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10 marketing ideas to help you get the most out of your restaurant Valentine


Valentine in love for food and true love go hand in hand. And says the popular proverb: The shortest way to reach the heart of man way is through his stomach!. And however much they want to deny, a study signed by the investigator Michael R. Lowe Drexel University (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) reveals that females are also more receptive to crush after a satiating meal, Copious and delicious.

Because, a meal or romantic dinner in a restaurant is one of the most popular events in Valentine. According to market research, This is the second day of the year with the highest turnover. In 2017 lovers spent some 12 000 million euros to eat out on special day. In fact, a 34.6% of the gifts offered to the couple were invited to go out to eat.

During the 14 February, There are many restaurants that manage to cover all your tables without much effort, but for those who do not get organically, there is nothing that a dose of marketing well executed can not achieve. Good planning and programming of commercial actions for this special date can generate huge amounts of benefits.

So today we bring these 10 you get ideas to fill your living room and get the most performance to Valentine.

1.- Is organizing a photo contest partner in social networks

Among the various types of snapshots, couple photos are one of the most interactions generate. You can take advantage of this in your favor.

preparing a photo contest couple at a dinner for Valentine's Lot among participants. The beginning of the contest will take place a few days before 14 February. To carry out this campaign marketing successfully you need a hashtag or catchy tagline, guidelines and rules for participation which will safeguard the image of your company, and a brochure or verbal explanation to inform diners that is taking place this promotion.

The rest innate virality of social networks will take care. To select the winners of the drawing tools can be used as Tweetdraw, Woobox, Shortstack, Heyo, Rafflecopter... Remember to try the pair as VIP and invite the winners to share photos of your evening. All of this will go towards the popularity of your restaurant.

2.- Collaborates with businesses nearby

You have a florist near? Maybe a lingerie shop fashion? Maybe at a pastry shop where you can buy chocolates?

Many of these businesses see a sudden increase in sales volume and visitors in the days before Valentine's Day. There are even occasional absent-minded or forgetful that comes on the very day of lovers, calculated, to buy a last minute gift.

It is possible that these businesses are willing to offer your restaurant as a perfect place to eat in exchange partner if you're promoting your services from your local.

Another possibility is to directly give them the opportunity to sell a coupon for your restaurant, through which they receive a small monetary benefit.

The imagination, in this sense, It is the key to success.

3.- Diversify your business with high demand on Valentine's Day

Although eating out is one of the handiest gifts, gift cards end up prevailing. in EE. UU., and carry 12 years as the most common gift on this day.

Among the different types, stresses that the most sought after gift card that is redeemable in restaurants, well ahead of those used for jewelry, perfumery, chocolatería, florist or boutiques Fashion.

The men, especially, Gift cards come in a flexible and versatile present. That is why a 46% of them prefer. In total one-third of adults are opting for this type of gift, meaning that interest is lower in women.

Aside from having the ability to redeem gift cards at the restaurant, should have boxed gift cards for use in other businesses. That way you can capitalize on sectors that usually are not part of the business that focuses establishment.

4.- Create a special Valentine menu

Decorate the room according to the occasion and provide a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere that invites conversation and flirtation is one of the core missions of the restorer in Valentine.

But to gild the lily, You can act on the menu to suit the climate loving perfuming the atmosphere. A) Yes, They can be offered special dishes to attract the attention of couples seeking a special experience on this day.

There are many foods that are traditionally considered aphrodisiacs, No doubt these should appear in the letter. oysters, asparagus, strawberries, chocolate, Red wine…

Have a full menu of fixed price suitable for the honeyed be a good business decision. And so it will have some cocktails or mocktails Typical of this day: a Robin’s Nest, a Martini Granada one one English Rose They will delight visitors.

5.- Differentiate advertising actions Valentine

Not enough to report that the restaurant services give on Valentine's Day. We must give this information in a way that is integrated advertising campaign indistinguishably in the spirit of the festival, while maintain business differentiation and image it wants to project towards their customers.

For all this, the template is not feasible to prepare the written content marketing. The results will be several orders of magnitude better if it is commissioned a copywriter O Business editor versed in the topic.

Better yet if this is part of an advertising agency through which you can make also the graphic design flyers, invitations or brochures.

6.- Launches special offers for couples

Remove the couple to dine in a restaurant can be an expensive treat for some. Thus, if there are forecasts that the room is not going to fill, the situation can significantly improve if among the services offered that day we discounts or free extras.

They do not have to be great efforts by the restorer, a symbolic discount or any offering low amount (a glass of free wine, a pink, a bonbon to finish the meal) will cause a positive impression on potential customers, especially those who are planning the day as a surprise.

All bonus is well received by customers. Some more unorthodox ideas are dictated include menus or make and print a photo for the couple messages. In both cases the cost to the owner of the premises is very low.

7.- Make love diners experience at all levels

For local be understood as a loving corner all the decoration must be in line. The tables must be prepared to host two dinners, with candles, roses, red napkins and tablecloths, a special letter, uniforms camaraderie service according to the occasion, etc.

Lighting should be dim, but still in the gloom customers. Stop the music, You can choose to romantic ballads at low volume or live music. No matter how cliché that results, Classical violinist offer an experience that will become a story to tell for the couple.

8.- Facilitates items for marriage proposals

On Valentine's Day a rebound in the number of couples who agree to form a marriage is experienced. A 60% of these people, Besides, then share the good news in social networks.

This behavior presents the restorer with an opportunity to get more out of the party. If possible from the same restaurant providing a package of services for marriage proposal (flores, champagne, limousine, advertise the fact in the living room, ring hidden ...), increase business opportunities by clouds.

9.- Extends Valentine entire week

Many people have busy schedules that prevent them from enjoying the company of their loved ones on specific dates. Because, a little flexibility can generate substantial benefits for the restaurateur.

According to OpenTable, the previous weekend and the post-Valentine are busier than usual in restaurants. Specific, staff will receive an increase of approximately 16% these weekends.

One option for management is to establish a sort of Love Week, within which they can also be integrated as bachelor days, held the 13 or the 15 February by region; or organize an evening of blind dates before Valentine, offering a discount to couples who return during the day pink.

10.- Do not forget the social commitment on the day of love

Love our partner is well, but if we also love our neighbor, It is even better. In a day dominated by love and hearts, what better than allocate part of the collection to a social order.

The millennials and younger generations appreciate businesses with a mission or commitment that goes beyond its corporate powers. And just these are the generations age mate. Because, advertise that a portion of the amount will be used, for example, a the Spanish Heart Foundation, It may be why you select your restaurant rather than a stranger.

Do not waste a moment and begins to prepare advertising actions for Valentine's Day. Diners are already making reservations for the day 14 and all you need to opt for your establishment is to know that you put all your heart into your work.

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