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15 uses of QR codes to a restaurant


Surely you have seen QR codes in many places, in the Tetra Brik milk or juice, on product labels, invoices, on billboards, etc.

Use in the United States and Japan is all the rage, growth figures reaching three-digit percentage in the last year.

QR codes in restaurants

QR codes, which it is short for “Quick Response Code”, that is to say “Quick Response Code”, They were created by the Japanese company Denso-Wave in 1994. They are images of black squares on a large square white background that allow to be captured or scanned with smartphones, accessing and storing information on your mobile device.

Its use is very simple and only need to have installed a reader application of these codes and aim the camera phone on it, As if we did a photo.

You can see the QR code my blog:

Uses and different media on which you can see QR codes are virtually unlimited, and every day we see new examples.

They are becoming a very creative and viral element marketing strategies and we must take them into account in our Social Media Restauranting.

the propongo 15 QR code uses for restaurants:

1.- QR codes embedded in your restaurant overview, the type of food, the direction, the phone, at Web, etc, for quick and easy access to it from any media, ya sea on-line u off-line. You can even set it as a poster or sign like this restaurant :

2.- makes deals, contests, discounts or special promotions for those who escanen code, also it has an added value and ease of control and measurement of results for further analysis.

3.-Increases your reservations, since you can link it directly with your booking tool on-line or phone number so you'll never lose a customer. It is particularly interesting to place the QR code in a visible area from outside the restaurant when it remains closed, so that customers can access this information, for example in the door or the outer letter. This video explains very well :

4.- Off-line elements connected with on-line via QR codes, Add the code in your print advertising, literature, splits or magazines and connect with your content online to get straight answers.

5.- You do not forget to put the QR code on your business card or restaurant visit, will allow quick access, live and virtual information the customer needs.

6.- Use it as a substitute for your letter or menu for those customers more Geek. Give him your letter or menu in a QR code so that customers can access through their mobile to the digital version, also you can share it on your social network. You can also set it as a daily menu on the blackboard of your restaurant.

7.- Insert a QR code on the plate or on the chart for details, for example, the type of meat you use, the ingredients needed to create a dessert, and perform the prepared dough, You can even add a QR code on the wine label for customers who want to know more about the characteristics of this, as shown in the picture :

8.- Humanizes your restaurant and presents your team, your partners through a QR code. Put a voice to your restaurant, watch this example :

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/21228618 w=500]

9.- We know that more and more customers are requesting information about the products they eat in restaurants, put a QR code on your letter or menu with the nutritional properties of your dishes. You can also report this code celiac or diabetic customers who need specific information :

10.- Send invitations to your customers about a special event restaurant with QR codes, invite them to a wine tasting or tasting your new dishes of the season, be creative.

11.- Conducts surveys to see the satisfaction of your customers, putting a QR code on the ticket or final bill to take you to a questionnaire with questions that are most relevant to your visit to the restaurant. Throw in a hook to encourage responses, Note that is a very valuable information for any restaurant.

12.- Helps the customer to choose the dish you want the letter putting a QR code next to their description and that the customer can view a video or photograph of it. You'll be inventing “open kitchen from your mobile” 😉

13.- Increases the number of followers of your social networks by linking your QR code to your page Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc. In addition you can reward this type of followers with an incentive, It is a perfect complement to your strategy Social Media Restauranting.

14.- Your customers can through the QR codes ask for recommendations from other customers. as did the restaurant chain 100 QR code incorporating a montaditos in his letter that allows you to download your mobile app and among other things, You can chat with other users. Scan this code and access the application:

15.- By last, and if you are very very creative, you always can “Cook” your QR code in your products to surprise your customers, as they have done with this pizza:

In closing I leave a link to generate your QR codes and applications to read.

QR code generators

QR code readers

About the Author

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  5. Very good article. I just read it in its entirety and the truth is that in the times that we have to go through, all information is limited.
    The one that I find most interesting is the one with the bill and the menu.
    a greeting

  6. Good morning Diego, first of all congratulate you for the article. I am the owner of a bar in a town and I have a license for some 15 tables on the terrace. Tomorrow Monday we enter Phase 1, my idea is to open to the public the weekend. To comply with the regulations in the de-escalation, I had thought to show the ration letter to customers by reading a QR code. I do not give menus, only the typical portions and sandwiches of a town bar. I don't have a website so my question is where can I upload it? I have consulted some acquaintances and they have told me that an easy option is to upload it to the Google Drive? Do you see good option?
    Thank you very much.

      • Hi Diego, very good note, I like the idea of ​​WhatsApp Business, because regarding using a digital card (PDF) or a link to the letter's website, in this way you also contact the client to later send some communication / promotion. In this option the QR would be used to initiate contact with the WB, Right?

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