living in the veins suggest, especially in southern Spain. Not something that is widespread in the restoration, but you can always learn. Si te topas with a waiter suggesting you artfully working or product, it's complicated, with the client, I reject. I like when employees are taught to let everyone know the ingredients of the various elaborations menu and also what drink can maridar better or which input or dessert fits well. I love Suggested sale. further the feeling that takes one is good service and attention.

  1. cold, cold and hot, hot

While this may seem obvious that not all restaurants take it like. And what a bummer when you're looking forward to a hot plate and the first spoonful, SURPRISE, it is cold and all desire to continue enjoying removed! Or that beer in the middle of July you expect better is the colder and receive the opposite. This translates into feeling of disappointment by customers and is easy to avoid.

  1. I like to eat with rock

The rock, the March, the arrival of food and drink eternice not is another thing I like meeting in a restaurant. And is that, What is a restaurant without rock? In normal operations must be mostly combined, that tension and that energy is perceived in a certain way employees for good service, but never stress. The tension is necessary and as hoteliers we usually take blood and this keeps us 'live' during services.

  1. The waiter not notice

The sixth thing that is appreciated and much is that the waiter is always attentive to what we need to know and understand body language but not note it is. Especially, the times we visited a restaurant for a business meeting, If we are talking about an important issue or just enjoying our company, It is a detail that the waiter knows serving dishes or pick up the leftovers from the table unnoticed. The waiter street to the table to tell the preparation does not always get, even in gastronomic; It must have some view.

  1. The quick count and attentive farewell

Avanza food and it's time to ask for the bill, we requested the waiter who has served us and the bill never comes. If we ask the account is because we have already concluded the visit and we have to leave, when we bring the account quickly and also give us a thoughtful farewell, hat, so important it is that we receive as we say goodbye to cordially. Remember, the first simpa He was born from an account that did not come.

  1. VAT included in the account

Another aspect is VAT on the bill or invoice, please, always. In addition, the law is clear, VAT inclusive prices. Do not make your guests start doing calculations on the total invoice price, If today all TPV have the option to get invoices with VAT included, Why not do it and avoid that headache diners?

  1. Good digestion

Every time we look further into the gastronomic offer when choosing a restaurant; I search elaborations healthy or healthy alternatives as subsequently they encourage good digestion. This is another essential factor for me in a restaurant, because if after visiting my stomach spends hours trying to digest food, I do not think I'll come back.

  1. feeling protagonist

The tenth and final aspect that will highlight is: feel protagonist, that is to say, the customer is the main focus of restaurant employees. I mean do not take it to the extreme of being in your face and be 'up' the customer constantly, but yes let him know that he and his stay at the establishment are the most important.

These are the 10 aspects that me, personally, I fall in love with each 'house' I visit and when the meeting I think that establishment He is doing well. And you, What do you like to meet you when you visit a restaurant? open mic, the oil.

About the Author

I'm a lucky guy that life has given him much more than I expected. I teach at the University Institute for Tourism Research. I am Director of the Master in Restaurants & F&B Hospitality University of Alicante.


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