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10 ideas competitions for restaurants in social networks


Contests on social networks are very effective to generate “engagement”* by a restaurant with its community of digital followers.

It's an action, usually very simple and that encourages users to interact, crucial for newly created accounts that need to increase their community quickly.

It is true that some contests work better than others, Besides, If these actions are not promoted in the right way can lose their effectiveness and will not meet its target. But If the contest is interactive and fun, customers participate and encourage their friends to do, action being very interesting digital marketing for a restaurant.

What social network should I throw my restaurant contest?

At this point we question arises: What is the perfect social network to launch my contest? This doubt can be moved to the foundation, the question, What is it: In which Social networks must be my restaurant?

After carefully studying the results provided by each social network to restaurants and hospitality businesses, We have designed a list of the most effective contests that you can launch from the various accounts of your restaurant.

Some of them try to adapt Or all! restaurant and get your users and potential customers more easily.


Guessing the plate

1.- This contest is simple, fun and cheap. Rashay’s Pizza Pasta Grill It was carried out by asking your fans to guess the name of one of the dishes that made up the menu to win a coupon worth, for example, 50€ to spend on your restaurant.

The contest develops very fast, first find out who wins, and it is this sense of urgency that makes customers participate and come back again and again. In addition, the contest is daily, something that He has made fans counter has exceeded its page and 22.000 people.

2.- On the other hand, in Spain It was Eroski who raised a draw centered on its range of infant cereals. Users are calling for the 9 existing varieties, which they were told they liked as well as the animal that appeared in the box.

The publication contains a link to a blog post Eroski where they explained details of the contest and gave the opportunity even buy, so that They won a lot of traffic on the web as well as a good increase in sales. In this particular case, This publication received 4.094 I like you, It was shared in 516 occasions and caused 1.800 comments.


The value of #hashtag

Tweeting messages that your restaurant bill will not matter much if you do not have interactive elements. For it, in addition to, Of course, the fotaza shift, you must make use of #hashtags.

3.- To inspire you, We remind you that mythical campaign Zomato, the hashtag #MyLastMealOnEarth (in Spanish: #MiÚltimaComidaEnLaTierra). To participate, you had only use the hashtag (which it helped the restaurant to keep track of participation in the contest) for tuitear what would be your chosen food if it were the last, In addition to mentioning the person with whom you'd like to share.

The truth is that it is a beautiful idea and, obviously, He swept the network as the game to mention with whom you share # MiÚltimaComidaEnLaTierra It caused a chain effect in which more and more people came.

4.- In Spain, in case of Brasayleña It is a clear example of how not to miss any opportunity to launch promotions and other special actions involving the participation of users, by Valentine, In Christmas, 2X 1 Thursday, draw free dinners, etc…

They get a large participation by customers and users who follow the account, who ultimately take on a major role in the digital image of this restaurant chain.


Game share the menu

5.- Thus triumphed the restaurant Comodo, City of New York, who got success simply printing on your physical menu the hashtag #ComodoMenu, with a small message inviting diners to share Instagram their food using that hashtag.

The restaurant I knew realize what people like to share photos of their food by Instagram, and he took advantage of it to promote it. The result of the campaign was that they ran out of room in the reservation book for the next five months.

6.- In Spain we have also seen many examples of contests bars and restaurants who wanted to promote a particular date. It is asked to upload a photo with a certain #hashtag, Y the winner will be who gets more likes.

Normally you should also follow the account makes contest, mention in any publication and you may even upload a photo, as did the company Chipstar in its latest promotion.


"Pinnea" to win

A contest on Pinterest may be more complicated than in the nets so far mentioned to be somewhat less interactive. Nevertheless, the social network is perfect for restaurants, since much of the content thereof, revolves around food and many (many) their publications are recipes. Because It is the ideal place to establish new relationships and solid with foodies, foodies, potential customers of your restaurant ...

7.- Restaurant For Idaho Potato, they decided to photo contest recipes on Pinterest in which users had to choose a recipe from the restaurant website, carrying out, photograph it and upload it with the hashtag #Fottochontest (#concursopotato).

As the user action required for the competition was not as easy and quick as can be other contests so far mentioned, They encouraged participation with a prize of 250 dollars to the winner. This not only encouraged users to buy their products, but also it generated a lot of conversation in social networks around this brand of American potatoes.

8.- The Spanish company Fripozo, dedicated to healthy eating through cooking and prepared dishes and gourmet, He made a Pinterest contest in which you had to simply pick a recipe who had previously pinned, and save it as a favorite mark in order to enter into a drawing for 4 gourmet scene packs.


The self-destroying coupon

9.- this competition, It was carried out by frozen yogurt brand neoyorkina 16Handles. They obtained great success in a campaign called Snappy New Year. It was the followers should take a photo of themselves, tasting yogurt ice cream inside any establishment brand, and send it to your Snapchat account.

16Handles sent back to their participants a coupon, what I could not open until you are at the counter in some of its stores, since Snapchat messages self-destructed after just 10 seconds.

The novelty meant this contest for 16Handles allowed to connect perfectly with your target audience, It comprising mainly people aged between 13 and the 25 years. further, the fact that there are very few companies with an official Snapchat account to use in your marketing campaigns, chain obtained a very large impact.

10.- Chile was the promotion #MomentoCocaCola the brand was responsible for moving asking users to go up a video or photo to Snapchat with the hashtag # Hi5CocaCola. With this participation is entering a drawing to be a vintage refrigerator Coke.

An attractive prize, which it generated much interest and finally the contest was a success as a marketing action in RRSS.

Use these ideas to make contests networks your restaurant

As you have seen, these contests are not anything special, nor too complicated to carry out actions. The key is to study where your audience is, and he is doing in networks.

This way you can devise marketing contests and actions that cause very good impression on your followers, to replicate what his people, and your restaurant can get visibility, increase your community, and that this will finally translate into more customers eating and dining in your business.

Apply these techniques to create contests on social networks your restaurant and tell us your experience. Maybe in our next article in this sense we can have the pleasure to quote your case.

*Engagement: The engagement is the extent to which a consumer interacts with your brand. The compromise between the brand and users. This is based on creating certain fidelity and motivation for our users to defend and feel part of the brand, and thus we refer new users.

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