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10 reasons why a restaurant should be on Pinterest


Pinterest, With Instagram, It is the social network of image and photography par excellence. For both stayed with the same face we put nice when we were going to take the picture first communion. "A picture is worth a thousand words" or "Eating through the eyes" are two phrases that fit perfectly with Pinterest and its relationship with restaurants.

And it is that as scientifically proven, only see a dish of delicious food we are whets the appetite. For this reason nine more, restaurants and social network of Ben Silbermann are condemned to understand.

1.- You are you and your images

Paraphrasing Ortega y Gasset, the value of the image is incalculable social networks. And in the case of options and restaurants, plus. RRSS open our accounts just before eating can make one will open the stomach or change his mind at the last minute on where to eat. One of the best qualities you have options for restaurants is that it allows create boards with a click of a mouse menus and so users can choose dish even before you go. If to this we add photos of the decor of the room, a legion of users hooked to the board will.

2.- How to say no to 100 millions of potential customers?

At business plan all restaurant is analyzed in detail the neighborhood and the people walking around looking for what to offer to fit. Pinterest's the same. It's hard to say no to a potential market 100 millions of potential customers, but Let's search, analyze and carry out what and how a strategy that spot with the likes of users.

3.- A target very, but very similar.

Pinterest and catering sector have more in common than at first moment one can believe. One is the target audience. In the social network capital P, the user profile is people with studies, an upper-middle class and an age between 25 and the 45 years who does not mind spending on leisure. Just the kind of public craved for restaurants.

4.- SEO, SEO and SEO.

The SEO is on the lips of everyone. A Materia online, It has become the Holy Grail and social networks are a goldmine for it. Add the link to the web, include in each and every of the pins a description using keywords, wisely choose the name of the boards and titles or add buttons to facilitate pin it are just a few tips that our reputation will increase online.

5.- Long live the pin and repin.

While Facebook or Twitter raw immediacy, Pinterest our images last longer. The average life of a Facebook post is 90 minutes, while a pin can lengthen its life cycle to three and a half months. Another big difference with other networks, is that the 80% content options are repines. In other words, the viralización content is spectacular and with it, interaction with other.

6.- Main feature fidelity user.

One of the data by Pinterest chest out against other social networks it is that its users are loyal and spend time surfing boards. An average of 15 minutes is the duration of each visit by a user.

7.- Pinterest loves food.

When you open the web or app Pinterest most images are lies one food. Why not monetize putting pictures of succulent dishes that stimulate appetite? With food (almost 20% the pins are on food and drinks), thematic more present on the boards are DIY, decor, holidays, beauty and fashion.

8.- He Ecommerce y Pinterest, a cute courtship.

The food delivery has become in recent years one of the major markets explode (Just Eat, Deliveroo, the former Red Fridge ...). If you join this trend to the fact that Pinterest is a social network with better percentage of purchases (almost to he 40% users have purchased something they have seen on the boards), the cocktail can be perfect. Only need to open the shaker and enjoy.

9.- Source of inspiration.

Pinterest's grace lies not only in “to talk about our book”, but also in cotillear and take note of what they do in our industry peers.

10.- Mola claim to be the last.

The last reason that a restaurant should be on Pinterest is like claim to be the latest in technology, the truth. Although, yes, not worth to be just, but we must keep and care.

About the Author

Journalist because of Julio Ruiz and Disco Grande de RNE3. After passing through cultural programs in Onda Madrid and AS Journal, way to my first five years in the sector gastronomic communication, with a special eye on the use of social networks and gourmet restaurants. Rock & Goal as a lifestyle.


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