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100 ideas to improve content on social networks a restaurant


What is the content suitable for restaurants to seduce his followers in social networks? This is the question that all those responsible for social media a restaurant are made every day in order to find the best content to be able to attract the attention of your digital community, engage more followers, arouse their curiosity and to convince them to decide to visit and taste our dishes.

Therefore we have prepared a list 100 ideas so that your content strategy will help you in dealing with your community, to interact digitally with your brand, to get more followers and cause them to become customers.

If you need some inspiration for new content to publish on social media profiles of your business, Pay attention to this collection, sure you is very useful.

A.- Carte menu:

  1. Share the menu or the letter of your restaurant
  2. Make recommendations for new dishes
  3. It presents in a video the popular dishes of your letter
  4. If you offer gluten-free menu options, please report your followers
  5. Share information about your restaurant allergens
  6. Communicates menu options for vegetarians
  7. Options low calorie or low-fat menus
  8. Share menus special occasions like Valentine, Christmas, etc.
  9. conducts surveys, calls for new suggestions to include in the letter
  10. Reports seasonal items within the letter
  11. Promote your favorite beverage customers
  12. Performs actions on the different types of coffee or teas that have
  13. do likewise, on special drinks or ales
  14. Public networks creative and funny pictures of your letter
  15. Vindicates the ingredients locally sourced
  16. We must promote if we use ingredients from exotic origins
  17. Share your most popular recipes of dishes
  18. If you have any food or drink only, brand house, dales role
  19. It provides nutritional information of the dishes that make up your menu
  20. Perform special promotions leaning on dates or ephemeris calendar
  21. B.- Offers and promotions:

  22. Make deals that are only available in your restaurant to encourage visits
  23. Promote your loyalty program
  24. Make promotions to revive the hours or shifts little activity
  25. C.- Contests:

  26. Encourages interaction with your community with contests
  27. Contests with gifts for your followers are infallible
  28. Forces having to go to the restaurant to pick up the gift
  29. D.- Be sustainable and solidarity:

  30. Make it known that you carry out sustainable trade and business practices
  31. Share recycling programs and re-use you implement
  32. It involves customers linked to good practices of your business
  33. Vindicates supporting charities and non-profit
  34. Create special days with the team to support the community
  35. Share revenue from the sale of a dish to help an NGO
  36. E.- Events and Groups:

  37. Shares and publicizes your menus for special events
  38. Supports local events on your social networks
  39. Customized experiences for groups, birthday, goodbyes, etc
  40. Reports of sporting events you can follow in your restaurant
  41. Sign up in 10Restaurantes.com to capture customer groups
  42. F.- Present your restaurant:

  43. Share the story of your restaurant
  44. With good pictures of the inner and outer
  45. Highlights the unique features of the restaurant
  46. It records the kitchen, It is the best way to meet your business
  47. Promote your restaurant through customer opinions or comments
  48. It introduces your suppliers and quality assurance
  49. G.- customers:

  50. It gives relevance to user-generated content, This is pure engagement
  51. Re-published photos that share your customers enjoying their food
  52. Answers customer reviews, good and bad
  53. Nourish your youtube channel with videos of satisfied customers
  54. Post photos of famous customers or popular
  55. Interview your customers
  56. H.- Special digital actions:

  57. Get your mail client, It will be helpful for your marketing strategy
  58. Suggests to customers that think on platforms like TripAdvisor
  59. Promote your blog. If you do not have, It's time to start one
  60. Minimizes the loading time of your website and improves SEO
  61. Traffic and is mobile, Create a mobile website or app
  62. Informs and shares of other social platforms that participate
  63. I.- Tips for the team and restaurant staff:

  64. Introduce your team on social networks
  65. Staff Recommendations They are the ones who know the menu!
  66. Employee of the Month, dale recognition and visibility
  67. Share group events staff members
  68. Brand support by employees
  69. Make weekly team meetings to share comments online
  70. Reports staffing needs or jobs
  71. J.- Ideas for videos:

  72. Video restaurant in full operation
  73. Video and commenting chef preparing the best recipes
  74. Computer video showing a good atmosphere at work
  75. Making Off or "behind the scenes". A lot engagement and people love
  76. K.- several content:

  77. Tells anecdotes that you wish people knew Restaurant
  78. Share awards or awards received
  79. It monitors news feed in which the restaurant is named
  80. Asked what he likes your client in one word
  81. Share content mood, memes like a lot
  82. Good practices or examples of other restaurants
  83. Creates and promotes own #hastags
  84. Reports on conditions of reservations
  85. Share inspirational quotes. The day you do not know to put 😉
  86. Disseminates data or your relevant statistics restaurants, Lean on the Big Data
  87. Promotes gastronomic tourism in the area
  88. Frequently asked questions and answers created a section on the web
  89. Launches sales campaign merchandising your restaurant
  90. announces new services delivery or collected at restaurant
  91. Report your digital advances, digital letter, mobile payment, etc
  92. Invites bloggers and influencers to meet and visit your restaurant
  93. Attracts geolocalizándote customer proximity at different sites
  94. Welcomes new employees, Restaurant suppliers or partners
  95. also shares the content on Google+, positions you
  96. Create campaigns in different Social networking Ads
  97. Send at least one newsletter per month to your customers
  98. Partner with booking portals to increase them
  99. Send with menus to carry discount coupons
  100. Create infographics to explain the processes of your restaurant
  101. It offers customer service via twitter
  102. Post on social networking availability of tables for bookings
  103. Respond to customer feedback
  104. It creates or contributes a e-book to help your customers
  105. Appreciates the support of your community, clearly tell
  106. Post news or relevant industry data
  107. Share content from third parties
  108. Diversifies channels, text, Photographs, video… the possibilities are endless
  109. Remember that less is more, always content quality versus quantity
  110. Read daily news DiegoCoquillat.com 😉

To end, We have prepared a checklist one formato PDF with these 100 marketing ideas to enhance the content of a restaurant in social networks all members #ClubDiegoCoquillat they can download by clicking the image below:

About the Author

Article by the editorial team of DiegoCoquillat.com. It has professionals both in the field of hospitality, gastronomy and tourism, and new technologies and innovation.



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