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10 things that a printing company can do for your restaurant


In this paper we focus clearly on the digital world but always with in order to make the dining experience offline as rewarding as possible. The network offers a wide range of possibilities that help us work only a click.

We've talked about card designs and ideas for menus, but there small details that must take into account if we provide perfect service in our restaurant. I mean we could define elements as decorative but actually part of the stage we create for the customer to enjoy not only the food but a warm and friendly atmosphere.

Posters, visiting cards, the flyers, the roll ups or table flags can resultarnos some important pieces in restaurants, but if we are clear that the visual often recorded better in the minds of customers. Something as simple as customizing a paper tablecloth can make the difference with the competition.

Although the work of buying objects, send them to the printer, receive and mount can seem complicated and cumbersome task, proliferate in Internet companies are responsible for doing all this for us and grab the restaurant in twenty four hours. An example is Onlineprinters, a company based in Germany over thirty years dedicated to printing and specializes in hospitality.

If you want to succeed with your business, It serves not only to have a quality product in the kitchen, Besides you have to take care of the little details. From here we are ten items that you should keep in mind that you can get easily:

1.- Menu card

It is fashionable letters tell us something more than the dishes we can choose. When the chef devises a menu, This carries a story behind, either it invented by himself or based on something, as in the case of Dani Garcia and his tasting menu based on the book The Little Prince. Before you even smell the food and be immersed in the magical world of the protagonist just read the letter.

You have plenty of designs and materials to choose from, choose the one that matches the style of your business and what you want to project, and send it to the printer.

2.- Business Cards

It's something we always keep in view the customer when it arrives or when going. Typically it leaves some -the amount depends on the number of diners- when the account is brought to the table. These They must be attractive, wear the corporate colors and contain data that are important to us. You can not miss the restaurant's name, the direction, the telephones, the website and email.

3.- posters

Advertise in our own establishment an event, a gastronomic or special discount It is necessary to reinforce what has already been promoted by other platforms. We must find the best place to place, a strategic place where you can be seen by customers but not find it annoying.

4.- Table flags

Whether they contain the company logo that day dining in our restaurant, as if we used to put other menajes (as “Marina birthday celebration”), we will be individualizing the gastronomic experience that customer making you feel unique and important.

5.- Hangers bottles or banners

Customize a bottle of wine or a bottle of beer with a hanger or a banner is not a high cost for our business and, Nevertheless, It is a detail that will make the customer feel special. We can make them for a certain event, offer them as extra services for clients and they decide what they want to appear in these media, or have them always with the logotype restaurant.

6.- Roll ups

These movable signs with metal supports are essential at private parties, Sponsored by a certain drink or tasting if we announce specific days. Its size makes the visual impact is greater than the conventional posters. further, the fact that they can be transported easily to change the location if desired or once they take up hardly any space pleguemos, They make the roll ups a great option if you want to send a clear message to our customers.

7.- Advertising displays

Whether we cover given day to an important event that you must have a photocall for guests renowned posen, as if we put a fixed area in which our clients can make photographed posing like their idols- with our logo on the back, these systems are easy to assemble a very practical and colorful solution that will entertain attendees safe.

8.- Paper placemats

While it is true that no tablecloth restaurants where the dishes resting on the wood of the table are taken directly, but it is also true that There are designs paper tablecloths that are true works of art. As simple as choosing the subject you want to capture on paper and click on the order of printing online and wait for the next day to see him placed under crockery.

9.- Check books or books

The booklet in which the waiter notes our order may go unnoticed, but you can also convey many messages, as sloppiness of catching the commands or give a bad image of the local. Thus, is essential have a stock of books with our logo to remain in good condition and free of food stains. Similarly it happens with the checkbooks that we deliver to customers and suppliers.

10.- coasters

There was a time when they were collectibles of many customers, who they were keeping the coasters of those places that had something special or because the design they had was the taste of the collector. In such a small stand we can communicate what we want to sell our property. Looking for a striking design and a clear and simple message, mail it and the next day put your cane on another of your “business cards”.

Because everything is seen in a restaurant or subtracted from total customer experience, takes the utmost care these little tangible details that make the difference.

About the Author

vallisoletana journalist based in Madrid. Communication attached to the Gastronomical, restaurants and loves everything having to do with them. Enjoy the stories of books and relaxes write their own. Tormenting dreams with my feet on the ground.


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