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10 ideas to attract players of Pokémon Go to a restaurant


Sponsor-10RestaurantesA few days ago I published an article entitled “Pokémon Go revolutionizes restaurants” in which he analyzed the impact that Nintendo is bringing in business hospitality.

There have been countless readers and followers of different digital channels have contacted me and this newspaper to know how to attract these players to their restaurant.

Therefore today I would like to share 10 ideas to catch Pokémon players and convert them into customers of a restaurant.

10 ways to “hunt” Pokémon Go players for restaurants

1.- Add your restaurant on a route or Hangout

Include it in different routes or hangouts Players are doing in the cities where they can consume in registered establishments any special promotions you have prepared for them.

Watch this example in the city of San Francisco where they participated 11 restaurants in different points of the route.

Bars and restaurants participating in Hangouts Pokemon GO

2.- Please confirm that your restaurant is a PokéParada (PokéStop)

You will be a hot spot for players where They may take different elements that help you on your adventure. To confirm this the best way is to see directly in the game if you have listed as a stop Pokémon, since they are a mandatory step for all players who want to increase their level.

the PokéParadas They have a blue color with different circles in which many objects are Pokémons. In the picture below you you have an example of how are.

The PokéParadas have a bluish color with different circles in which many objects are Pokémons.If your restaurant is not a PokéParada, do not worry, It is most common, then find the closest and you can also attract players with the following idea.

3.- Pokémons attracts buying a “Cebo module”

You can buy different modules through the store that includes the game. Specifically, the “Cebo module” They allow you to generate a high volume of Pokemons during 30 minutes in PokéParadas.

That is important to make sure if your restaurant is a stop Pokémon or is close to some and spread through social networks what time will this increase of Pokemons.

Here's a video that explains you how to launch a module Cebo.

As you can see in the following tweet some users highly value the restaurant is near a PokéParada and activate a module Lure (Modulo Cebo)


4.- Apply to be a PokéParada or gym

Restaurants can ask Niantic, the creator of the game, become places where players can find items to continue their adventure such as PokéStops or PokéParadas, or sites where they can fight against other players like Gym.

Here's a link to the form where you can request, but unfortunately the avalanche of requests has caused right now is totally collapsed. Hopefully soon settle it and you can get back to normal.

Ask for a restaurant or ask to be a Pokéstop Gym

5.- It includes discounts or prizes for players

Some restaurants are offering discounts between 10% and the 20% or gifts Pokémon for players.

For example, the restaurant chain Pita Pit gives customers a gift card 10$ If a Pokemon hunt in any of its restaurants and publish a photo with the hash #PitaPit.

The restaurant Wing Zone he gives you 10 free wings if you get a Pokémon in your restaurant and you publish it on Twitter with the hash #flavorholic. He Domu Sushi Bar gives you a free drink.

6.- Organizes an event or PokéParty

Other restaurants are creating events or celebrations around the Pokémon Craze, that they communicate through social networks.

Look at this example in the city of Chicago where he became interested 27.000 people and more than 12.000 They have confirmed their attendance.

Pokémon Go party in a restaurant

7.- It offers customized Pokémon themed drinks with your customers

There are many restaurants and hotels that are creating themed products related to gambling. He Godfrey hotel in the city of Chicago He has created a special cocktail called PokePotion leading blue vodka, pineapple, Strawberry, lychee and black tea, It served very cold thanks to Pokéball shaped ice including.

He Air hotel of the Hyatt chain, It offers its customers a drink called Pikachu, Mascot inspired game made with orange juice, grenadine, vodka Absolut y Red Bull.

inspired by Pikachu Cup

8.- It includes a plate, special dessert menu or the Pokémon theme

Some restaurants are including dishes on their menus or products related to the Pokémon theme. How is the restaurant Max Cover Garden en Londres You have created a menu including a series of giant shakes tematizados.

And I could not miss, the PokéPizza:

Little Pops y su PokePizzathe PokéSushi:

El PokeSushiAnd also the PokéDonuts:

Our culinary team got lured in…😉 (Just for fun, not in store! 🍩)

A photo published by Dunkin 'Donuts (@dunkindonuts) he

9.- Become a sponsor

It seems that in the future one of the ways to monetize the game will be making shops, restaurants, bars or cafes sponsors. At the moment it looks like this agreement is exclusively with hamburger chain McDonald's and it is expected shortly to launch its Asian restaurants, which will become Pokémons Gym. It is very likely that this campaign will move to other continents.

We are facing a new advertising model that is non-invasive and adds value to the user, more of 3.000 McDonald local gyms will become where players can fight battles and order food at the same time.

McDonald's plans to appeal to the players to prevent them from becoming a nuisance for customers who will taste a hamburger.

McDonald's plans to appeal to the players to prevent them from becoming a nuisance for customers who will taste a hamburger.In the very near future any restaurant can make a campaign in the game as sponsor.

10.- Regala or circumvents game-related gadgets

For players any physical element related to your Pokémon adventure is something highly valued. Some Restaurants are circumventing gadgets in exchange for drinks in the restaurant for such clients.

Here you have an idea that is sure to love, This is the Pokémon Go Plus, a device that connects to smartphone via Bluetooth and, an LED and vibration, notifies the events of the game player, as, for example, the appearance of a nearby Pokemon. further, players can catch Pokémons or perform other simple actions by simply pressing the button on the device.

The price is 39'99 € and you can buy directly from the Nintendo store:

 Pokémon Go More, a device that connects to smartphone via Bluetooth and, an LED and vibration, notifies the events of the game player, as, for example, the appearance of a nearby Pokemon. These are 10 ideas for restaurants that have a following game between the profiles of its customers to implement them in their establishments and catch these new consumers who value highly the fusion between the digital world that get in the game to face world through themed dining experiences…You have born PokéMarketing?

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    It is amazing how Pokémon Go has been involved in marketing management, restaurants about a new wave starts to permanently innovate, from creating new dishes, to the environment, without leaving behind the waiters who can interact wearing uniforms related to the world Pokémon, what do you said Diego began the era of Pokemárketing where “capture” pokemon one way or another binds the “capture” customers and supporters.

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