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12 soft drinks for this summer ravaging Instagram


With this heat no one can resist a take something refreshing in some terracita. No matter the time of day. Refreshing drinks are of many types, with or without alcohol, hailstorms or liquid, for day or night… yes, there are Some essential to help you better bring these high temperatures.

If you are a foodie, Now you can enjoy them and Share your experience in social networks; If you are a the bar restaurant, We encourage you to include in your letter or make a promotion what, surely, It will be well received by the customer.

We will propose 12 drinks, some already classical and other trendsetters quite novel, so you can choose the ones you like. And since summer is long, You can even try them all. Sabores, colors and very cold to beat the heat.

1.- Iced tea

Tea lovers do not have to give them up to high temperatures. The frozen version It is always recurring and easy to do. Just boil water and put the combination you like, leave infuse several hours and put in the fridge or freezer. Nail peppermint or spearmint leaves They will give a touch of flavor very rich.

2.- Shot arcoiris

A non-alcoholic cocktail that enters the eye. Made of gelatins of different flavors, It is a very attractive option for their colorfully and different to quench your thirst this summer.

Shot arcoiris 🌈 súper cool. #there #pridemonth 👉🏻Ingredients 1 gomitas cup arcoíris 1/2 cup whipped cream 1 on top of 85 g strawberry gelatin dissolved in 2 cups warm water 1 on top of 85 g of grape jelly dissolved in 2 cups warm water 1 on top of 85 g of gelatin dissolved in blueberry 2 cups warm water 1 on top of 85 g gelatin dissolved lemon 2 cups warm water 1 on top of 85 g of gelatin dissolved in pineapple 2 cups warm water 1 on top of 85 g of orange gelatin dissolved in 2 cups warm water 1 on top of 85 g cherry gelatin dissolved in 2 cups warm water 👉🏻Preparation serves some strawberry gelatin in the cups that are going to use and refrigerate until set. Follow grape jelly, It serves a layer and allowed to set before serving. Repeat with the rest of gelatins in this order: live blue, lemon, pineapple, orange and cherry. Always let curdle completely before placing the layer below. Garnish with whipped cream dots and rainbow gumdrops. ##recetas drinks #bebidas #recetasdecocina # CocinaFácil

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3.- Coconut water

If you have the great fortune to rest somewhere near the sea paradise, do not miss this good tasting drink and presented. They say it, besides refreshing, has antiviral properties, antibacterianas, antiinflammatory and antioxidant. All a toast to summer and health.

4.- Gintonic de Sabores

Every day becomes a classic in the bars and terraces. If you are one of those foodies who do not want to miss the opportunity of surprise your followers, Now you can take your mobile and start sharing your experiences. There are as many flavors as you can imagine.

Week with Brazil's game starts well!!! @ Gin tonic of ste.luna

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5.- Blackberry mojito

A mojito, please! Who can resist this great classic imported from across the Atlantic. Refreshing, easy to drink, with or without alcohol… But now, even more attractive by the inclusion of different flavors. This blackberry, specific, to be amazed by its aroma and intensity, in addition to taste.

6.- Flavored Mojitos

Made classic, it appears diversity. If you want to get away from the taste of peppermint and lemon experience other than. Here is a variety that you'll love.

Mojitos Maracuya🍸🍸🌞🌞🍋🍋🍓🍓 ##mojitofrutilla mojitossabores #mojitomaracuya

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7.- Pina Colada

Another summer essential. There are many ways to do it; without alcohol, malibu, rum… But yes, always pineapple. A fruit with infinite properties for our health and wellbeing. In form of cocktail, very refreshing to combat the summer heat.

#Piñacolada In #Santodomingo #canon #picoftheday

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Smoothie 😋 #smoothie #piñacolada #panajachelguatemala

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8.- Tinto de verano

I could not miss this classic. With much, a lot of ice, It is ideal for freshening. Alone or accompanied with a snack or eaten, is a fully recurring drink, widespread and easy to prepare.

#ÉsteEsElPlan #TintoDeVerano

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9.- Red fruit sangria

An exquisite version of the classic sangria If you like red fruits. Frost is ideal for summer. Simple processing and nutrient with antioxidant properties. Or may not include alcohol depends on the taste of the client.

10.- Indent peach

Why not versionar the timeless classic? Here's a peach sangria, taste and attractive color,, what will quench the thirst and I perish from the usual typical flavor but without losing the essence. Not to be missed.

Evening lends itself to our delicious and original #peachsangria #sangriademelocoton

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11.- Agua de Valencia

With ron, vodka, Geneva, cava, champagne and even cider. So you can dress the Orange juice, the essential ingredient to prepare this delicious cocktail of Valencian origin, known since the 50- widely consumed and extended in recent years.

Valencia water w / orange #aguadevalencia valencian #valencia #spain #chef

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12.- at lemonade, a classic reinvented

It is the American quintessential summer drink and it is very easy to prepare. But as with all traditional recipes, there are many versions of classical. In addition to the basic ingredients, you can have other ingredients to give color and flavor. Depending on its development will be more or less intense, but always refreshing.

We are in summer ☀ and often we see that weight down because what we have a lot of calories so I recommend you not sumes calories you take. . Here is a healthy choice to quench your thirst 😊. All it based on the #guiadenutricion De @yesyoucan Refreshing Lemonade ☀Lemons ☀stevia ☀Mint leaves (Mint benefits in the next photo ) ☀Water or sparkling water. ☀Stevia to taste. Mix lemon juice with stevia and crushed mint leaves to release their flavor and add lots of ice and water 💦. Enjoy without remorse , You can accompany your meals with this option or take the day, You can also add cucumber 🥒 you know delicious 😋 and thus not consume drinks that slow your weight loss. #yesyoucantips #yesyoucancoach #limonada #yesyoucan #transformchallenge #emprendedoresyyc #bandayesyoucan

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Drinks to be at the forefront

By following this list will be the last in new experiences. If you also are a foodie and you are connected with your followers, You can share these experiences so refreshing. Surely they'll thank you.

On the other hand, If you're in front of a restaurant or hospitality business, It includes some of these ideas in your offer for this summer and let them know about your customers through your website and social networks. insurance fits perfectly into your restaurant.

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