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16 concepts of successful restoration Madrid I recommend visiting


A few weeks ago, Several entrepreneurs have visited hand AECOC and within its program International Training Horeca, 16 concepts of successful restoration of Madrid.

No one can doubt that Madrid is at the forefront in developing new concepts and has become a destination for foodservice and gastronomic tourism. The Spanish capital currently offers many teach to learn and explore, so the selection of 16 visited concepts are not the only success of the gastronomic today Madrid, but perhaps some of the most relevant.

Now turn to the differentiator for each of the selected teach:

We started the day with two cases, although different from each agree that they have become in a short time two of the concepts preferred by the Madrid public, HONEST GREENS Y COAL BLACK.

Honest Greens It is revolutionizing the market, with authentic and served raw products, preservative based on organic raw materials without gluten. If you are looking to eat healthy or take care not forget to visit. Currently it is positioned in Madrid and Barcelona. All its premises are very well acclimated, but beware! no reservations and if the visits at rush hour, the queue is guaranteed.

carbon Black It is one of the last several betting partners Larrumba group. Son the new kings of the grill Madrid. Local with 1000 m2 nicely decorated, very good raw material where every detail counts and if you add to it the importance of seeing and being seen, You can not miss this place. Do not forget to also try your product grilled, their cheesecake, delicious.

If your bet is the healthy food visits LOVE AVOCADO and superchulo They are mandatory.

Avocado Love is a vegan restaurant at a local very small, but very well set where all the dishes carry avocado.

I superchulo It is a concept that attempts to recover the essence of the cuisine of always, but in a healthy and sustainable. its owner, a dancer from a small town who went to live in Madrid with only 16 years, had feeding problems and the 18 years his career was cut short, at which decided to open this concept made with only Realize 22 years with a very clear proposal: bring to the world this kind of power "that saved his life," as she says.

If you're a fan of the breweries we visited 3 different proposals.

castor beans Ponzano of LaLaLa group. A stylish brasserie very careful where he lives and more informal bar areas with a fresh and average ticket of 25/30 €.

Very close to Ponzano is one of the 7 establishments managed VIRGIN Beers Group. A space with tables runs and garage environment. Speaking with us owners said their concept worked for being local product, of closeness and his commitment to visit the factory where he evangelizes the customer when they visit. their motto "Beer without tricks and unhurried“, genial.

Another option would brewery with much solera FACTORY in the center of Madrid where he lives music and beer. But if you bet distilled not forget to visit a workshop bar "Mancora" where everything you drink and eat macerated, and is manufactured consumer front. It is a transgressor and urban concept where you can taste the most traditional country distillates as pacharán, marc Ibizan herbs and rum drinks or gin macerated 7 €.

Two of the stores are compulsorily visit are LONG LIVE MADRID Y Trade Coffee, both centenarians in the center of Madrid, original and authentic that have managed to evolve from the hand of restoration groups experienced Hospitality. Commercial coffee opens 9:00 a 2:00 hrs and lives all audiences because it is an ideal place to take some of the best churros destination city, but also enjoy a menu with food market, in an environment newly renovated design studio Madrid in Love, with live music on Friday or Saturday night. Do not forget to go to the bathroom and take a picture in the photo booth.

Viva Madrid is a traditional tavern and evolved castiza Coctelería, newly renovated by the famous decorator Lázaro Rosa-Violate. Go to this emblematic to taste and enjoy a Vermouth "well placed", I'm sure you will not disappoint.

Two local fashioned Capital, They are managed by Group "La Musa", both millennials profile. "Hopefully" cosmopolitan and fresh dining concept with a wide range of Brunch located in the famous Malasaña and the other space is “Limbo” where grilled roast chicken is the main protagonist with average ticket of 15 € -22 €. But eye! you can only book to 13:30 hrs o 20:30 hrs, If you will not touch their endless wait in queues, especially if you go to him at weekend.

Two other concepts have been visited "Cool", cad / rocker what a taqueria where traditional Spanish cuisine is fused with Mexican with some Asian touches concept, Y "Bule Bule"next to the Gran Vía where you can explore gourmet recipes from the five continents with live music every night.

And finally recommend to lovers of difference, but with high purchasing power since their average ticket is 135 €, visit the famous chef Rodrigo de la Calle. A very professional and friendly guy who has opted to openTHE GREENHOUSE" on Calle Ponzano 85. A place with only 8 tables where no waiters and the service is done by the Chefs own. It is not a vegetarian restaurant, as some point, although their magic revolves around vegetables.

As I mentioned at the beginning these are several of the successes of restoration in Madrid, but we would need a whole week to visit all, so we leave for another occasion. Ah! and if you want to give yourself not hesitate to stay in the "Great Hotel English", Centennial but recently renovated hotel in the center of the Capital.

If you love gastronomy, the visit to Madrid is mandatory and hope you enjoy visiting these concepts as I have done.

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