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10 employee photographs that could ruin the reputation of a restaurant online


Online reputation is perhaps the element that most strongly is impacting the digital universe today, besides being one of the key pillars of my theories Social Media Restauranting.

It has a decisive influence on the restaurants sector, in the inspiration phase, where customers seek comments or recommendations on the restaurant to go.

Many restaurateurs declare me his fear of the inability to control content on its restaurant guests can get to share in digital environments, and that somehow, that negative experience, can influence other customers.

But, this question very few pose, What if negative online reputation that is generated from the restaurant itself through its employees?

So, we face a different circumstance, because it is not a dissatisfied customer who generates this problem, if not the employees are promoted for different reasons, which may damage the image of the restaurant.

This makes me think about the confusion in the restaurant industry to believe that online reputation is only an external element, when in most cases it is motivated by internal deficiencies of all kinds, effectively, digital channels bring to public light.

To avoid this problem, My recommendation is to develop an internal culture throughout the restaurant staff in the organization dimensione the importance that digital channels have on the success or failure of a catering business today, plus, facilitate and promote internal or external training required, to give a professional answer to that.

Finally, as an example of what can happen if you do not understand the online reputation as a global concept, this collection worth 10 photo sharing on social networks, in which shows how employees of different restaurants, an unintentionally, They want to harm the image of the business.

I used licking mashed potatoes (via Facebook)

Employee taking a bath in the sink while smoking (via Youtube)

I used to enjoy a direct Supplier ice cream (via Reddit)

Employee lying on the bread burgers (via Twitter)

Pancakes spent licking taco (via Facebook)

I used treading lettuce for salads (via Twitter)

Employee peeing in the sink obrador (via Youtube)

Employee genitals in a loaf of bread (via Instagram)

Mozzalera employed introduced through the nose (via youtube)

Photo kitchen of a restaurant (via Twitter)

What do you think of online reputation from an internal perspective in restaurants? ¿Would control the content they share restaurant employees?

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