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12 months, 12 Horeca conclusions to apply 2019


Analysts must be current. And nothing better than listening carefully to professionals across the value chain of hospitality. Horeca to dismiss the year as it deserves, I have prepared a selection of 12 conclusions about the sector we have learned from the best over 2018, at conferences, conferences, presentations, masterclass, talks and meetings in which we participated during 12 months of intense work in which we have lived, even, a change of government and we have seen how Spanish Federation of Hotels change its image to become Spain Hospitality.

New Times, new concepts, new challenges. Is on the roadmap for 2019, in view of what we have learned in 2018.


2018 It was the year of the Strategy. As I said at the premiere of Horeca Speakers San Sebastian Gastronomika, Strategy is key to managing any business hotel and the mise en place of the Strategy It is inside your head. every challenge is manifested in how you face, each decision to make. changes to 'Strategic Mode'. How? With intention, global perspective, opportunistically, thinking long term, considering the past and present, and under hypothesis.

Keep your eyes open, alert to opportunities, trends (Trends in living room and kitchen we have seen much good in this edition of San Sebastián Gastronomika). Strategic thinking is the perfect preparation, the mise ideal place to start cooking recipe strategic.

"We have to make strategies and see the business opportunity. And keep in mind that, if only we looked the numbers and accounts, never emprenderíamos. If we were to 100% only numbers, strategies ... never anything would be advisable. Your intuition has to help and see that there is a path, although the first year may not work " Kiko Moya, Owner and Chef Restaurant L'Escaleta (I Congress Online Restaurants Felices)


"We have to make the leap from the kitchen to the Management". The phrase uttered Diego Olmedilla, director of Facyre, in the fourth edition of GastroBusiness, in which I participated to discuss strategic management applied to Horeca along with my dear Quique Dacosta, whom you know among other things for having Digital won the Best Chef award in the first edition of TheBestDigitalRestaurants by Diego Coquillat. As I said at the beginning of the paper-interview, unprofitable without no business management. And management covers all areas Restaurant.

Management is Gastronómica, Technology, economic, Marketing, Equipment and CSR. Coordinate the management of all aspects of the business is key to turning into a sustainable business, profitable and happy. How that happiness is managed? As I told you in Malaga GastroWoman, leading a mission with a strong corporate culture, forming teams vs. Family and eliminating toxic clients.

Training & professionalisation:

This has been the year of Formation capitalized. If anything became clear to us in the papers, keynotes, sessions, roundtables and open spaces of discussion during the three days of Hospitality 4.0 Congress de HIP2018 The big step is that the sector is the professionalization. Train those who are part of it in every way and at all levels. If we had clear that training is a fundamental value that advances the sector, in HIP2018 we have found, with contributions from leading international experts, that training is key to improving profitability through professionalism in all aspects.

Of the Chamber Kitchen. Del Back office al Front office. That will make us grow and get where we want. "Training is the most important tool for hospitality business", He said Oscar Carrion in Session Manel Morillo. You can not have more reason. TIC TAC in Congress Montserrat Saperas, Research director CETT, added: "In a changing world, the knowledge we give young people today ... they will serve? an entrepreneur is one who is able to solve a problem when necessary. In kitchen, It develops cooperative work much better. Training should be governed by competitive factors but also cooperative. Creativity is not just a few. We want to empower students to, through the skills acquired, develop their future ".


Technology has probably been the most repeated word along 2018 in relation to the sector and was also the word that served as the backbone of NRA Show, I attended in Chicago in May. The technology was everywhere at the NRA Show and everywhere talked about it. Technology the service of process improvement in the Back Office and Front Office as a future which has already arrived and we can not close our eyes. The restaurant is the future technology.

And the food of the future also comes from the hand of technology and innovation and has a name: Plant-based food. This does not mean that the rest will disappear food and much less proposals. What he means it is that It's time to take it into account, because its growth is unstoppable. Junto con la plant-based food, They called the vibrant vegetables are also experiencing a turning point in consumption and presence in the sector this year. Watch for them.

"The first app that man invents is fire and it does shorten the digestion time and that spare time to devote to other challenges of their existence. Technology accompanies humanity since its inception, with a clear intinerario: that of comfortability. Technology makes us more comfortable and impacts directly on any human activity. In the catering sector, there must be an absolute and unconditional realization that technology helps humans and catering sector, making it more comfortable, efficient and pleasant in the way of happiness. The catering industry has a huge responsibility in the task of being happy human being. Because, You should understand what are the next steps, where it will go technology restoration " Fernando Gallardo, journalist, trend analyst and expert in new technologies and tourism trends (I Congress Online Restaurants Felices)

digitization & Online Reputation:

"He 78% of purchasing decisions are influenced by the information you see on social networks. This is: 8 each 10. Social networks are the new Customer: almost 70% of social network users are looking for solutions for customer problems through Twitter Y Facebook. Good practice for restaurants in Social Media: Create a local business page, Find other existing business pages, You like to be reminded alerts of new reviews and ratings of your business program, participates in Social Networks (but always correctly).

Search through mobile is the King of Social Media; Social Local is the Queen; revisions are the deciding factor number 1 in searches across the network and RRSS. You have to be aware of what it is happening around your business (online y offline) and participate. Where is your client basis? You must be on the same platforms where your audience moves " Monica I, CMOs in Soci (NRA Show 2018)

"We do not believe that a restaurant can succeed without spend time managing online reputation. It is essential today. Everything someone does on internet is registered and available for consumption of any. From there we must seek solutions and technology can help. Technology should be used with supervision in areas where it really will have any use. Where else will make a difference in this regard is the online reputation " Armand Ruiz, founder Cloudreputation.io and product manager for IBM (I Congress Online Restaurants Felices)


"Mobility is another major challenge. And mobility understand the way people and objects move (food too). They start to drones and robots sound like new "Digital waiters" in the era of #deliveryREVOLUTION Y, although during the intervention @UberEATS themselves have stated that there is much development for those in the sector, They are already preparing a pilot program in San Diego to use drones.

Distribution of food, either vendor or restaurant to restaurant customer, It is the great challenge. The food now travels in more directions. hangover (semi prepared) to the production center, and elaborated to the customer. Logistics is incorporated as a tool to manage the entire value chain. And its impact should be considered by all actors, to minimize cons as we build the pros.

the delivery (logistics or customer delivery), is the starting point of a new way of understanding the #foodservice: production and customer relations will change. JustEAT, Deliveroo, Glovo O UberEATS they have understood and have made this logistics business model " My conclusions Congress AECOC Horeca 2018.

Vindicating the role of the Board:

D * NA Festival Denia I brought many things. I liked that many cooks and defend their claim to the role of the Board, Another issue of which you speak much. In a contest so focused gastronomy, It is wonderful to see how cooks again need your natural extension to the client: Brigade room. I have spoken of the room and service robotics in my article A new room: change of plans for the waiter. I have also talked about the new keys in room service in my article Living room: the revolution is slower than many would like and one of the must of my web, Article Living room: 30 Steps for customer interaction. I recommend reading.


I told you in San Sebastián Gastronomika and I repeat now: Align yourself with trends. Remember: trends within, not everything is. The key is to align with those that fit your business model. as hotelier, You have to be smart and focus on those trends that are good for your business model.

In the label Trends my web I left you a selection of articles in which I talk about the most important trends of the moment. further, I explain the difference between fashion and trend, so you can better prepare your strategy without losing sight of the essence of your business, as remembered Emilio Gallego in Restaurants Felices:

"Our industry must not be swayed by fads and trends. Sometimes it seems that we all go to one place and this is a simplification. We serve the entire population, which means that there are many layers of customers, with different expectations and needs. What you need to know is choose which segments and which layers of customers and we are heading, in that sense, meet our demand and prepare a product adapted to the sameEmilio Gallego, Secretary General of CEHE (I Congress Online Restaurants Felices)


sustainability, Corporate Social Responsibility, environmental awareness ... They are great concepts that the hospitality industry has been slow to adopt but that are already part of it and reinventing their business models and business, relationship with those who work there and the people who use it, as we saw in the MedaWeek 2018 held in Barcelona in November.

These great concepts are translated into the three "P": Product, Planet, People. In working towards more sustainable products that enable care of the planet and people (people) living in it, in order also to get a good economic performance in a cycle that feeds. What do we need to get this in the tourism industry and hospitality?

Review the pace and growth of tourism and improve the balance between tourism and the environment; create products of special interest oriented market segments to positively influence the perception of destiny; putting people at the center of everything; find, train and retain the best professionals and improve knowledge management and innovation; and understand and evaluate a new customer of high expectations that want a hiperpersonalización.

Visibility of Women:

2018 It has been a year to reflect together on the role of women in the food industry and the Horeca, to work together for the visibility of our work. What did you say Carmen Fúnez Gastronomy is Female (FACYRE), 2018 It has been a year to convene "Many people to network, in an area such as the equality of opportunities ", also through Social Networks, fundamental tool to vindicate women and visible today.

We are on the road to "not repeat the leadership models that have failed to achieve the goals that we lack in equality". This year has also seen the birth of Women in Gastronomy, an initiative to enhance the visibility of women in the sector that has found that women have become aware of the need to be more active and visible in the professional field. And from this approach, and in my opinion, I think we should design appropriate strategies.


"You can have more than one business unit without conceptualizing brands. If you expand a concept that has not been fully defined, you are dead. To expand healthily, must invest in resources before growing. To expand your restaurant is a must have clear operational circuits, have a staff and be clear about your concept. Are the keys to growing chain. Am I can expand without digitalizarme? The answer is no. In a digital world, a digital customer, all processes are digital. Digitizing processes is essential to expand " Manel Morillo, With pleasure (Road Show Bar Ideas 2018)

"We are in an intermediate point where the paper reservation book is prehistory and digitization is a challenge. What to consider in the process of digitizing? FOUR key: the web is a letter; if your user is mobile, you have to be mobile; that email marketing has to go to a target audience; and SEO positioning. He 70% Customer, before booking at a restaurant, looks from 10 Y 12 reviewsIsidro Amat, Fork (Road Show Bar Ideas 2018)


I want to quote the great Kike Sarasola in this point, because it made it, very clear in his keynote for Hotel Trends en HIP2018: Union is strength in the sector. It is time to unite. All going in the same direction and not be left behind as a country Horeca. It's the moment. We've seen it in HIP2018 and throughout the whole year, Horeca more than ever. "The confrotación is no longer winning, all work together to advance the industry, "said Kike. And I can not agree more. If we want to defend ourselves, we must do it together. We can not afford more confrontation. Why "We are the first industry of our country and we are not uniting to advance. Confrontation is not good. Stop. Must join ". I have very present also in 2019, dear Kike.

2018 It has been a great year for Horeca, full of challenges and projects. We work together to build in 2019 a strong sector, competitive, United, profitable, happy. We have a goal: Share knowledge to grow together and generate business to build a sustainable society and happy.

Keep in touch. virtual hugs.

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Trend research, innovation and strategy, consultant and lecturer. Director of Hospitality 4.0 HIP Congress Madrid. Founder and Director of HorecaSpeakers. Professor of Basque Culinary Center, OSTELEA / EAE and other business schools. Handbook author Neo Innkeepers Valientes.


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