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10 Examples of marketing campaigns that work for restaurants


It is very likely that restaurant owners have doubts when devising new ways to attract people to your business or from to publicize their brand. After all, They do not have to be professional marketing, although the solution may be simpler than you think.

In this article we review ten examples of restaurants that have launched an innovative marketing strategy, and they have managed to attract new diners to their tables. Sure these experiences inspire other restaurants owners hospitality businesses to create and implement their own marketing strategies.

10 tips 10 successful restaurants in marketing

1.- Be generous, Always works

The restaurant Nando's Peri Peri, a Portuguese fast food chain, He managed to gain a foothold in the Chicago market thanks to their generosity. Over a period of time He let the public should pay the will for food and later, He donated money to a charity. A) Yes, In addition to publicize their products and particular flavor, Restaurant solidarity fame earned and managed to ingratiate himself with the residents.

2.- Uses technology in your digital mobile marketing promotions

McDonald´s It is a company that has understood this very well, and it always brings coupons or discounts that involve interaction with the new mobile customers.

An example of this are the coupons that can be achieved with simple screenshots certainly they are a good way incorporating technology our business, that goes unnoticed because it so it becomes more fun and interactive.

3.- Reward customer loyalty with discounts and deals

Another campaign was very successful and is within reach of any restaurant is launched Burger 21 with a mobile app that allowed members of his club Faithful Customers get a free burger cheese in the National Day CheeseBurger.

In addition to download the app to get this free food, optabas also an interesting promotional package with discounts on various products. To do this they had to participate in Burger 21's #BChessy Photo Sweepstakes, a contest whose objective was to share a photo of your hamburger channels Facebook or Instagram Restaurant. The winner would enjoy free burgers Burger 21 for a year.

4.- Uses technology to customize

If a restaurant gets your customers to register on your website to place orders, you can get lots of information about them and use it to offer personalized discounts or promotions. For example, Brasa y Leña Restaurant She invited everyone to eat the day of his birthday if they went with three friends plus.

Restaurants can remind customers promotion through an application or mail and, thus, convince them to go to dinner there. The customization options are very spacious and provide information about the tastes and characteristics of customers.

5.- Create compelling content that you identify with your client

The restaurant Buffalo Wild Wing It started to promote young athletes in their internal television chain, B-Dubs TV, asking them to send videos with amazing acrobatic moves or. Thus, Get the young athlete audience and identify with your brand. It is a similar strategy that follows the brand of energy drink Redbull, that promotes extreme sporting events. Nowadays, Redbull's image is closely linked to sports like motocross or skate.

6.- Always with the truth ahead

After several failed attempts at conversion, Arby’s He abandoned the idea to include healthier options on their menu and He decided to recognize they were not a health food restaurant and I shout to the four winds: “Our passion is meat”. This has led to the birth of other restaurants with a similar philosophy. For example, Pork Barcelona is a restaurant fully dedicated to the pork in all its forms and its caption reads “Crazy for You”.

7.- Examines the needs of your customers

Starbucks He has managed to become, Spontaneously, in a place associated with the world of work. Now they have decided to take advantage of this situation by creating an extension for Microsoft Outlook that allows you to organize meetings in the establishment nearest Starbucks. A) Yes They simplify and promote an activity that was occurring and organically in most of its stores.

8.- Create partnerships with your suppliers to offer rewards to your customers

In the case of franchise Italian restaurants The Mafia sits at the table, thanks to its alliance with Coca-cola, He has carried out a promotional campaign, whose prize was nothing more and nothing less than to 3 trips for two to Italy plus 40 double dinners.

In the contest it involved using a code that appeared on all tickets that contain at least one coke in the order, to introduce a section of the website Restaurant. Such campaigns whose prize is so attractive, usually they have great success.

Now they back to republish this contest with a trip for two to Rome last three days you under the hash #LaMafiaViaje, Watch the video below:

9.- Give away valuable content through competitions

If you do not want to fund several international travel, you can focus the competition from the contribution of large valuable content for your community of followers. He did Gastrouni, leading training company owners and managers for HORECA sector in Spain which raffled on Facebook and Twitter a pack with the 5 He recommends reading books to their students.

10.- It offers unique experiences to your customers

The coffee chain Tim Hortons, specialty coffee, donuts and pastries did with their customers in Toronto to promote his new intense black coffee, el Dark Roast.

It used as a qualified bus #TimsDark, decorated outside and inside completely black, in which offered free samples of this new coffee and a stroll through the most populated area of ​​the city, just during the holiday shopping. An excellent opportunity to take a break and rest your feet while enjoying a hot coffee, while das customers to meet your new product.

We are sure that these cases will serve you real inspiration to create a marketing strategy for restaurants and hospitality businesses. Most companies opt for take advantage of new technologies and social networks to make themselves known among the public.

Restaurant owners should ask themselves how their audience and depending on the type of customer, they must choose strategies or other, or even by a combination of different marketing techniques. It is important analyze the public and the brand image is intended to project for marketing campaigns succeed.

About the Author

Article by the editorial team of DiegoCoquillat.com. It has professionals both in the field of hospitality, gastronomy and tourism, and new technologies and innovation.



  1. The day that Facebook put serious and watch all the contests that make pages, he 90 % (or more) just they banned. I say this from the point 9, Gastrouni contest. Facebook does not allow sharing is a requirement of the contest. I do not know is if you become a fan of the page to enter a contest is allowed. And give in “I like it” in the publication…

    I think they should let it be done. It is the responsibility of pages having really committed fans or fans that are just for a contest. Competitions only will get to the second…

    • Hello Fernando, Thanks for your comment, I do not agree with your comment, If the contest is optimized and perfectly targeted for your target audience it is very valid to capture attention through a campaign or a content strategy, then it depends on the company to continue adding value to your message and get to turn that fan, I was captured through a contest, in a final customer, but as a strategy Segmented uptake seems right to me. Although you know this each company have their criteria and reasons. Thank you!

  2. Borja Prieto Herrero on

    Very good article, I loved it, I still think that the best way to get into a market is hitting a good investment into your future customers, Y, in the case of Nando's was a great way to get investment but also had to be beastly for that entry, certainly he paid off. Starbucks so I think it was something I should have thought long ago, I was lucky to work with them and my cafe in the area my only way to make customers was go to the offices of the area and propose the same thing but manually, She is contacting them and gave me very good result, It is nice to see that they have professionalized. Also keep in mind that this is something that if it works well in areas of medium starbucks influx, and to do meetings at starbucks Arenal, Gran via, walk through, etc… It is more than complicated.

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