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18 Tips for a successful chatbot in a restaurant


The chatbots They are conversational tools to interact with customers in a restaurant without having to allocate human resources to it. A) Yes, to have the chatbots as a technological solution, the restorer is benefiting in several ways:

1.- Reduces the line to the template or redistributes tasks among those who were responsible for communications.

2.- Improving participation customers and digital scope Restaurant.

3.- It reduces stress in the workplace, employees who come into contact with the public are often subjected to it.

Although the advantages are evident, many restaurateurs who are unfamiliar with technology are lost when using chatbots. That in this article we will list summarizes the best uses for this type of software.

Increased visibility Restaurant online

The chatbots They can be used as marketing tool to enhance the digital presence of our business. They sign of modernity and are highly prized among consumers millennials because its fast response time and availability makes humans can not compete with the service,. Some chatbots, especially those with high performance, enable campaigns outreach in social networks. Wonderful for our expansion efforts.

Improving the audience participation

When we want to improve the way in which we perceive our customers, the chatbots also come in handy. Based on speed, demand, Customization and Availability, he chatbot You can substantially improve the opinion that our customers have about our business. In this sense, should use chatbots for:

4.- Automate responses to customer questions in real time.

5.- Provide instant help when a user demand.

6.- Resolve incidents in record time.

7.- Send by courier personalized announcements and communications tailored for each guest.

8.- Offer a service available anytime.

9.-Destine gather information for subsequent efforts Marketers.

Promote sales and increase turnover Restaurant

When we have a large audience, he chatbot You can help us increase our economic performance making occasional customers repeat customers, promoting products with higher profit margins and making each commands has more individual items.

If this is our goal, then the following are some of the ways in which we can use the chatbot in the restaurant:

10.- promote deals, discounts and limited events.

11.- Establish an ordering system online, manage communications with home delivery service of food or allow customers to book a table. Definitely, give greater user control.

12.- Forcing food and drink recommendations in automated conversation.

13.- Customer support actively and continuously.

14.-Facilitate communication channels between catering company and reliable customer, stable and consistent.

Customer loyalty

This year one of the most important megatrends is the integration loyalty services customer and rewards programs directly from the app mobile own restaurants.

This particular solution is relegated to the largest chains of organized restoration, but the inventive professional can make use of the chatbots to recreate their own system at a much lower cost (although not as differentiated).

To make it, you can do the following:

15.- Send personal offers and recommendations to occasional customers.

16.- Send reminders to customers to leave their reviews online.

17.- Establish a preventive way communication that can address the negative opinions before they appear publicly.

18.- Promote a true loyalty program if it is available.

Implement and promote an affiliate program

Some restaurants are going a step beyond loyalty and allow a small cohort of people, selected very studied criteria, get rewards by promoting individually restaurant.

It is a strategy marketing aggressive that can bring great benefits to business. In any case there are huge differences in the ways in which these affiliate programs can be designed. They may be from an innocent recommendation to family and friends that if successful incur any small profit, or we can talk about semiprofessional who work on commission.

In any case the chatbot It allows to present this affiliate program if it exists or report the benefits available to support the business through personal recommendations.

With these 18 advice and good chatbot, the innovative restaurateur can radically increase its turnover.

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