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10 trends to continue in 2015 Social Media restauranting


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We face a very important year in the process of digital transformation of the restaurant industry, where there is an element that I personally am sure will be key in this 2015.

For the first time, the sector, mainly it begins to assume that the experience that demands your client and not only is offline, but more and more technology and online components that strongly influence their satisfaction and that it, definitely, It is demanding a fusion between the face and digital to ensure excellence of the process.

Some of the major trends to follow in the 2015 they will be the following:

1.- Video as essential online content

Content consumption on smartphones and tablets has revolutionized the market, each time the user accesses more through these devices considered interesting content. Restaurants will have to generating audiovisual content, if they want to increase their visibility on these devices.

But the novelty, It is that the video is not only growing in specialized platforms such content, as they are, Youtube o Vimeo, but the great growth expected this kind of content this year will be in the more global social networks like Facebook, Twitter o Linkedin.

further, and not only we discuss views, but in many cases will be interactive videos, allowing the user to perform actions.

2.- The scope of publications will pay

We all know that the trend of recent years in the major social networks and especially Facebook, is limit the scope of organic publications.

More and more social networks that are going to join this trend, Thus, the conclusion is clear, our strategy can no longer rely solely on organic scope of our publications.

In Spain, for some months now we can promote our content on Twitter and soon it is expected to Instagram, belonging to Facebook, I also made a promotion system similar ads.

The key will be able to segment our audience to get a return on our investment achieved based on conversions.

3.- Global reputation management online

There can be no more data to indicate the importance of online reputation It has on decisions made by customers when choosing a restaurant, the great challenge facing the sector this year, is being able to manage all that value from at least two strategies, the internal, through active listening on digital channels to improve customer experience and from the external, making the customer satisfied at best marketer restaurant through its recommendations, Reviews online.

Eye because online reputation is beginning to diversify, no longer focuses only on specific portals like Tripadvisor or Yelp reviews, but Restaurant customers increasingly using social networks like Twitter, Facebook or Instagram to move your opinion, even from the restaurant itself during the consumption of the product. We'll have to manage and monitor this content, if we give a quality response to the new technological customer.

4.-Technology is the great ally of mobility for restaurants

Every time the movement is more important in the restaurant industry, but I understood from the global.

Mobility food, home services as innovative as a drone capable of carrying a pizza.

Employee mobility, What do they use segway to overcome the distances between the restaurant and the terrace.

Customer mobility, through ads in AdWords where and not just a restaurant touted at a discount, but the possibility that a totally free customer pick car and bring it to the restaurant.

Own mobility restaurants, through reaffirms a trend across Europe as they are Restaurants ephemeral pop up, every so often settle in one place.

5.-Technology will continue attempted to invade the gastronomic stage

As sometimes I mentioned in my lectures, a technology only has left a stage invasion, is the phase gastronomic the consumer, He has already conquered the stage of inspiration and stage reputation.

The market will give us constates proposals technological substitution of the consumption stage, from waiters robots replacing humans, food printers are capable of doing amazing dishes, cooks robots that make a breakneck speed hamburgers or Chinese noodles, interactive tables with which we communicate,.etc.

6.-The online content must humanize the relationship with customers

He 2014 It has shown that generating relevant content It is the key to getting a related community in social settings.

There are many restaurants that continue to generate own promotional content belonging to the traditional model of advertising, they have to understand that having a good product or a good service is no longer a sufficient competitive element, it is necessary to generate conversations with customers and build a relationship of trust with them in digital environments.

7.-Social conversions converted into reserves or food orders.

One of the things we will begin to see through the various social networks are direct conversions for hospitality businesses, so far what we did we were make traceability of the process to bring him to our web social networks and from there the conversion is made.

Now the process has been simplified and in many cases we find that conversion directly on the social network itself, that is to say, Lets go buy, book order food en Facebook Twitter, creating a better customer experience and being able to measure the performance of the same.

8.-Mobile payments are now a reality

There is no doubt that mobile devices are becoming more used by restaurant patrons, but the big trend this year will be the growing number of mobile payment in these establishments.

In the United States is already a reality thanks to Apple Pay, Besides the first data of the customer experience are very positive.

It's a great opportunity for the sector, as the huge financial competition will cause a decrease in commissions, not too long they will be virtually free, and customers a great opportunity to choose the platform they want to pay based on the value provided by the same.

9.- The big data allow us to analyze the sector in a different way

The data analysis is one of the big keys to the coming years, and not only we will focus on the creation and organization of data, now comes into play a fundamental element, descriptive and predictive analysis for decision-making in the sector.

We know what is the price that people are willing to pay for a particular dish in a city, the trend of gastronomic tastes, detect restaurants that do not meet basic hygiene measures, establish patterns of service, prices or brands, and many more things that will help the sector become more efficient.

10.- Internet of things

We will begin to see not only the people are those who use Internet connections, the objects will be able to connect to the Internet independently.

Millions of objects connected to the Internet, certainly, they will have a huge impact on the restaurant industry, where we know cases like that telepizza pressing a button we are able to order a pizza or covered with a salad we eat or any dish are able to analyze it and send to our mobile information about the calories.

We must be very attentive to this 2015 where the technological transformation of the restaurant industry will have a very important turning point.

But to finish, I would like to recall that despite all these advances, never forget that the online success of a restaurant is always a result of excellence offline.

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