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11 expert opinions on the major trends in HORECA for 2018


Strategy. This will be the Great Word 2018. And more HORECA. Trust me, If Pantone define words for years instead of colors, choose strategy for next year.

So far we have talked a lot about management, from trends, marketing, of personal, etc. applied to the sector. But, What about the Strategy? What about the practical application of all that what we discussed, we investigated, theorize? How do we get the paper? How do we make it happen? Strategy. It's the key.

December is the month of trends why, when it is about to end the year, we look to the next to find out “where the shots” in the sector. Today I put together for you to eleven authoritative and prestigious voices of the sector, through which I help you plot your Strategic Plan to take full advantage of trends in HORECA 2018. All key answer a question:

What Innovation Strategy and Transformation must follow the sector to convert into competitive advantages Trends?

"There is a point that is undeniable" states Beatriz Romanos (TechFood Magazine). "The main objective of the transformation should be to help restorers to a more professional management, faster and smarter, with relevant information to help them make the right decisions based on their objectives ".

Roman exhibits good judgment that "Logically the first of these usually profitability objectives, and productivity. But also issues such as quality and consistency of service. Finally, in all that relates to the relationship with the customer, It is as fundamental ". Beatriz suggests that "we talk about a digital customer, hyper, appreciating values ​​as customizing, whether or instantaneousness. Trends become hard cash numbers as increased recurrence, the average ticket or positioning in the rankings thanks to specific actions ".

Jimmy Pons (BlueBay Hotels) traces the planning of the Strategy Trends in four steps revolve around the same central axis of Innovation: "Integrating Innovation into the DNA of the company, incorporate innovation through entrepreneurs and management models type Start Up and agile methodologies, to flourish the talent and creativity of the main actors and promote co-creation of products together with stakeholders (internal customer, external customer, direct and indirect stakeholders)”.

For Manu Balanzino (The Gourmet Journal), the hotelier "It must adapt to new trends without losing its starting point. You should seek the connection between what they are doing and the inclusion of trends ", while Ramón God (Gastrocoaching) adds that "Progress of this revolution in the management and transparency will make the sector more competitive. Companies will have to have a component of improving their environment in any aspect or cease to exist ".

Roberto Torregrossa (Guitart Hotels) commitment "Specialization and training equipment and facilities". For him, the key will be able to implement defined strategies based on the goals that mark competitiveness and differentiation of the establishment " for "Responding to what customers demand in a transformation that increasingly requires a response by the establishment as quickly as the application itself".

The human factor is the strategic advantage in applying trends from 2018, according Dauphin lathes (independent consulting): "Fortunately, I still think that the human factor remains the competitive advantage of companies ". Torns goes a step further and adds that "This differentiation must be differentiated as digitization, technology and constant innovation in processes and products will make you indispensable condition ".

"Training in all its facets is one of the essential tools to ensure the survival and sustainability of business in the XXI Century". So bluntly shown Oscar Carrion (Gastrouni), for whom "The large number of changes and the speed at which they occur require professionals trained and capable of adapt to this new context, the digital revolution as main stage ". And is that "We are a sector that looks much the nineteenth century but should look at XXI".

Flexibility will be key in developing strategies applied to Trends, He tells us Beatriz Rodriguez (Tobegourmet). For her "The key is probably in the ability to be flexible in our bid to get you customize provide more customer experiences, without neglecting the importance of empathizing with him, handling the maximum information about your tastes and habits ". And is that We live in the age of the experiences and emotions Y, as noted Beatriz: "The ability to generate emotions necessarily go hand above".

"Companies must understand that innovation, new technologies and digitalization are your best ally to face a future that is based on a new environment, with new competitors, with new business models, with new ways to manage and new customers are increasingly demanding, They are more informed, but they are less faithful " assures Diego Coquillat (DiegoCoquillat.com). For Diego "The only stable the change".

Therefore, sector companies "They have to learn and train in which key digital tools that enable them to face the future with guarantees of success are".

Trends focused on improving the customer experience. That is the strategy for Enric Lopez C Y Lluis Altés. "Customization requires further focus our focus on customer experience, It is forcing us to know 100% that customer and act accordingly " Lopez says (LETE), for whom that the hospitality industry is part of the identity of the destinations already it is a reality, only it needs to join forces between them and strengthen the communication and marketing in target markets ".

Altés (OF), meanwhile, confirms that "We have the opportunity to elevate the customer experience to unimaginable levels recently while improve internal efficiency to protect profitability. Technology is the facilitator of change, but you need to transform the culture of organizations to get actualize the vision of companies ".

Listen to the experts and work your strategy ahead 2018. His views certainly, shall a great help so you can configure.

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Trend research, innovation and strategy, consultant and lecturer. Director of Hospitality 4.0 HIP Congress Madrid. Founder and Director of HorecaSpeakers. Professor of Basque Culinary Center, OSTELEA / EAE and other business schools. Handbook author Neo Innkeepers Valientes.


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