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14 data demonstrating the importance of technology in American restaurants 2016


The NRA the Association of American Restaurants She has recently published an interesting study conducted on the implementation of technology in American restaurants Year 2016, incluyendo las necesidades futuras y las opiniones de los principales operadores del sector.

The report has been made on over 500 operators, que engloba tanto independent restaurants and large franchise chains and its various operating modes.

Although the study is based on research conducted in the US, faithfully reflects a how restaurants are using technology, the advantages and shortcomings of it, así como los posibles usos o necesidades futuras. Ideas that can be applied to other markets and other countries.

14 conclusions on the implementation of technology in restaurants

1.- Four out of five operators agree that the effective use of technology is important to achieve Greater sales, higher productivity and a sustainable competitive advantage.

Use of technology in American restaurants

2.- More than half say that technology is making customer experience is more complicated.

3.⁃ He 81% restaurants use a POS system or electronic record of their daily operations. But there are different rates of adoption among industry categories. The type fast food restaurants have a higher rate that facilitates the speed of service and access to the restaurant from outside the establishment. Although restaurant chains are more technology that have implemented global, probably because they have a greater amount of financial resources.

Use of TPV's in American restaurants

4.⁃ The main obstacles to find restaurants to increase technology implementation son: the cost, the absence of infrastructure, service and repair, customer acceptance and finally staff training.

Future trends on the use of technology in restaurants

5.⁃ He 68% restaurants offer their customers WiFi connection.

6.⁃ He 37% ofrece la posibilidad de realizar order food delivery through an online platform.

7.- He 80% operators It has a web and the 83% of these they are adapted to mobile devices.

Websites in restaurants

8.- He 33% It has a Mobile app itself, although the percentages differ depending on the type of restaurants: 50% fast food, 18% table service, 14% independent restaurants and 55% chains or franchises.

9.⁃ He 32% accepts the mobile payment.

10.- He 42% feature digital kiosks to order in the restaurant itself

11.- He 25% It has a system online reservations

12.⁃ Regarding technologies that would like to implement if available:

  • He 53% perform a predictive order
  • He 36% automate their menu prices based on demand
  • He 16% deliver orders using drones
  • He 13% use an automatic system prepared food
  • He 9% use an automated delivery system for food and drink

13.⁃ He 32% operators generally considered to go lagging behind the evolution of technology, he 12% considera que está a la vanguardia. Although there are differences depending on the type of restaurant, as you can be seen in the following image:

Advantages and disadvantages of using technology in restaurants

14.⁃ Traders believe that most important areas of development technology in the next 5 years in the sector will be:

  • He 37% los pedidos de los clientes
  • He 25% loyalty programs
  • He 25% different payment options
  • He 8% la robótica y automatización

This research highlights the enormous importance of the inclusion of technology in different areas of the sector, certainly It will be a priority for the future and that it is a very important competitive advantage for those with a high rate of implementation.

The challenge seems to be in encontrar para cada tipo de negocio el punto de equilibrio donde la tecnología suponga un aporte de valor real y que en ningún caso dificulte ni la experiencia de los clientes ni el propio desarrollo interno del restaurante, without forgetting that the investment in it must come clearly justified by the profitability regardless of the area of ​​implementation.

Here's the video that has been published about the study:

If you want to buy the studio you can do so at the following link:

Mapping the Restaurant Technology Landscape (PDF)

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