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10 digital trends to watch in 2017 in the restaurant industry


We reached the end of an exciting year in the restaurant industry where every day we have met with new proposals and innovative ideas in order to get a better customer experience.

Major cities around the world have become a hotbed of new culinary offerings and new restaurants, they are competing to become the new world culinary epicenter, definitely, the food is trendy… ¡Food is a New Religion!

We must think about innovation and technology, as key levers that allow us to create sustainable businesses in the hospitality sector and that respond to the new demands of a global marketplace and complex.

The consumer customer experience has become in a few years, devices and digital channels have altered the relationship between customers and restaurants, already they converge where factly face elements with digital elements.

We must think about the innovation and technology, as key levers that create sustainable businesses within the hospitality industry and give response to the new demands of an increasingly global market and more complex.

Therefore, I would like to review the 10 technology trends that we must take into account the year 2017 if we climb on the train of innovation and differentiate in a market increasingly competitive.

Digital Trends for restaurants 2017

1.- Food delivery

Maybe is the world's fastest growing trend in the last two years, protected by a technological revolution that for the first time allows restaurants are now going to customers.

The hotelier must think that the physical space of the restaurant is no longer a constraint to growth, Restaurants far have always put the context in customer experience, Now is the client who chooses the context where you want to enjoy your experience.

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2.- Commitment to Mobile

The relationship between the restaurant and the customer materializes increasingly on mobile devices, the client accesses where and when you want relevant information about restaurants, It is allowing you to make your decision through these applications.

We must develop information channels and digital positioning that allow us be relevant in this new environment which it has already become a priority and a favorite of our customers.

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3.- Big data

Access to large amounts of data must lead us to build intelligent restaurants, who are able to analyze the information obtained through digital environments in order to meet our customers, create better experiences, and even predict and anticipate the needs of these.

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4.- ChatBots

The conversation via mobile devices becomes new way to navigate and access information from users. The chatbots let you apply artificial intelligence to structured conversations between the customer and the restaurant.

Apply usual techniques of conversation through platforms such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger will be a new challenge for the restaurant industry.

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5.- Internet of things

Dispositives, machines and applications that today are part of the structure necessary for the operation of a restaurant, connected directly to the Internet, what They allow us to be more efficient with our resources and optimize the management of our business.

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6.- Mobile payment

No one doubts that every time cash payment in restaurants is less frequent, mainly those with a medium or high ticket. This transition to the virtual money is to enshrine the payment through different mobile applications led by technology companies with financial institutions that will cause an increase in this type of transaction in restaurants.

A payment much faster, much safer and you It allows the restaurant to track all digital traceability of customer purchase process to get much information from this key moment in your dining experience.

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7.- Virtual reality

Perhaps it is the subject where less digital development has occurred within the restaurant industry. Virtual reality at an early stage we will allow to know virtually move and restaurants without moving physically.

In the future we will be able to enrich the experience cuisine of our customers including visual perceptions of a high-impact client never experienced previously.

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8.- Live broadcasts

It is without a doubt the content that has revolutionized social networks in the 2016 and will continue to grow exponentially in the 2017. Most digital channels already have a utility that allows broadcast live; Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat are some of the most relevant.

This new utility directly impacts restaurants, allowing owners or teams show and tell in real time processes, your dishes or your work environment, and customers broadcast and share live for the first time in his experience.

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9.- Online Reputation

Management comments, opinions and criticisms or digital form part of the normal routine more and more restaurants that have understood that it is a fundamental element in positioning and digital relevance, allowing them to attract and retain many of their new clients.

All this information we are getting from the experiences of our customers should serve to reaffirm what they value positively and as an opportunity to improve those other aspects not so satisfactory for them.

Online reputation needs to be provided from the duality of the public part, containing able to change the decision of users in their inspiration phase, but also from the private part, as a necessary content to confirm, improvable actions and modify those elements internally on site.

we must not forget the complexity and causing enormous skill for restaurants managing customer expectations, a new challenge we face caused by the large amount of information they get customers in digital environments and restaurants undoubtedly conditions as these are facing their experience.

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10.- Digitization of the senses

At 2016 we have seen timidly some proposals that try digitally invade the world of the senses in restaurants, allowing us to smell or taste some foods through technological devices. This is one of the most exciting challenges and insurance industry in the year 2017 We see amazing new proposals in this regard.

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What is certain is that we will alert all digital and technological proposals that appear in this world, with a goal that excites us all who are part of this digital newspaper, the innovations of the sector and counting…Stay tuned!

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