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“10Restaurants is the leading web events and groups for restaurants”. Interview with Paula Canepa, Director of Communications


In times of first communions, weddings or any other event, must book early for a good restaurant to celebrate this unique occasion. But, no longer it has to be such a big deal because there is a web that makes choosing the right place and organization: 10Restaurantes.es

Maite Morell, for example, It is the agradecidísima 10Restaurantes.es. Through this page, He could be the perfect hostess in such an important day. “I want to thank the whole team because you have helped us my daughter enjoy the happiest day of his life”, He wrote on the web to give testimony. And as Morell, one million diners have already gone through this web in which They have been published 20 thousand events, It is used by two thousand restaurants to celebrate different occasions.

But, What is it 10Restaurantes.es and how he was born? Paula Canepa, Director of Communications, who intervened in the #teatrodigital coordinated by @diegocoquillat in #expohip2018, explained that “10Restaurantes.es is the leading website in Spain that connects users who want to hold an event with restaurants looking customers for an event ".

Introducing the item 'How to increase sales of a restaurant with groups and events', He noted that "the philosophy of 10Restaurantes.es It is to help restaurants build a direct relationship with customers to make them easier to organize an event ". In this sense, He is representing a highlighted Business Opportunity 30 million euros for restaurants.

QUESTION.- What assumptions lead to creating this channel?

ANSWER.- 10Restaurantes.es born of the customer needs and restaurants. The problem is that customers have to spend time and make an effort to find restaurants and customized proposals that suit your needs. And the problem restaurants do not have information channels and marketing to find customers who offer their services for events.

P.- How does it work 10Restaurantes.es?

R.- The client sends its request full details of the celebration who wants to prepare. You must provide data that will be keys to make your search a success and can find the best option to suit your needs.

All this information comes to restaurants that meet the profile that this customer demand. From that moment, he Restaurant contacts the client directly without any further intervention by 10Restaurantes.

The customer and the restaurant chatting to reach agreement on all the details of the celebration. Our platform supports them and bridge to facilitate the achievement of its objectives.

P.- What are the keys or reasons why customers use 10Restaurantes.es?

R.- Customers use us because:

  • It is the easiest and fastest way to get information and proposals restaurants for an event.
  • It is a modern and innovative way to connect with the restaurant that allows you talk directly to the customer.
  • Is the customized environment and suitable only where they receive proposals and information tailored to the needs of your event.
  • It is a channel to meet new restaurants in your area.

P.- What has been the feedback obtained by customers they have used 10Restaurantes.es to organize an event?

R.- He 95% our customers' opinion that seems very useful, 97% will again use, 98% I will recommend, Y 79% You have chosen a restaurant through 10Restaurantes.es, as recently collected indicators.

P.- What reasons or benefits for using argue restaurants 10Restaurantes.es?

R.- We state that is only, because through 10Restaurantes.es access to the largest digital database of customers looking restaurants for events and customer groups.

Likewise, What is it direct because they manage directly contact those customers who want to celebrate the event at their restaurant.

And finally, a very powerful reason, What is it profitable, since the events are the most lucrative market niche within the services offered by the hospitality industry. In fact, there are restaurants that survive or subsist thanks to events. further, if a restaurant gets the event, no fees, the total amount is for the restaurant.

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