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10 most common mistakes in the design of the card or restaurant menu


The letter is one of the marketing tools most important which has a restaurant, This is where customers really decide if it's worth eating at a local, and create expectations about what they will find there.

Experience tells us that it is those restaurants that properly designed and renew it on a regular basis, get the biggest profits. But to achieve these improvements is essential to know the wishes and preferences of diners.

For this reason, then we will delve into human psychology and we'll show the most common failures when restorers design chart.

Avoid the following 10 errors in designing the card from your restaurant

1.- Offer the same competitors

The temptation to finish offering the same as that restaurant the corner that is so successful is great, but I anticipate that is not a good idea.

If your dishes are the same or very similar, He will win who has the lowest price. And if you compete in this way, diminish the benefits of both. The best alternative is offer something new customer, you identify the differential value of your product or your service, and not the compartivo in price with the closest competition.

2.- Not implement new technologies

It is shown that digital cards increase sales. Among the many reasons for this increase is the ability to display pictures of the products, which they are also interactive and allow you to modify the design of menus continually.

It is not only a innovative way to display information, It is also a powerful tool marketing for restaurants. And if you do not believe, check what you are able to offer companies like imagic.

By the way, also it tries to avoid price with two decimals and rounded little, it is best to set prices without decimals for the customer to take his mental account without difficulty.

3.- Prices include aligned

It is very common to find cards with the prices right of the page, and completely separated from the description of the dishes. This makes it easy “scan” with the look the document and find the most interesting.

Ideally, the price is at the end of each description in the same line, and with little space between them. In this way, diners tend to read the entire text, and decided on the basis of what you think you will like more.

4.- Putting too many euro symbols

Normally, restorers do not want customers to focus on price. A packed from top to bottom of euro symbols menu makes the user think too much about money. Encouraged to seek the cheapest. Because, It is better to omit this symbol or at least not have much visual impact.

5.- Not to renew the contents of the letter

Offer new dishes for a limited time allows restaurateurs try new things and see if they work.

Such practices also get consumers will not grow weary and come more often, becoming very loyal customers and reflecting an interest and dynamism restaurant to constantly improve its proposal.

6.- Too late to jump on new trends

Often, owners observe trends and adapt to them when the market is already saturated. Such trends appear and disappear faster. You should try to adapt the menu as soon as possible, to take advantage of the trend at its peak, What is it when more economic benefits are obtained.

For example, now the organic food It is booming, but still it has a long road ahead. You can also use any of the schedules marketing actions for restaurants that we published in this newspaper at the end of each month, and they give you the best excuses to renew the card when you want to offer something different.

7.- Not take the opportunity of the special drinks

Los smoothies, homemade smoothies and iced teas are rare. Precisely because they are hard to find permit competitive differentiation. further, have the advantage that the amount is increased while the quality perceived by the diner up.

8.- Reload little price dishes

Price ingredients change with time. A dish that was once very profitable, You can become a drag.

It is important analyze the profitability of all the dishes offered by escandallos, at least twice a year and thus we can stimulate buying target items, presumably the most profitable, and discourage the purchase of those who are less profitable.

9.- Offer dirty or stained letters

In a place where food and drink is served menus streaking is inevitable. But If they are not clean, the image given is neglected, and associated with local economic.

The material they are made of letters is important. They can be ordered from thick paper and washable finish, but also there are more original options to differentiate.

10.- Not having a menu that can be queried via mobile phone

Most consult consumers via the Internet products offered by restaurants. And most of the restorers meet this demand, but neglect access to your website. Not only You need to be able to consult an online letter, also it needs to be accessible by mobile and submit a design responsive, which allows read smoothly.

The data confirm this need: he 80 % potential customers want to know the dishes offered before going local, Y he 70 % preferred informed through the smartphone.

The restaurant benefits start in his letter

Definitely, do not miss one of the first opportunities to capture the attention of diners. If you do it right, You not only earn money and few customers, You will also get the goal of increasing the average ticket.

With these tips we will optimize aspects of our business to make it more profitable. And in the end all we get carried away by first impressions, the first step towards profitability may be to develop a perfect letter and free of 10 mistakes that we have shared in this article.

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