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10 gourmet products you should try this summer


So is, Summer is here and now is the time to rest a few days or pack towards coastal lands to fill light for the rest of the year. Or also, can light fill your kitchen with these cool tips, casual and surprising that will have to talk if you share with your friends.

Indulge your vein foodie and delight with these gourmet products that will make you feel a sybarite first class.

10 gourmets products to test this summer

1.- Author potato chips

They become a must for any occasion and over the summer because they are perfect for snacking between dip and dip. Now with vegetables and baked, plus a little healthier, you will find new varieties.

2.- Mango sauces, Guacamole, Pico de gallo ...

DIP sauces devastate during the summer and are one of the culinary trends of this year. It is impossible to resist not finish the terrine with a crunchy nachos. Its origin dates from Latin countries according to the latest data accessed, the production of these elaborate doubles if football game or good weather. Continue with tradition.

3.- Mombasa Strawberry Edition

If it was fashionable before the classic gintonic, now you is the turn of fruit flavored gins. In this case, of strawberry. gins very pink perfect for summer. You can not miss in booking your bartender!

4.- Chivite The Pink Houses

A pink unusual varieties made with garnacha and tempranillo. The signs put two large industry: Chivite, large producer of quality wines; and chef Juan Mari Arzak, a lover of pink wines.

5.- author of chocolates

In a list of gourmet products, can not miss the chocolates. Now on the occasion that you can not miss a nice sweet snack when we go to the beach. Armagnac, crunchy, almonds, hazelnuts,... or more curious flavors such as cola.

6.- Flavored waters

Strawberry water, mango lemonade, Green tea with ginger,… refreshing and healthy tips, If you are someone you take you split table operation bikini.

7.- detox juices

They became fashionable in the US several years ago by the Celebritis to exit the gym, but also, during mornings to cleanse the body and replenish the vitamins and minerals.

They are easy to make, mixed vegetables and fruits. Cabbage and celery should not miss in the beverage because its sugar content is low.

8.- Ice cream molds

Marco Polo was the one who took Italy the recipe and tradition of good ice cream. Hence the worldwide fame. Let yourself go and prepare amazing Fruit water polo, slush or ice in a few minutes and different forms because of the variety of molds.

9.- A touch of color to your table

The summer is light, beach and fun, and these three keys must transmit them on your table. It incorporates colorful dishes with hints of summer or more casual designs perfect to eat in the garden or outdoor.

10.- Ice coolers. It's possible!

Now the cava can also enjoy ice, in glass ball, and you can even mix it with your own selection of seasonal fruits in the case of recently submitted Freixenet ICE. A wine made in the O.D. Cava following the traditional method of secondary fermentation in bottle. No need to go to France to take good sparkling!

gourmets products to be the last

Following this list get the latest information on new dining experiences. If you're a foodie well and you connected with your followers through RRSS, You can share these experiences with them.

On the other hand, If you're in front of a restaurant or hotel business, It includes some of these ideas in your offer For this summer, sure it fits perfectly into your restaurant.

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  1. Very good considerations on gourmet eating!! More and more people decide to opt for this type of product both for special occasions and for day-to-day life.. We love them, especially with the taste of the north.

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