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10 Google Plus uses for a restaurant


For several days you can create Company pages Google Plus, Now you can have page of your restaurant in this new social network that has started very strongly and that now exceeds forty million users. Here I leave the video presentation:

Before entering my analysis of the utilities that this network can bring to the restaurant industry, I confess that Google Plus is one of my favorite social networks, in which I find, I contribute and share content varied, getting a lot of interaction with other users, in fact, with the short time of life that has this social network I managed to overcome 2.000 people who have added me to their circles. If you also want agregarme click on the link below.

I waited a few days to write this post because I have been analyzing the initial version Google Plus presents and studying the possible uses and utilities you may have for restaurants.

Restaurants and Google+

From all this I've taken 10 opportunities that I think can be very interesting and I happened to mention to:

1.- Communicate and share with customers differently:

By Hangouts or meetups we may have a new tool to communicate with our current and potential customers in an authentic way, direct and different. Giving Face and showing the human side of our restaurant, for example, presenting a new dish or menu, providing customer service, talking to them and resolving doubts or questions, even getting reservations through this new channel.

2.- Get new customers and new experiences:

We need to be creative and imaginative content of our restaurant on Google Plus, thus we will get more users include us in their circles, and certain that a percentage of these users will become final customers, transferring their experience to social networks and achieving a more credible message.

This is the welcome image that has been created in page of the restaurant El Rancho Madrid, If you want to see your page by clicking on it:

3.- Customer segmentation:

One of the most interesting things is that your Google Plus circles system allows a lot of interesting uses by segmenting, pudiendolo used for personal or professional use at a time, We can also differentiate the types of customers, and send information or personalized content as is the recipient of the message. For example, an event we could communicate our best customers or give any special inducement to those users who do not decide to go to the restaurant, Applications can be infinite.

4.- As a professional intranet:

Google Plus, other social networks, also it creates no public or private pages, can use it as a professional intranet restaurant with your team to share information on common or among its members. You can also give access to your most significant suppliers, can place orders or exchange information in real time and even make a private page with other restaurants to share ideas or information that provides value to all participants.

5.- Search, monitoring and participation:

Through the search engine Google Plus, which it is at the top of the page, we can know what we are talking about our restaurant and track, It is a very valuable information for any owner or manager. In addition you can search for content that might interest you to participate and energize, by tracking market trends and make it known so that new users will include in their circles.

6.- Interviews with candidates:

Google Plus is a perfect channel to launch job and get new employees for your restaurant, but with an added value very interesting, and that through hangouts can hangots or online interviews candidates without displacement.

7.- Share multimedia content in real time:

Google Plus lets you share all types of content in different formats in real time, in the case of the restaurant they could take pictures of the last dishes embodied in the Charter, videos with the preparation of a special dessert, or show the daily life of what happens in the restaurant, We can even be used as tester of a new gastronomic proposal before throwing and see how our fans respond. The possibilities are immense content to move our restaurant to this social network.

8.-The great challenge is integration:

The difference that Google Plus has against any other social network is certainly the large number of services that have, We all know gmail, docs, reader, youtube, etc. and we're seeing Google's bet on Google Plus and its integration is clear, direct and definitive. This integration will make Google Plus in a very comprehensive and very useful tool, not only in social, also in management, management and control, elements necessary for any restaurant.

We must not forget two elements that will enhance the use of Google Plus, on the one hand its mobile application that allows us to share content anywhere we meet, without being in front of the computer screen and, on the other hand, the development of applications that are certain to meet specific needs of the restaurant industry, although today this issue is only focused on games.


Trasladas content to social networks is becoming increasingly important and relevant, I never tire of repeating in my lectures and courses. Although there are still doubts about how it will influence the content of Google Plus in positioning right now, I am sure that in the near future will be of great importance, allowing users and customers can find your restaurant.

The competition is in search engine visibility is very fierce, and we must take full advantage, sure the content you post or share on Google Plus will have a higher weighting in their other search engine.

10.- perfect complement to your Social Media Restauranting:

As it could be demonstrated in the study that I published on this blog a few weeks ago entitled “Social networks cause the restaurant patrons eat and spend more”, It is vital to place Google Plus within a global strategy, that combines the on-line with off-line and within the latter, generating a diversification in the different networks we can use, twitter, facebook, youtube, a blog, etc.

Customers increasingly closer to social networks to make the decision that restaurant will choose and are demanding an active and true presence of the restaurants in them and often with a differential value for participating in content, if the restaurant is capable of knowing how to use Social Capital will become in the future and turn it into Economic Capital.

I do not want to end this post without sharing two aspects that I think are important for those restaurants who are thinking of starting your activity on Google Plus.

On the one hand the announcement of NO PROMOTIONS, NO CONTESTS has launched Google Plus in its content policy, I leave here the text :

You may not run contests, raffles, offers, coupons or similar promotions ("Promotion") directly to your Google+ page. You can display a link on your Google+ Page to a separate site where your Promotion is hosted, whenever you (and no Google) you are solely responsible for your Promotion and for compliance with all laws, national standards and regulations, regional and local jurisdictions where it is offered or promoted your promotion.

Although they can not be run promotions directly on Google Plus pages if possible link promotions that you make to your website or outside this social network.

And finally, some of the most outstanding features of Google Plus :

  • A user can interact with a page in two ways, give the +1 page sign that you liked or include it in their circles.
  • Pages can only include a user in their circles, If this has done first.
  • You can only mention a user in your circles.
  • If a user deletes the page from your circles, the page will automatically do the same.
  • The search for a page in Google is performed by the symbol “+” and then the brand name.

Google+ has launched an official guide that teaches us to create, share, promote and measure the impact of our pages. Do not miss it, click on this link…See you on Google Plus!

Official Guide to pages Google Plus Company


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