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100 reasons to use twitter in a restaurant


By the end My conference in León a guy approached me to congratulate very warmly, He told me he had a restaurant and I had finally understood the importance of social networks for business, I thanked her thing.

Shortly afterwards he asked me to materialize some reasons to use twitter at his restaurant, unfortunately the hall where we were had to close and did not have time.

Use twitter in a restaurant

To board the train to return, I wrote this list, with the hope that it will be useful to him and to everyone who wants to know more about Social Media Restauranting :

  1. Because your customers are.
  2. That is your competition.
  3. To generate an active dialogue with your customers and followers.
  4. To humanize and bring your restaurant to everyone who wants to meet you.
  5. To provide an outstanding offer in your letter or menu.
  6. To report events, shows, wine tasting, etc.
  7. To share pictures restaurant, dishes, Banquet, etc.
  8. To report special opening or closing times.
  9. To test new products before adding them to your menu or menu.
  10. To tell your customers that you put the soccer game.
  11. Orders for home delivery.
  12. To report the availability of tables breaking your customers.
  13. To search for new suppliers or products.
  14. To launch games, contests, surveys, etc.
  15. To track your competition.
  16. To share updates and upgrades on your website.
  17. To test a variation in the prices of your letter.
  18. To invite other chefs to cook in your restaurant.
  19. To make a menu or a dish with the tips of your followers.
  20. To build a brand with differentiated and authentic values, that soft!.
  21. To communicate with your employees, as an intranet.
  22. To socialize your restaurant.
  23. To generate a user community and interact with them.
  24. To generate business that directly affects your trading account.
  25. To value your restaurant through the recommendations of the experience of your customers.
  26. To detect trends in the sector that can be implemented before others.
  27. To participate in debates or dynamic content industry.
  28. To follow conferences or industry events using hashtags.
  29. Restaurant to consolidate values ​​that allow you to have a better solvency in times of crisis.
  30. To listen to your community and learn.
  31. Because the Rt's knowing your twits you can intuit the success of your content.
  32. For a real-time response.
  33. To assess and track the opinions and recommendations of your customers.
  34. As a perfect complement to your overall strategy 2.0.
  35. For networking and contact with industry professionals.
  36. To generate relevant content and improve your restaurant positioning on major search engines.
  37. To receive reminders twitter something important for your restaurant.
  38. To achieve popularity in the industry and reputation online.
  39. To geotag your activity to your closest customers.
  40. To link content from other social networks you use.
  41. To promote press releases.
  42. To segment your content based on your target customer.
  43. To retweet customer feedback on twitter and multiply the effect speaker.
  44. To get reservations for your restaurant, how? -> DM(day, hour, diners).
  45. To send orders to suppliers.
  46. To enter an appointment in your calendar an event restaurant twitter.
  47. You have your restaurant terrace? To find out how long it will do for twitter.
  48. To reward those customers who are more involved in your community of followers.
  49. For your customers to request any special service, a flower on the table, a birthday cake, etc.
  50. To send a personalized invitation to your clients before an event at the restaurant.
  51. To send a twit to your customer after your meal, thanking them for their assistance and ask how satisfied.
  52. To tell a customer how to get to the restaurant.
  53. To inform your customers of special services or products, set menu for celiacs or diabetics, accessibility for disabled, etc.
  54. To send the box or economic summary of the day to your partner or your gestoría.
  55. To inform your customers that the restaurant is full and prevent shifting.
  56. To alert the computer that Saturday night no lights TPV.
  57. To inform you already have a seasonal dish.
  58. To promote a gastronomic in the restaurant.
  59. To save costs on mobile communication.
  60. To not lose a customer, always available.
  61. To an event, to warn of the arrival of guests and all staff are prepared.
  62. Twitteras to participate in hangouts and to recommend your restaurant.
  63. To report work shifts to employees.
  64. To receive news in the hospitality industry.
  65. To have an excuse and buy the last SmartPhone ;-).
  66. to train you, Twitter is perfect to understand the philosophy of tools 2.0, Simple and effective.
  67. To create alliances and synergies with other restaurants.
  68. To inform a client of the area to park or the nearest parking to the restaurant.
  69. If you belong to a franchise, to be connected to other restaurants and the central.
  70. To tell your friend that you bring change and ice…hehe.
  71. To recommend the dish or wine of the week or month.
  72. To put a screen and follow your TimeLine and your customers can interact directly from the restaurant.
  73. To manage change or cancel bookings made by your customers.
  74. To write your personal notes.
  75. To find out my new post on Social Media Restauranting ;-).
  76. To confirm the attendance of your customers.
  77. To launch useful tips and recommendations to your customers about the restaurant.
  78. Because you can measure your results and your influence online.
  79. Because it allows you to segment your content.
  80. Because it lets you unfollow people who do not bring you anything.
  81. To tweet your blog post.
  82. Do you know that many drivers already carry twitter? Tip a taxi to a customer.
  83. As support or customer in the restaurant.
  84. To alerts the @policia, if you need.
  85. To strengthen your public relations through twitter.
  86. To find new versions or add-ons or software applications you use in the restaurant.
  87. To test new services before anyone.
  88. To turn your logo into an avatar and the name of your restaurant, beginning with a "@".
  89. Because it lets you know that restaurants are famous.
  90. To be connected with your security company.
  91. To customize and present your employees by twitter.
  92. To calculate the Roi.
  93. To send a twit to @ antena3com and read it on the news Matias Prats.
  94. To be authentic, different and unique in your communication.
  95. To listen, participate and learn.
  96. To score you command and send them to kitchen. (prediction)
  97. Tell a waiter, ask the account and pay via twitter. (prediction)
  98. to excite, to feel and to share.
  99. because mola, because so cool and have fun.
  100. …and much more 😉

If you have any reason more, do not hesitate to send it by twitter @diegocoquillat or leave a comment in this post…Thank you!

Plus : Aportación de los lectores

101. Para que los clientes te citen en las fotos que tuitean

102. Para tuitear con geolocalización tu menú del día bajo el HT #MenuDelDia




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