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12 Data for success with marketing strategy a restaurant


Try for a moment to remember what life was like and advertising in the 90's: TV commercials, radio spots, skirts in magazines and newspapers, Yellow Pages advertising and large go. All these methods survive with good income because they are the only alternatives to advertise in a world where the Internet yet It is massive.

Back in the year 2017 the picture is quite different: print advertising can survive as, seeing their incomes are reduced each year, like TV commercials, torn video platforms like Youtube broadcast over the Internet through private channels and reaching significantly larger audiences.

In fact, currently online advertising revenues have surpassed television advertising revenue. Now is teles and radio programs who thrive on youtubers e influencers Internet to trying to capture his followers as an audience.

For that reason, as he is known so far has transformed its marketing approach. In the environment actual, It is the client who makes decisions because it has access to a wide variety of products and services that can be achieved in several ways and come to him for the channels you prefer. This technological evolution has changed the business plans, both large and small, including restaurants.

For the sector of hotels and restaurants, the need to achieve some relevance and keep getting new customers is responsibility for marketing strategy managers decide to implement in your business.

The aim of this strategy will be identify and entice potential customers and turn them into customers asking, They eat and pay. Moreover, It should be useful to convert them into loyal customers who already have, who are prescribers of your brand and bring new customers themselves.

The customer is leitmotiv end restaurant in strategy

At this point the resolution of an important issue is necessary: How can we ensure successful online marketing strategy a restaurant? In this field, nothing depends on chance but rather of logic and reason, because every decision made in the public mind will target and it will be aimed at helping the brand to connect with their needs and desires.

But for this to happen, you need to understand what potential customers want and expect, how to seek, They discover and decide the place you go to eat, what makes them come back and they would like and lack. Having identified these needs and gained an understanding of them, designing a successful strategy marketing for restaurants It seems much easier.

For help you reach your goals we have compiled for you this infographic. Undoubtedly it provides an essential overview of the channels that are using users / customers to find restaurants, how they are using technology, what is that “something extra” what do they want, and the most important, what makes them visit a restaurant again.

infographics: relevant data to achieve success in your restaurant

12 Data for success with marketing strategy a restaurant

What details that customers want to get back to your restaurant?

For 60% the main reason is the level of food, while for 22% It is the degree of satisfaction with the service that makes you want to return.

How are customers finding restaurants?

  • For a friend, through word of mouth one 78%
  • Through Social Networking Work 61%
  • From Review read on a website a 53%
  • Through Google one 42%
  • Based on reviews in media with a 16%

How customers use technology a restaurant?

  • He 83% use your Smartphone to check the address and hours of the place you want to go eat
  • He 75% check the online restaurant menu
  • He 51% customers are already calling home via the web
  • He 55% check reviews of restaurants in plataforamas as TripAdvisor, Yelp, etc.

Other striking data

  • He 83% customers prefer ethnic food in a specialized restaurant and from the same source
  • He 23% considers it essential access to WI-FI to choose
  • He 36% You want to make your online reservation
  • He 19% you place your order online

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Article by the editorial team of DiegoCoquillat.com. It has professionals both in the field of hospitality, gastronomy and tourism, and new technologies and innovation.



  1. Good article, although I complemented with one more fact.

    The digital communication channel with the greatest impact “direct” our customers is email marketing.

    We can not forget this in a successful strategy for our restaurant medium- and long-term.

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