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12 tips to put the perfect name for your restaurant


Opening a new business is always a cluster of responsibility but also a continuous explosion of sensations. experiment creation, development and implementation of a project It requires many and good knowledge.

Not everything can be built from the illusion. We need, Besides, analyze and study many aspects and details that ultimately will have an important part of impact on the ultimate success of the project.

One of the points that we, definitely, conscientiously stop is to give shape and personality to our business. And that happens inexorably by the name of the restaurant. Certainly no shortage of ideas but we ... what is the best?, More like what?, What more attractive to our audience?… There are many issues crammed into our heads and find the right answer may not be easy.

We analyze in depth the proposals on the table to try to make the right decision. A right name, of course accompanied by a good dining experience as a whole, customers will get remember and recommend our restaurant, either word of mouth or through digital tips. In this way, will increase the chances of success your business.

Here are some tips and ideas that can serve to find the perfect name or, simply, to decant for one that you already have in mind.

1.- Define tu target

Who or who you want your public? The name of your restaurant should identify with your customers. Who is it for your establishment. What is your identity and who you want to meet. These are some questions we need to answer us before registering a definitive name for our business.

The restaurant will not be called equal if focused on a público millennial if it offers a senior customer profile with certain social status and purchasing power. First, Thus, you have very defined what your target and, then, starts the casting for the perfect name.

2.- What kind of food served your restaurant

You might want to mark your property contains a reference to the type of food products or offer. So it will be easier for the customer identify the name with the restaurant and remember more easily. And if the dining experience was successful… then success is assured.

A recurring technique is to place the type of food next to a noun to create brand. For example, the Mexican taco, the Hindu elephant, Lebanese legend, Basque dish, Valencia cook, the chopstick… When we read these names, we know what kind of cuisine offers this local. Is a valid form and simple to mark the personality of our establishment.

3.- What strategy we want to continue

What evokes? This aspect requires deep reflection. It would be good to start discarding everything we do not want it to be. Many times, it is easier to know what we do not want one of many options to choose the right.

To start making decisions, It would not hurt you to do one DAFO or just a picture of pros and cons to display the right path. If you have questions, You should lean on the view of restaurant equipment and / or people you trust who knows the business.

4.- That is clear and defined

A fundamental premise is the transparency. You give clarity and definition to the name of your restaurant seems crucial for success.

Has to represent either to the product / service offering. It must be clear to Do not mix messages; direct and definite to reach the customer and to be remembered naturally.

5.- Pronounceable

Precisely, so that the public can hold without undue difficulty the name of your restaurant, is key to its pronunciation prove easy. If we add complicated or difficult to pronounce words, It will not be retained as expected.

Simplicity is not incompatible with other requirements. So you have to work a lot on this point because not everything is. For example, if we choose to join the first two vowels of the two names of partners Restaurant owners, we will make sure that the final word pronunciation entail no difficulty or seem unpronounceable for the customer.

6.- Attractive and original

¿Do you like to say your restaurant food, local self, its customers and even owner? The name of the restaurant does not have to mean anything even exist. It may be the union of two words or a set of them to give business sense.

Originality will bring your restaurant a unique personality that unlike other competition. How many restaurants specializing in rice may be in Valencia? And how will they differ from each other? How you can remember the name of the client? A quality business you must accompany, definitely, the uniqueness of your brand.

The creativity It is the way to get to build an original mark. So let yourself be advised by professionals if you have a lot of trouble finding the perfect name for your restaurant.

7.- Check that you can register the mark

Brand name or a restaurant is one of its main assets and values. Is a hallmark, original and unique the owner must register to protect against potential competitors. For this reason, It is very important that the name of our business is protected legally. There are several ways to do this and should be informed of what is the best for you.

Remember it is important that, before registering the name, you check si the corresponding domain is available. Beyond the physical establishment also have to analyze the matters concerning the name on the side of the digital.

8.- You can use it on your web domain

To avoid problems afterwards it is advisable to think well on all fronts that open when we decide what the name of our establishment. Thinks that the physical accompanying digital. That is to say, You will have to create your Web domain to show the world the best version of your restaurant.

Before taking the first step, make sure no one is using that domain that interests you.

9.- And also in social networks

Today you can not live outside of reality and it passes through the digitization. He contact the customer or potential customers It goes beyond the physical location or word of mouth. Traditional methods are still standing and probably will for a long time. But any business worth its salt should create and work their own social media, because part of their ultimate success lies in the activity and strategy deployment with these tools.

That way, the name or brand of your restaurant, like the web domain, must be available to implement social networks. So you must do the same process with them. Make sure your name is accessible to your restaurant accounts in social media.

Nowadays, Instagram triumphs the rest when we speak of hospitality business. It is the most recommended for network marketing influencers and ideal for advertise through stories. But it is important to be present in The more media, best. So Pinterest, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus must also be part of the digital communication strategy for your restaurant. Each sum and completed with others and your establishment will win.

10.- How to position your restaurant online?

We can not ignore something to be key among the best positioned digitally. Today it is essential that our potential customers can easily find through an Internet search. Hence we have to worry much for SEO. Online sales channels are increasingly important. Y, the success of our business, You can play a key role to get reservations via Internet.

If you want to ensure success in this regard, we recommend Phonetic avoid misleading (letters as z-s-c, y-ll-i, v-b, using numbers or dashes). further, we recommend that the name of your restaurant is easy to pronounce and to dictate someone who has to write, and this well run possible intuitive searches in a web.

11.- Use the tools you need

Today there are no secrets to almost nothing. Not to create names for companies, Restaurants in this case. So, If you want to optimize your time and resources, do not hesitate to draw on the tools offered by the market to generate the name of your restaurant.

Beyond the traditional brainstorming or exquisite corpse technique, we can use platforms and tools that take us further and we will help you find the perfect name for both physical and online business.

You can explore options Shopify, Wordoid, Business Name Generator, BrandBucket, Word Lab o Brandroot. These are just some tools, but the market offers a variety so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

12.- Choose a logo or image

The name must be accompanied, habitually, by a picture. However subtle or discreet make it, It is recommended that believe and, Of course, that we make sure your originality to follow the same steps as the name and make it our property with a legal record.

The image or logo is as or more important than the name because it will the face of our business. There are thousands of ideas to create the logo for a restaurant. Here we offer you a variety that will be very useful. One of the perhaps most recurring images is to use any of the eating utensils to shape our logo.

Whatever the idea to give life to our own logo or image, We know to be always original and innovator, and that should tell us what we want to convey to the customer.

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Article by the editorial team of DiegoCoquillat.com. It has professionals both in the field of hospitality, gastronomy and tourism, and new technologies and innovation.



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