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10 videos that demonstrate that the technology will be key in the future of restaurants


Very recently I published in this blog post titled “Technology try to invade the classroom processes restaurants”, in which he shared a reflection on my vision of the process of digitizing restaurants is their classroom stages.

To reaffirm this argument I have made a compilation of 10 videos that show this growing trend by technology become a substitute or supplement physical working in restaurants.

1.- “Barobot” It is a robot that prepares cocktails


2.- The restaurant does not have future employees

3.-“Hole” an intelligent robot designed for restaurants

4.- In Bangkok Hajime Robot Restaurant provides its service through a robot to the beat of music

5.- The digital tables replacing the waiters in the pizzeria

6.- A restaurant in Japan that works without staff

7.- Robots in China preparing food

8.- They deliver a pizza with a drone

9.- A robot that prepares pancakes with very sophisticated ways

10.- Hand-robot that is capable of emplatar

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