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17 books about food and restaurants should read


For lovers of gastronomy there is life beyond the bulky Cookbooks. Here's a mouthwatering list of books in which food plays a leading role. Open the stomach and delights the brain, warned stay.

The foodies have many more options than typical reading cookbooks. Those who enjoy getting to know the cuisine of every place they step not only have the option of living gastronomic guides travel in those restaurants appear that is unforgivable not to go. As you know and we know that in addition to eating well are also good read, we bring you a delicious ready to open up the stomach and nourish the brain. We collect it 17 books that have food as a thread, or rely on the innermost secrets-as intimate as what happens in the alcove, great chefs and we have the problem of obesity and orthorexia. Others take us back to the past to better understand the present, They tell us the culinary tradition of Italy or what time the Spanish tradition dates back like the lid.

1. Fried Green Tomatoes Fannie Flag

Fried Green Tomatoes Fannie FlagEvelyn Couch is a middle-aged woman, self-conscious and totally frustrated with her gray existence. On a visit to the asylum where his mother, his way of seeing the world changes unexpectedly. In the residence Evelyn meets Ninny Threadgoode the old woman who begins to tell him stories of a small town called Whistle Stop where life suddenly turned around a coffee, The Whistle Stop Cafe. Fried Green Tomatoes tackles tough issues such as discrimination against women, the racism, lesbianism, the misera or alcoholism and, Nonetheless, It is an optimistic novel.

This book reveals the secret of life is in the sauce, for it gives us some recipes to find the taste of our secret. The book consists of a 400 pages and the last eight or ten are recipes for cooking coffee, It is two of the final fried green tomatoes and fried green tomatoes with milk sauce.

The building was constructed Cafe Whistle Stops in 1927 por Edward L. Williams. After the movie, the owner at that time, Robert Williams, who had inherited the building, it decided to create a real coffee and formed a partnership with his friend Jerie Lynn Williams. Together they started the Original Whistle Stop Cafe.

2. Like water for Chocolate Laura Esquivel

Like Water for Chocolate by Laura EsquivelIf it is hard to read, the title has some parody: Like water for Chocolate. Monthly deliveries novel recipes, loves and home remedies. So we are referring to the names of cookbooks of the time, where recipes are included and, Besides, Tips from home and on the moral behavior of women.

Food is life and this book is a protagonist. Few stories arouse both the imagination and the scene in which the protagonists, after having eaten some delicious quail with rose petals, They are invaded by sensual desires. The secret ingredient is as simple as a few drops of repressed love.

The food will be the protagonist and the link between the impossible love between Tita and Pedro. Preparing a plate is the start of each of the twelve chapters of the novel. The recipes are the common thread that tells a story, the characters or feelings, strung everything that is happening, They are the guide narration. Each dish opens a chapter, is interrupted, It is taken up again and gives way to the next. further, It serves as a vehicle for expression of the feelings of his two protagonists in a repressive context. Christmas cakes, wedding cake, quails in rose petals, turkey mole with almonds and sesame seeds, northern sausage, dough to make matches, beef broth tail, champandongo, chocolate and kingcake, torrejas of cremes, fat beans with chilies to texcucana, chiles in walnut sauce, They are the twelve recipes in this book and his twelve chapters.

3. Chocolat Joanne Harris

Chocolat by Joanne HarrisThe pastor of a small French town no frowns arrival of Vianne Rocher people, a singular woman who decides to mount a chocolatier. He believes that this can only be the first step into temptation and sin. And against this, young Vianne can only appeal to the joie de vivre of the locals, where the chocolate will become more than just a treat for the senses.

As in Like water for Chocolate Here gastronomy, namely confectionery, it integrates seamlessly in the novel. Here the food also has an unrivaled power, able to change the behavior of the characters and make the lives of these delicious something. Although Chocolat it is less daring and sensual novel by Laura Esquivel, both still exude charm.

4. The chef de Simon Wroe

The chef Simon WroeInterlinings cookers. This is the story of Swan, a restaurant in the London Borough of Camden with pretensions to culinary success. The story is told by a fucking nicknamed Monocle, and mocks his degree in English literature, not well received in that kitchen where they believe literacy skills are of little use. Paradoxically they will be the events around the stove which eventually allowing Monocle fulfill his literary dream. No one better than a excocinero to demystify this profession, Wroe, who worked in restaurants before taking up writing, It presents the kitchen as an area where the shouts and insults are the professional attitude and has witnessed drug use to hold up working hours 18 hours. Wroe says he is not interested in romanticizing the profession but dirt and madness is part of the charm.

5. Liquor the Poppy Z. Brite

Liquor de Poppy Z. Britethis author, Poppy Z. Brite was the biographer of Courtney Love, before that he wrote The most intimate art, which it is almost a prequel American Psycho. Then he published novels featuring a pair of chefs (Boys) They are living in New Orleans, tired of working for others, decide to start their own restaurant. The first of these novels is titled Liquor, as the local riding. It is not high literature but fun and at times bloody, Besides, The author is a pop diva 90, so it's worth checking out. Y, What about recipes? All have one common ingredient that makes them unique, the alcohol.

6. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahltreated myself to try out the eyes of both the two film versions as the book you must be, a classic, by Roald Dahl. He is guilty of stripping of ñoñería the children's story and inject doses of imagination and bitchiness. The book has everything to please: a chocolate factory and candies, an inventor who is also a businessman and is also crackpot and the most adorable employees ever known, those pygmies called Oompa-Loompas (in some editions hippies are reconverted to avoid accusations of racism). The factory as a center breaks with the idea that children are innocent creatures, all who enter the factory, except the protagonist, have theirs. For their greed, despotism or gluttony receive a strong and fair punishment

7. Delight!, the epic story of Italian food de John Dickie

Delight!, the epic story of Italian food John DickieFor the Comidista this is an assay which is read as an adventure story. John Dickie's work ends with some myths, the pasta as Marco Polo brought from China, and is a real antidote to the gastronomic purism that is not based on real facts. The book tells how in the past the pizza was a puff pastry with sugar and onions and parsley pesto had, taking the reader by the hand through Italy and even warning him of some popular food like focaccia Palermo ranging filled lung. pleasant but overflowing text rigor for something Dickie He is professor of Italian studies at the University of London.

8. Bedroom secrets of the great chefs Irvine Welsh

Bedroom secrets of the great chefs of Irvine WelshIrvine Welsh is the author of Trainspotting and this is one of his monumental novels. It's a real vaudeville starring a guy named Dannu Skinner, a outsider despicable bastard son of a great chef is thought which leads you to health inspections at restaurants of all kinds to look for his father. Welsh writes about guys who live their recipes.

9. Big brother Lionel Shriver

Big brother de Lionel ShriverNotice, This book has nothing to do with the Big Brother of Telecinco nor with Orwell's Big Brother. What 'big’ It is large but not fat. This is a novel about obesity that may not seem the most appealing world adventure, but Lionel Shriver is based on the actual experience of his brother died. The sharpness of the author and his corrosive sense of humor makes the text goes beyond the drama of obesity and to delve into issues that affect us all, such as dissatisfaction, responsibility or desire. At the end we are left with a question, Who is more irritating, the brother of the protagonist with bingeing or her husband orthorexic eat only tofu and boiled vegetables?

10. The kitchen…is love, art, technique Hervé This is Pierre Gagnaire

The kitchen ... is love, art, técnica de Hervé This is Pierre GagnaireThis book is the result of unexpected encounter Hervé This, a chemical daring, Y Pierre Gagnaire, a prestigious chef. The kitchen is often an adventure and this book is confirmed. Eating a modest legumbre, try to share a little happiness or excitement by placing it at the heart of a culinary concept. How to determine associations? What can be combined and what not? How do we build a plate to put on stage? Hervé This kitchen adds to the aesthetic ideas from other arts. Pierre Gagnaire with those ideas materialize. Chemical and cook take part in a wonderful game, the kitchen.

11. comic kitchen Juan Pérez Zúñiga

comic Juan Perez Zuñiga cuisinecomic kitchen or a little laughter in the kitchen, please. Today we take the kitchen too rigidly. Although the first edition is made 118 years the book retains the freshness of his humor to cheer the brain and stomach. Pérez Zúñiga in this book makes clear the relationship between literature and cuisine festive, what this had to everyday life and social ceremony contemplable and delightsome. Without forgetting that then the kitchen was an area more modernity and progress manifested itself. The author and alerts the beginning of the book with a quote from Heliogábalo: “Eating and everything is starting to scratch”. Extrapolates reading the warning itself, Here's an example of what we will find: "Do not pick olives with fork, but with fingers, preferring hand; but not all, but two, and even if you is possible with one. This is the most elegant. Once the olives in the mouth, Do not swallow the bones: Toss them furtively in the pocket of adjoining diner”.

12. The ritual appetizer: avisillos, striking and lids Nestor Lujan

The ritual of snack-avisillos, striking and caps Nestor LujanLegend has it that the inventor of the tapas was Alfonso X the Wise. Apparently, this king would have passed a law obliging waiters to serve pitchers of wine accompanied by a slice of sausage as a cover. The aim was twofold: prevent flies from falling into the wine and, not less important, that diners do not get drunk by drinking on an empty stomach. The writer and gastronome Néstor Luján believes that the origin of the cover is much more recent, because the only term in the dictionary of the Royal Academy of the Spanish Language from 1939. What is clear is that the golden age of the tapas came after the Civil War, when they served in the bars to trick appetite. At this moment it is difficult to surprise us any innovation in the tapas we chose to look to the past to find ourselves in this.

13. The kitchen of Don Quixote Lorenzo Diaz

The kitchen of Don Quixote de Lorenzo DiazThis book has reached astronomical figures. From more than 2.000 culinary references is said to include the Quijote, sociologist and Lorenzo Diaz gourmet brand in this book a scholarly journey through the history and present of food Manchego, often buried by the Catalan or Basque cuisine. A book as the author himself says, talks about the benefits of this pastoral cuisines, farmhands, arrieros, correcaminos, comic language…A stout but venerable and rich cuisine in serious dishes, direct, old, sometimes violent.

14. The history of the world in six drinks Tom Standage

World history in six shots of Tom StandageThis book is exactly what its title suggests: a history of civilization through six drinks that have accompanied the path. The order is: beer in ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt; wine from Greece and Rome; liqueurs, that drink of British pirates; the coffee, drink par excellence of European bohemian; the tea, triggered the American Revolution; and Coke, the emblem of the American Empire. Although at first glance seems to be a test of the hairs caught, It is the opposite.

15. Indebted to the pleasure de John Lanchester

Indebted to the pleasure of John LanchesterIndebted to pleasure is one of the best fiction written works on the world of cooking. It is ironic, subtle, acid and with a very bad milk esnob. very British, In summary. strongly John Lanchester

16. A day at El Bulli Ferran Adrià

One day in El Bulli of Ferran AdriàA book about the daily life of a top notch restaurant. A day at El Bulli follows the restaurant staff including Ferran Adrià, Of course, the same Adrià, from sunrise to 6.15 until the last diner leaves, around the 2 am. Flipping through the pages perfectly understand why this little restaurant south of Cabo de Creus received two million reservation requests in a single year.

17. All books of Manuel Vazquez Montalban Carvalho

The solitude of manager Manuel Vazquez MontalbanAnd this is not me but the Comidista. Meanwhile, Kiko Amat said “it is impossible to read Loneliness Manager O South Seas and have no immediate urge to skedaddle to the nearest market to buy ingredients for a delicious agape“. “Oak es un comiditas, as everybody knows, and the minimum of change is brewing rice in their kitchens, or tripe, or head and leg, recently returned from a hazardous adventure (No un knees)”, Amat continues. The character is the way in which Vazquez Montalban He gave free rein to their culinary passions. “Sherlock Holmes played the violin. I cook”, Carvalho said the detective whose culinary wisdom was held in oak Gourmet (Planet). Montalban does not have his prescription despite his readers would love to have on hand the secrets of Trattoria Enzo, in which the Commissioner gave a monumental binges. Or be able to reconstruct the dishes Adelina left him in the refrigerator or oven.

Here we leave this feast in words, but if you are interested, more than the kitchen itself, is the aesthetic pleasure associated with it, Stay tuned to Gourmand Awards each year reward the best books of international cuisine, in the categories of food and drink. On our list are all those but not all who are. Devora these but continues to uncover many more. the Comidista Y Arcadi Espada in the World also they offer us their lists.

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