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15 Instagram accounts restaurants for your inspiration


More and more restaurants are using Instagram within its strategy Social Media Restauranting. The amount of content on restaurants and cuisine in this social network has grown exponentially in recent years, Websta as there are currently over 90 million photographs using the hashtag on Instagram #food as published a few months ago in my blog he 32% Restaurant customers often take pictures of the dishes.

This fashion Instagram generated by a user community around this very faithful who call themselves social network Instagramers. We have even attended as special cases as a pop-up restaurant in London pay the bill allow their client in exchange for sharing pictures of their dishes on Instagram.

Another curious case is that of #DinnerCamp created by MWEB, Portable mini photo studio for restaurants that switches the light filters, take a picture, upload to social networks and as a reward, take the physical photo you've done. Here's the video of his performance:


Therefore, Today I share with my readers this collection 15 Instagram accounts related to the world of restaurants and hospitality, to serve as an inspiration to all those who begin to use this social network at your restaurant.

If you click on the name or photo you can access your account.
























llaollao on Instagram







telepizza_es on Instagram







barbutonyc on Instagram






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