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14 things you have ever said about the delivery, If your restaurant is going to devote to it


We have Delivery even in the soup. In the media sector every day we are talking about Delivery, in press, in blogs, conferences, events….Delivery to all hours.

And it makes sense, in some countries sales in physical stores do not stop down (USA is a good example) Y the Horeca sector is increasingly divided between Experiential Restaurants (those where to go because it passes something interesting and those where you have to go to socialize) O Casual restaurants (those who solve a particular time consumption for food or make a small consumption)….another great player of this game is the delivery, consuming rich food and freshly made anywhere the consumer decide.

In USA, in the segment of experientials restaurants strongly consolidates the phenomenon Food Hall, funny space, with good social life and affordable food where many entrepreneurs and small brands prove their brand and products at low cost and always offering customers new things.

But, in general, the battle for the market is fighting in the segment Delivery worldwide. forecasts, well documented and based on sound and continuous data is more than double the delivery market size in less than two years.

The appearance of Dark Kitchen (o Cloud Kitchens o Blind Restaurants) due to this phenomenon and not a rare fashion: Traders assume that the public service restaurants may not cover the volume of demand for delivery soon. In particular cases (increasingly common) is already producing and some brands can not meet its current facilities in demand in regular restaurants added to that of delivery.

Let me write these lines because I think, among so much information delivery, among so much expectation and bias-sometimes both intencionado-, there are some things that can not often say about this business. I will discuss some of them.

1. The Delivery is by definition a local business. Brands and delivery marketplace that market may be global, but the delivery business is local and limited to a few (few!) kilometers around the premises where food is produced. It is very important to note, to have success, each location where delivery is serving serve your immediate environment, in a practical radius of not much more than 2 kilometers around.

2. Los marketplace (Glovo, Deliveroo, UberEats, JustEat…) NO sell their logistics service delivery-the riders-. That is an additional service. What really sold its commercial power: the number of people who have downloaded the App and use. Is, again, important to keep in mind when negotiating or know why he is carrying out an agreement.

3. Restaurant brands RE-Known outsell unknown. Invest in your brand marketing is equally important if you have a dark kitchen or not (and it serves the same purposes if you are in a marketplace o no). You have to invest in advertising for your brand locally where your business is.

4. Brands that are higher on the App Marketplace sell a lot more than those below (and I not tell you that they are far below). In general (although not a fixed rule) the position is gained reputation, A mixture of the number of orders you go taking and Customer. Do very well and have many orders will be the basis of your future sales. You'll have to fight to be well positioned just as you do in your business Street. It is also very important to understand that invest in promotions and actions to gain positions in APP It will give you a great opportunity to improve sales and future positions.

5. The marketplace can put the commissions to improve their benefits or to be profitable (in general are still not profitable businesses in most cases and as technology that are committed to position itself for the immediate future). The commissions are high and to generate profits in restaurants will need to have an operational and cost structure very well studied and trained. A restaurant that already operates poorly in its traditional business also operate poorly (and will have no benefit) Delivery to operate.

6. Having your own App and your own delivery service (or outsourced to specialized companies) It can be a good idea in populations where large operators have not yet entered or they have not entered strongly, what we would call "blue oceans". If you are in a place where the marketplace are already leaders, have an app itself and sharing itself is not usually profitable: The traditional system of phone orders (by the web) a known brand is in decline and, at least do not be Telepizza or you can develop a very expensive and powerful marketing, You will not succeed.

7. The riders are usually grouped into areas where they have many orders, that is to say, near the market leaders. Having a local near them will make the riders arrive before your business, Your best delivery times and have more opportunities for your business. That, for example, is the strength of the Dark Kitchen with many restaurants inside. Hub generate orders.

8. The marketplace handle a huge amount of data, which is the basis of their
decisions. They know every detail and know everything there is to know about the business. Trust them and share data that can benefit your business is vital. If you work with a marketplace, takes full advantage of the information they have access.

9. The marketplace can take you. Not only contract, obviously they can, but it can eliminate you for your poor performance. A bad reputation or extreme slowness of your operating also hurts them, so they will not let them perjudiques much.

10. Your makeready, care and quality of your food are very
important, or more but is not making mistakes. Client delivery unforgiving easily make your meal arrives late, wrong and not what you ordered. Rectification time is very high and certainly annoys lunch or dinner. Attention to detail and care that is put into them.

11. Currently not all food served for the delivery market, why style food street food prevails in the segment (not to mention the pizzas), You have to be rich, freshly made and easy to eat: open and eat. It is imperative that if you offer delivery put yourself in the client's skin: Need more or less napkins?Need some special covered?It Is Greasy?Is it easy to eat? Think about it.

12. Working with an exclusive marketplace or several of them: The decision should be based on sales numbers and what % commission have several?How many orders assures you one exclusive? I have done studies for clients both scenarios and the result is not uniform and responds to the reality of each.

13. To choose which sell kitchen delivery is important to know what is missing in your area or poorly covered…not already there.

And the 13+1, Delivery client is not interested in long letters and complex. Try order from a mobile phone (which it is usual) and you see how you appreciate a clear and concise letter. The delivery is the realm of monoproduct.

You are a hospitality business delivery? YES Can you address how a standard restaurant? NO

If these 14 You have not had enough reflections have a few more. But it will be another time.

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