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11 Apps to stay with good taste during a trip


When you're in your city it is not always easy to remember "that bar which had a great bravas" or "that restaurant where we ate so well this time". Nevertheless, when you step out of your comfort zone You're sold to the recommendations that make you or restaurants you come across on your way.

This, in the digital age we live in can be avoided, as There are different platforms that try to organize our visits, both in Spain and abroad, to always be done with good taste.

Of course we have the archiconocidas opinion platforms: TripAdvisor, My Cloud, ElTenedor, Foursquare, Yelp and similar. We've all used one of these pages to help locate good restaurants nearby, even in our own city, but I'm sure I can here you can discover yourself some App that suits more to what you need when hunger strikes in unfamiliar places.

Applications to discover new restaurants while traveling

This application, available for both Android and iOS, is a small compass points of interest. AroundMe allows search and locate restaurants, banks, gas stations and bars nearby, as well as booking a hotel or see the undercard of the nearest cinemas. It is an extremely useful app, both for the process of inspiration and in times of trouble to locate all establishments.

Do not you have never given like eating delicious meals of local families who share the places you travel? Now that possibility exists thanks to applications like Meal Sharing. This platform brings together travelers with home cooks who are willing to share their victuals and discover people passing the typical delicacies of the place. This application, known as the AirBnB meals, It has been a real discovery for me too, and that allows us to discover the cities in a totally different way, savoring their dishes as do there.

This project is Spanish brand, since he was born in Seville and It focuses on the Andalusian cities. Its creators define this service as a virtual assistant and completely free with which you contact through WhatsApp, adding the following telephone number: +34 693 73 40 60. the procedure is the next: the user must type "Hello Vicente!"To start the conversation and immediately can ask places to go eat anywhere in Andalucía. After the first contact the service asks a series of questions and, as they are responding, Vicente We recommend an option that meets the characteristics of the request.

  • Foodspotting

This application is a huge collection of graphical recommendations on restaurants, Or what is the same, It is a kind of Instagram photo fueled by foodies in different restaurants. Some call it the omnivore Wikipedia is that in this app users upload photos of their dining experiences in order share with others those dishes that have conquered their mouths and stomachs.

Perfect to give a walk through the local gastronomy and leave meals will fill for the eyes. In addition to this app you can keep your dishes and tidy favorite dining experiences available for viewing

This application is a huge collection of graphical recommendations on restaurants, Or what is the same, It is a kind of Instagram fueled by photos of foodies in different restaurants.


Urbanspoon resembles opinions applications we already know as TripAdvisor o Owners. This app works by entering the area where we are still possible also specify the type of food, the desired price and schedule planned, Y she will be responsible for making a screen where you look, select and We advise about the possibilities of restaurants. In addition we also show the reviews conducted by the media on establishments.

This application is centered in the US and Canada and what you get is lead you to the popular gastronetas or food trucks nearby. These food trucks have the advantage and disadvantage of being mobile so it can be difficult to find if your stops are unknown. With the Roaming Hunger you can locate up 7.500 of these restaurants and even get locate where is your favorite at all times.

When you get to an unfamiliar place you may have been lucky that someone recommended you to try a lost gem from the immensity of the city. Or it may not. For that reason, for demanding and eager to innovate and surprise foodies application it exists Off the Menu. There are many specialties that are not in the letter and are reserved for those who know they exist and ask for them. The platform works only in North America for now, but you do not know if we cross over the pond.

If Tinder mixtures with Meetup and Foodspotting the result is Jetzy. This platform is more a travel app that food, but also it serves to help you meet people, sites and discover flavors. By registering on the platform you must include your preferences and travel style and, through these data, Jetzy will like-minded people by showing you, that you are around you when you travel. further, If you share your experience, the application will then giving points that can be redeemed for spa experiences sessions or dinners 2 free.

Who better than cooking professionals to advise restaurants? This application integrates recommendations made on over 50 cities by renowned chefs and cooks. Thus, Foodies will visit the cities savoring the dishes that have surprised large kitchen.

And not all eat, I have also reserved two applications for lovers of bebercio rather than trade. Do not worry, coffee-addicts and beer lovers, and that you also have options to deleitaros with these fluids pleasures in cities that you visit.

This Foursquare for beer lovers can find the best bars around and find the best microbreweries. It is connected with Facebook and Twitter and sharing our breweries conquests in networks to salivate our contacts. further, If you want a very specific type of beer or want to keep a list of sites to visit Andes go when lacking ideas, Untappd is your application.

This app is designed for the traveler coffee Y It allows us to discover the best cafes in our environment, wherever we are. further, we can see the photos and the scores assigned by users to different sites to visit, as well as sharing our own images and opinions. This way you will always have assured the dose of caffeine anywhere in the world.

I hope these recommendations, your travels and start to have another taste and that you can enjoy the gastronomy of each area the most appropriate and indigenously. If you decide to share a table with locals or take a tour of the best breweries or cafes in the city, and that's your choice, but at least now there is no excuse to stop savor every stop your travels.

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