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10 controversial measures to come into force in 2016 in the restaurants


In these special days it seems to have been more pending elections, election campaigns and political parties of the holidays and, Nevertheless, cargadito New Year gift comes in the form of laws.

With the arrival of 2016 package will enter into force measures imposed by the European Commission and mandatory for all countries in the Eurozone that will directly affect the world of gastronomy and restaurants, among other areas.

Despite the controversial measures, They have passed completely unnoticed among most Spaniards, so we are obliged to put them relief.

Measures imposed by the European Commission in restaurants

1. Ban on red meat

He recent WHO study that brought out the red meat harmful to health, has set off alarm bells among health and nutritionists, an alert that translates into heavy restrictions for gastronomy. The most important and most bring with it consequences measure is a total ban on red meat in restaurants, something that will substantially modify our dining experience. In a country where red meat can be considered national heritage, restaurants will be forced to remove their cards products like entrecote, beef tenderloin and oxtail, among others.

2. Maximum capacity: 20 people

Another major focus of action of these measures focuses on the ability of local. The maximum capacity is twenty persons, regardless of the size of the local. If the establishment already has a lower capacity, the figure will not be modified. With this reduction in capacity It is to avoid the crowds at restaurants for security reasons, although large local becomes an issue waste of space.

3. limited to meals 45 minutes

Another of the things we will say goodbye to the desktop, entertaining for who performs but not for who hopes. The aforementioned maximum capacity of twenty people brings the need to limit the time of food to three quarters of an hour per table to make room for other customers.

4. No wine at dinner

To top it off with this, and you can not ask for a wine to drink with dinner. Ni tinto, nor white, or pink. Appealing to public safety, the wine stays out of our tables during the night-not so for the day-, in order to avoid accidents on the road. A strange decision, itself since it allows following dinners with other alcoholic beverages such as beer or cider.

5. Champagne toasts will, not with champagne

Maybe the customer for a surprise when you serve champagne instead of sparkling wine for the toast, and is that, the prohibition of cava in restaurants also comes with the new year. Catalan cava companies have already expressed their disagreement with a law they consider "a boycott of Catalonia from the central government" and asked to be kept on the margins "of political disputes that have nothing to do with the food market".

6. Salmonete, no, Thank you. You have to let it grow.

From 1 from January, The restaurant menus will not Mullet. The shortage has forced to curb fishing for this species verging on extinction, so we can not enjoy this fish in restaurants for a season.

7. Payment is always made and tip card will be mandatory

It ended up paying cash. Payment of meals card will be made to expedite the transaction and so say goodbye to the confusion in payments and changes. further, It is established in our country obligation to pay 10% plus the amount of the invoice for gratuity.

8. Figure goalkeeper toilet

With this law we will figure born goalkeeper toilet, a person dedicated exclusively to control access to the service to avoid unwanted lines and maintain hygiene, both local and customer own. A new occupation that has aroused the curiosity and ingenuity of social networks, where they have already dubbed "the retretero".

9. The garments in the kitchen will cotton

aprons, hats and other garments uniform use the kitchen staff should be exclusively cotton, thus avoiding other more plastic and less natural fabrics. Only the shoe is saved, whose material is not specified in the new law.

10. ¿Forced to turn off our mobile phones?

A measure that has aroused love and hate in equal parts is the possibility of limiting the use of mobile phones within establishments. At the moment it is an optional measure, restaurants so those wishing to apply for the license prohibiting the use of mobile devices may do so during the month of January.

Luckily today 28 December and this is a joke. Had you believed it? Happy April Fools Day!

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  1. I was getting nervous as I read it and thought “But where did this come from?”. I have stung completely ^^
    Life would no longer make sense with some of these measures!!!

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