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15 coffee brands that grab your attention for its creativity


Big coffee brands take into account even the smallest detail in order to attract new customers; one of them is the packaging, which is becoming increasingly important in the marketing of these companies.

The goal of any business is to sell and, to get it, They have a marketing department that performs numerous promotion and advertising techniques. Thus in recent years coffee brands, bars and restaurants designed new packaging that aim, In addition to winning the consumer, capture the attention of those who do not even drink coffee.

And they get. flashy glasses of all colors and all sizes, bags to carry the most original and up coffee packets prints are already an everyday hundreds of stores worldwide: from Canada to Italy, through US, Denmark, United Kingdom or France. As it would be impossible to mention them all, behold 15 of the most striking. Those that make you see the coffee cup in your bar though always with different eyes as good as always-.

15 creative examples of packaging of coffee brands

1.- Joco

Coffee cups are Jococups designed to respect fully the environment. Maintaining the flavor and the unmistakable style of its most prized drink, JOCO proposes to use a cup of coffee reusable glass having a silicone tape to maintain the temperature and a lid to avoid spilling the liquid. Also the small package in the coming the glass is intended to be reused as many times as necessary.

2.- Regular Coffee

This American company is a spin-off of the successful Rowster Coffee and cultivates, packaging and distributing coffee. This is a special service to give customers, delivering packages of coffee in hand: for that you register on their website for a $20 per month and you have a regular supply without waiting and without leaving home.

3.- The Distribution Company

This Canadian establishment serving some of the best espressos, American and lattes world. Distributice able to satisfy the requests of customers spite of being the smallest retail space in Montreal, and it's better than it does with recyclable materials 100%: glasses, covered and containers.

4.- Misegreta

Italy is Misegreta, which in Spanish means “secret blend”. Specializing in ice cream, desserts, fine pastries and all kinds of coffees, this place is the image of passion, love and Italian tradition. El packaging, as it could not be otherwise, it features his famous Logo shaped key.

5.- Goshen Coffee

In the XXI century companies point to “anything goes” provided to publicize their products. That's what must have thought responsible for Goshen Coffee, what They dare to decorate packages of coffee. Color tattoos, pin-up style and a pose that conveys strength adorn a totally organic container.

6.- Coffee Here

This Mexican business invites you to start the morning with a touch of color most striking: yellow for the smallest coffee, blue for medium and black for larger. It was a project designed to attract students and, in general, all those who did not have time to prepare your breakfast.

7.- Jimmy´s Iced Coffee

With a slogan of the most particular: Keep your chin up, which is to say something like “Keep your chin up”, this independent brand brings us one of the best iced coffees UK. Release date 2010 also it has a packaging of the funniest, well their containers have the same shape as a milk carton and you can choose between -called Red Skinny Love- or blue-from name Original-.

8.- Gawatt

In addition to a restaurant and a coffee shop, Gawatt specializes in coffee shop to take a elaborate marketing. From its name, which means cup in Armenian, to the design of the cups which is given great prominence to the drawings of coffee beans, organic glasses and words like Milk or Coffee. further, They are renewed. How? They just sell a new cups with characters in your mood is changed by simply turning the cap.

9.- Coffee & Kitchen

Located in Graz -Austria- It is famous for its Mittagsmenu, which it is chosen by many workers who have their office nearby, well the service is quick, quality and economic. As for the product design, It highlights the combination of black and white as main colors in their cups; while bags and other packaging natural brown cardboard respect.

10.- Secret Location

With an enviable and unique design packaging, Secret Location has managed to captivate the population of Vancouver. In the cups and containers, as you can appreciate, white highlights; but as in the previous example, brown also acquires prominence thanks to the bags are made out of cardboard.

11.- Sweez

Its name comes from a pun in English: on the one hand Sweet, what does it mean “dulce” and on the other Freezing, What does it mean “frozen”. Its main local, en Brasil, It is a combination of the most modern elements with own nostalgia for a past that was better. This is how comes a café set in the years 50 What is it, Besides, ice cream shop, chocolate and confectionery.

12.- JJ Royal

It is a shop offering, both physically and online, various types of coffees: blend, Arabica and Robusta are just some of them -more its different varieties,. Its products stand for quality, sobriety and purity; while their cups and containers are bright and colorful.

13.- Proper Coffee

One of his slogans reads “Good things come with time”. Why? Why If you want to make the perfect coffee can spend up 4 hours since you ask until you serve it due to a system falling approximately 40 drops per minute. It is an independent shop that not only served coffee, but also homemade cakes and delicious meals. Their cups and glasses are easy to carry, that give color only black and white.

14.- Democratic Coffee

Since 2011, if you travel to Copenhagen you are obliged to visit this cafe whose location is somewhat curious: It is located in the main city library. In such a cozy space as smart can order one of the tastiest coffees in northern Europe accompanied by a croissant or some cookies.

15.- Quiet Folk

This coffee brand has opted for designer Andrew Clark, who has developed a bright and quiet design. The main colors of the glasses to carry are white and black; while cards and menu cards give a rustic feel thanks to brown.

It is clear, seen the seen, both coffee brands, such as bars or restaurants continue to play with what they have around for not fail to surprise the customer and that feel that taking a cup of your favorite drink can also be a experience as fun as unusual.

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