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10 ways not to cut cakes or pies this Christmas #notsatisfying


Social media is abuzz with new fashions. From the strangest to recover past customs, that viralizan and return to fame, although in some cases it is very ephemeral.

Thus, with the mannequin challenge, he ice bucket challenge and many other examples, We have seen users around the world begin to follow a trend born in networks, and the desire to share that each one experiences, It causes it to expand worldwide.

Something has happened to the #satisfyingvideos. Short cuts is where you can see very relaxing images. From a glazier working with incandescent and moldable glass, julienne cuts of various materials, or millions of matches stacked and lit by a beautiful ripple effect. Any image that causes pleasure worth to power a hashtag that is growing every day.

Trend #satisfying al #notsatisfying

In the same way, It has emerged the opposite fashion, as often it happens with many of these social networks. Thus, are born los #notsatisfyingvideos and images, where we can see situations that lend themselves to making a satisfactory action, end in an anticlimax, and they are able to generate certain addiction.

It is quite funny to see how a row of dominoes, It is about to end, and in the last, the chain breaks. Or draw a perfect circle and huge at the last moment, not close properly.

Just as the perfect cuts in tacos, data, julienne certain compacts us produces a high visual pleasure, otherwise it is nothing short of torture.

This collection has wanted to focus on #notsatisfying on the trend cuts cakes and pastries. We are at the gates of dates filled with celebrations and family meals, where you might touch you cut the cake. Remember these funny pictures to avoid making these mistakes, Even though a collection are fun, They not often leave diners they have to distribute their food, very happy.

10 images #notsatisfying on pie cuts




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