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2 Examples of how this affects “Internet of Things” to restaurants


For quite some time I am researching the unstoppable evolution Internet of Things, the possibility that millions of everyday objects can connect to the Internet without a PC that intermedie, a laptop, a mobile or tablet.

It is estimated that by the year 2020, plus 8 trillions of objects of all kinds are connected to internet, mainly related to home, with cities, the industries, infrastructure, health or transport.

But what really worries me, are potential profits for the hospitality industry and restaurants can have this new disruptive trend.

For it, I would like to show two very simple examples will allow you to get a clear idea of ​​what the industry will implement Internet of Things.

The first example has launched the Spanish pizza delivery company Telepizza, with the collaboration of Telefónica. They have baptized Click&Pizza and it consists of typical magnets that are put in the refrigerator, as you can see in the following photo.

click&Pizza restaurants

But it is a particular magnet, because in reality, what hides is a fully autonomous button, provided with a battery, that when pressed favorite place your order at the nearest store and Telepizza previously you have to configure your web.

As simple and as complex as this, no longer we need to order through your computer or mobile, press the button and move this:

The second example, is the possibility that we eat with chopsticks in Asian restaurants, They are connected to the Internet and can offer information.

Chopsticks connected to the Internet

For example, tell us within the components of a salad if there is some element in bad condition:

Internet of things for Secor of the hotel trade

Or indicate the temperature or pH of the water we are drinking:

Internet of things in restaurants

I guess this sounds like science fiction, but I suggest you see the next video.


I would like to know your opinion on Internet of Things in the hospitality sector, You consider what influence they can have?


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