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1400 people die from choking in Spain


It is not a topic that we usually think, Choking but death is more common than we imagine. More of 1.400 people have lost their lives for this cause and very few know how to react to this situation.

By campaign S.O.S Breathe, Aplus Gastromarketing (with the participation of jointly Mapfre Foundation, FACYRE Y SEMES), seeks to raise public awareness of the importance of preventing a possible choking afford it and know. This practice is a first aid procedure for unblocking the airway, normally blocked by a piece of food or any other object. Thus, due to the impact of the campaign, a large number of renowned ambassadors from the world of gastronomy Mario Sandoval, Samantha Vallejo-Nágera, angel León, Pedro Larumbe, Diego Gallegos, Ricard Camarena, Fernando Canales, Oops Muñoz, Koldo Royo, Luis Veira, Javier Pena and Ivan Cerdeño, among others, They aim to sensitize all about the importance of S.O.S Breathe in the field of hospitality and catering.SOS-BREATHE-AMBASSADORS

How does S.O.S Respira?

Aplus Gastromarketing, performs all the executive work of the campaign, You develop its strategy with the three aforementioned entities, to educate professionals through a series of guidelines for action, activities and various simple techniques, so that they know how to react to choking so you can save a life.

The campaign is organized through visits to local, where EMTs trained by SEMES, instruct short and simple way about the correct sequence of action according to the regulations of the European Resuscitation Council (ERC), and we have also developed SOS APP free download Breathes, that through videos and text allows in a few minutes, learn to act.

This training is free and is aimed primarily at employees from the Food and Beverage although it is also intended for the general public with special activities for children and adults.

Last year's campaign reached more than 3.500 local and trained over 6.000 people from 12 Spanish cities.1400 people die from choking in Spain1400 people die from choking in Spain1400 people die from choking in Spain

Video: S.O.S. - Respira: Campaign performance against Choking

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